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  1. Hey guys, Anyone hit the latest generation Diamana Blue S+ 60g regular flex in your driver? If so would love to here your thoughts on this shaft and its performance! How does it suit you in terms of your swing speed etc? Thanks
  2. Anyone play this shaft in their irons? What do you like about it, how does it suit your game? Would also be good if you could post your specs such as swing speed, what type of swinger are you etc! I tried XP95 R300 recently but felt it was a bit too light so im sure the XP105 would best suit me. Please share your thoughts! Thanks
  3. Im going for the new 915 range next month therefore I would be able to adjust the clubs as necessary
  4. Hi guys, Just a quick one here. Getting my new AP1s in a couple of days. I've gone 4 iron to W1.Nxt month I'll be getting new woods. Just want your take on the gaps between the driver and 4 iron. Im thinking of the following: Driver - 10.5 4 wood - 16.5 Hybrid 3 - 21 4 Iron - 23 And so on... The other option is going for a 3 wood at 15 instead of a 4 wood. Thoughts?? Thanks!
  5. I wouldn't clasify myself as Titleist fanboy (yet!) hahaha! I've been playing Nike since I started playing golf again back in 2012 and felt that the time was right to upgrade. This time around I wanted to go for a more reputable and 'proper' golfing brand and I have always had a soft spot for Titleist so it was a no brainer.
  6. Finally took the plunge and ordered my new set of Titleist 714 AP1 irons with TT XP105, +0.5 and can't wait to get them now!! The wait is always the worst part! Haha Going for a full Titleist bag for the new season so the next step now is getting the new 915's when they drop! Come the end of November my bag make up will and should consist of the following: Driver: Titleist 915D2, 60g Regular Diamana Blue, 10.5 deg 3 Wood: Titleist 915F, 70g Regular Diamana Blue, 15 deg Hybrid: Titleist 915H, 70g Regular Diamana Blue, 18 deg Irons - 4-PW + GW (specs as above), 4 iron is at 23 deg, GW at 48 deg Wedges - SM5's both F Grind, 52/10 & 56/14 Putter - Scotty Cameron Golo 3 Both SM5's and the Golo3 were purchased a couple of months ago when I started putting together my new set so hoping to have everything in place come end of Nov! Exciting times ahead indeed! I will be selling my current setup in full and have a buyer so the final total expenditure of the new set up will turn it into a good deal! What do you guys think?
  7. Hi guys, Was just curious to see if anyone plays this setup? If so, what has your experience with it been like? Flight, distance, dispersion rates etc? Also what is your swing speed and how does this setup suit you? Pros, cons etc Thanks!
  8. Hi guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! I experienced my first ever fitting on Saturday. Went there with both the AP1’s and AP2’s in mind as I would like to get myself a Titleist iron set within the next couple of weeks. I am currently shooting in the mid 80’s (84, 85, 86 is the norm for me now) and I would now like to look at shooting in the low 80’s or even break 80 here and there so thought it would be good to finally actually get fit for my new irons to try and help me get to the next level. Surely custom fit irons tailor made to your swing gives you a better chance rather than buying blind! Obviously it’s going to take practice and dedication to get down to this level but I am fully committed as I can’t get enough of this crazy game. I have been playing a super game improvement iron in the 2010 Nike Slingshots and these have served me very well for the last 2 and half years helping me get down from 28 to the level I am at now so I feel that now is the right time to upgrade and try and go lower. My ball striking is much better and more consistent now and my short game is what really helps keep my scores decent! I come from a Cricketing background so my hand/eye coordination, feel and timing has been good because of this. I have always had the belief that it’s not the clubs that help you get better but your technique and swing and commitment to practice and improve is what gets you lower. Sure if you have the right tools for the job then that is an added benefit and certainly helps too. The shafts I have in the Slingshots are down as Uniflex and have been told that these are closer or even softer than Regular Flex shafts???? Can someone confirm this? Anyway, as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I ended up hitting the AP1’s with the XP95, KBS and Nippon shafts. To be honest, I really wanted the AP2’s to work for me however the AP1’s felt that much better! I hit them best using the True Temper XP95, R300 shaft. My average iron swing speed ranges from about 76mph to 82 mph and the ball flight was quite high, perhaps a bit too high but the irons felt great with a solid feel! This is the first time ever hitting Titleist irons and compared to what I’ve been gaming for the last 2.5 years, I instantly recognised the quality and feel most people associate with Titleist. My spin rate was around the 6000rpm mark. I am 5foot 11 inches in height so the fitter identified that we needed to add half an inch to the length of the shaft which did help also but we kept the club at a standard lie angle. Since I feel the flight was perhaps a bit too high for my liking, perhaps the XP105 R300 shaft would be good for me in terms of ball flight? I’m sure you would still get good height with these but would carry a more penetrating feel. I did hit the Nippon shaft which is at 105g and it did give me similar spin rate but the launch was lower than the XP95. The feel for the XP95 however was much better than the Nippon hence why the XP105 may suit. Is there anyone who has similar specs to mine based on what I have said above? If so, would love to hear your reviews, stories, views etc! For those who don’t your views and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks all!
  9. Hi guys, I just wanted your views on the AP2's and whether they would suit players who have a handicap between 15-18? I have done a bit of research and spoken to a few people and have heard the following said more than once: 1. Purchase and play an iron that LOOKS and FEELS good to you however make sure you get fitted for the club. 2. If your ball striking is good and consistent then you will have no problems hitting the AP2 regardless of your handicap but any mishits will be punished by this club. My handicap is down to 16 now (don't know how to change it in my profile!) and I am more serious than ever about the game with my ultimate goal to get down to single figures! My ball striking I would say is good but my real strength lies in my short game which I feel is the most important part! I do struggle most of the tee but I am certainly not the worst! For my next set I would like to go AP1 or AP2 but for some reason the AP2 appeals way more to me! I have a fitting booked for Saturday and I can't wait to give both the AP1 and AP2 a go and deep down I really HOPE I can cope with the AP2 because if I can and the numbers show, its going to be a no brainer for me! Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, Just wondering whether anyone plays a combo set made up of AP1's and AP2's or knows of anyone who does? If so, would love to hear your views on this. For those that don't what do you think about a setup like this? e.g. 4,5,6 in AP1 and 7 to PW in AP2. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!
  11. Hi all! I purchased a Scotty Cameron Golo 3 and my word, what a beauty! Wonder if anyone else has one and if so, what have your experiences been like with it? My question is the following, is there any way to purchase the actual wrench and weights for the underside of the putter WITHOUT having the need to send it to Titleist for them to do it for you?!? Also, do the weights for the Cameron putters fit all models? Would be grateful for your advice and views guys. Thanks
  12. Good day all, I think I have set my sights on getting a Titleist 714 Combo set between the AP1's and AP2's in KBS tour shafts. Does anyone currently play a combo set and if so what is your set up? I am looking at the 5,6,7 from the AP1's and the 8,9,PW in the AP2's. I dont go any lower than the 5 because I game a 3 and 4 hybrid which I am extremely consistent with. Any thoughts, experiences? Thanks guys.
  13. Hi guys, Just really wanted to find out whether anyone is gaming this combo? I am thinking of re-shafting my Nike Covert and the Diamana Ahina seems to be a contender! My setup would be a 70g stiff flex! Anyone got any feedback on this setup? Would be grateful to hear your experiences if you play this combo! Thanks guys!
  14. Thanks for the positive comments guys! I completely understand that its a building process which will take time, theres no doubt about that. With the right attitude, dedicaiton and focus I am completley confident in my ability to achieve my ultimate goal. My coach will certainly be helping me out along the way and any time spent with him will be soooo worth it. Can't wait to see what trackman says in a few weeks with regards to my stats! Never used it before. I will continue to work on the aspects I need to work on as advised by my coach! I've got 2 rounds booked this weekend one for tomorrow and one for sunday but I am not expecting fireworks with my new tweaked setup! I'll certainly be hitting the practice grounds to practice these tweaks though!
  15. Hi guys! Hope you have all had a smashing weekend! I just wanted to share my experience with you all! Any comments, feedback and/or tips are welcome! To be honest with you I didn’t know what to expect. Of course I knew was going to be having a lesson with the Head Pro of my local and I knew he was definitely going to know way more than what I know so I could only see it in a positive light! I went there with an open mind and for a reason, which is to improve and become a more consistent golfer We kicked off the lesson with a general discussion which then moved onto what golfing experience I've had, my current handicap, what I consider my strengths and weaknesses and what my ultimate goal is…..to become a single figure handicap player through hard work, dedication and focus! After this 10/15 minute chat it was down to business. Started by hitting a few balls in order so that the Pro could check out and analyse my setup, technique and swing. Every time I went to hit a ball I could see him wondering around me, checking me out from different angles which made me a little uncomfortable and intimidated at first but as I continued I become more relaxed and started to enjoy it. I started hitting balls with a 9 iron, moved onto a 6 iron, then a hybrid and then the driver. The pro said there was absolutely no problem with my swing and that he certainly wouldn’t associate my swing with a player with an 18 handicap but one with a much lower handicap! Had no issues with my shorter irons whatsoever. The flight and direction was spot on! Thats why i consider my short game as probably my main strength! My main weakness is with the longer clubs where I have the habit of hitting/slicing the ball off to the right. He spotted this immediately offered some advice on how to start correcting this. After a few adjustments to my stance and shoulder alignment, I started to hit the ball straighter and on occasions, a slight draw! I also experienced more distance and a more penetrating ball flight! Almost instantly my enthusiasm and determination to improve suddenly became greater! As expected, this “new” setup did feel uncomfortable at first but then started to feel less so as I continued hitting balls with positive results. I will certainly be hitting the practice grounds as much as possible this week in order to work on these adjustments as the next lesson will be a follow up from what I did today. We will also be using the trackman device in order to see my stats and figures to see what other areas we can work on. Overall an extremely valuable lesson and well worth every penny and minute! Its so satisfying knowing that I did not require any MAJOR adjustments but just some minor tweaks! Knowing this has just made me become more determined than ever to try and achieve my ultimate goal!!
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