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  1. I shoot high 80's from the exec tees and have punched several 300 yrders. I have been averaging every drive for the last few weeks and have come up with roughly 255. Holes into the wind bring the 260's and 270's way down as do the rolling hills. Flat holes with no wind I average 270-280. Last week I drove a green 368(tail wind + forward kick) and was pin high. And then comes the key part, I 3 putted : ( This is why I am hung in the 80's, I cant putt. Mainly because I am more focused on trying to get some kind of consistent iron play. My irons have now vastly improved where they are gettin
  2. I have had this issue. I have still yet to totally solve it other than going to an 8.5* driver and teeing it up low. Even with the 8.5* , if I tee it up high I get way too much hang time. Right now I am hitting bullets and my carry seems to have gone up.( Went from 235carry with little roll, to pushing 250 carry plus a little more roll) My total seems to have went up 20 yds. I think a lot of my power was wasted going up too high in the air. From what I have read, I think I still need to hit the ball more on the upswing. Right now I am guessing I am neutral or maybe +1 . I try and try and t
  3. True, but I think it is all adjustments and confidence. Was much straighter this week, but not quite there. Will be even better when I get it straightened out and am longer in the short grass. Or even get a tail wind and end up on the super, super short grass ! Oh my !
  4. Had been playing with an old 10* Hippo driver for the last 3 months. Usual drive was 230-260, 270 -280 if I SS it. I had hit my friends Covert on last hole one day and flat out crushed it. I knew then that I must own one. My 1st outing with it, I played my hippo and used that as my play ball and just hit the covert for practice and then picked it up. I had the buyers remorse. Was only getting about 5 yds extra with the covert. I did seem to gain 2 seconds of hangtime however. I tinkered with it and wound up with closed head and 8.5* loft. After a week of practice I felt I could actually pl
  5. Play twilight and super twilights. Especially in summer. I play once a week , usually Sunday nights after 6. 15 bucks cart and gps.
  6. I was getting the ball way too high no matter how I teed it up. Normally when I tee low, the ball goes higher than if I tee it up average height. ( 1/2 ball above driver top). I was still getting massive hangtime which only got worse with the new covert. I got a little more yardage and carry but ball was still way too high. I swear I had a few 10 second hangtimes on 250 carry drives. I fixed this by dialing down to 8.5* . After 3 days of correcting the slice this caused, I now hit the ball on a line. Almost the same carry, but way more roll ! I still have the issue of low tee=high bal
  7. I just put more offset in my driver. Put a small piece of white tape on top to mark it so you can get the right offset time after time. Ball goes straight everytime. Every now in then it will have a slight fade, or a slight draw. The slight draw is what I fear as I like to run the left sideline. I am a hack so take it for what it is worth, but my slice has all but disappeared.
  8. I started playing last Sept. after we moved to a house where a par 5 tee box is10 yds behind my fence. Started hitting some balls at the range. I had no idea how to hit anything. I found a set of double diamond irons at goodwill for 28 bucks. 3-9, no PW and grabbed a PW for 2 bucks. A Plop Slotz . I gripped the irons like I do my softball bats and started hacking, or slicing if you will. I soon learned that something must change to hit the ball straight. I started rolling both ankles backwards enable to hit the ball straight with minimal slice. I was hammering my irons. My 9 iron regularly
  9. I shoot in the low 90's. Hard to tell anymore as my work schedule changed and all I ever do is play 9 holes. I keep getting stuck on the front 9 of my local coarse. Hole 5,6,7 are low handicapper holes, although 5 is not that bad unless there is a north wind, then it gets real dicey.Generally play back 9 4 or 5 shots better. And even then do I have a real handicap if I dont play black tees ? my wedges and putting are generally what kill my score. Putting mainly. However last 9 I played, I 2 putted everything which was an improvement, but then I had a couple of irons go whack. 1 was overconf
  10. Played 9 holes Saturday. After 3B on 1st hole, went par,par,par,par,bogey,3b,par,bogey. The 1st hole didnt bother me as I just rolled out of bed, threw my clubs in the car and went hacking. I never hit irons good early in the morning. 1st iron was slice city. Settled down after that. The other 3B was I finally found a fairway bunker. Generally I hit out of these pretty good. Caught some sand and only sailed out about 60 yds. Then chunked an iron. Then I got pizzed, didnt aim and just chunked towards the green. Then chipped and then 2 putted. The bogeys were missed greens. The point is, I pl
  11. I am a bogey golfer and what I need to shoot par is to know how to putt ! My driver is well over 90% fairway. I have had 1 drive in the last 50 that was not playable. I might have 1 or 2 in the rough a round, but not bad. The last 27 holes I have played, I have had 70% greens in regulation. Then I 3 putt : ( I practice at home and a little on the practice green, and then go out and hack it around the green. Played 10 holes last weekend. Had 7 greens in regulation. I went back over scorecard and tried to figure my score if I had 2 putted every single hole. (2 holes I actually did 2 putt.)
  12. I agree johnclay about the putter. I was stuck in the low 100's even though I was hitting 20-30% GIR. Was 3 putting every dang hole. I shot a back 9 48 once and 3 putted every stinking hole. Was like, I played great and my score still stinks. I got a zebra putter for 20 bucks and practiced for 2 weeks straight. Went out for score and that was when I got my 90. Have since found out that although it has a great feel to it, the sight lines just get me close. Uncle gave me a hand me down calloway putter. Sight lines are magnificient. I still miss my fair share of putts, but I have the line now.
  13. Was thinking my money would probably be better served on lessons since my long irons are horribly inconsistent. But a new driver sounds more fun ! Plus it would help take the long irons out of my hands more often. Usually from 140 in I am decent. From 150- 250 out I am sunk.(although 150-160ish is not super bad) . Am happy with my driver swing as it gets good results so that is why I wouldnt feel so bad upping my driver. Would be useless to drop cash on irons right now. Am thinking about going to golfsmith and get clubhead speed tested and maybe even fitted. Are they a reliable clubfit
  14. I am a novice and carry a 60* and a 52* . The 60* only misses one way, a skull across the green. I live on a coarse and practice the lob a ton. Still cannot hit it off of soggy ground. Saves me 5 holes, kills me 1 . The 56 is way easier to hit. A 56 and 52 would be a great start. I probably need to go back to a 56*. But the reward of a gret 60* shot is awesome !
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