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  1. Yeah wolf creek makes a great case for best course in vegas...enjoy and tell us all about it
  2. Sinatra, I just saw this, sorry it took me so long. I am doing an article for this on my website soon and will do Vegas/Utah this summer. For inexpensive and terrific value, try the Revere at Anthem, Wolf Creek, The Falls, La Quinta Mtn and, if the price is right (go in low season and it plummets from $260 to $75)...PGA West Stadium Course. I also like the Red Rock Arroyo course Taylor Made mentioned.
  3. Thanks flap, that sounds great. Just email me and we'll work something out. Jay
  4. I have posted an article on Phil's phantastic pheat (62 at Spyglass) and pose the question of whether $405 + caddy and hotel, is really a good golf value/worth the money. Link is here: http://jayflemma.blogspot.com/2005/0...d-spanish.html Whaddya think?
  5. I actually LOVE AZ, NV, NM in the summer! Its the cheapest and noone is on the course. You get a great tan...just drink LOTS o' water and wear LOTS o' sunscreen. My recommendations to our Aussie buddy are Troon North (Pinnacle), Ventana Canyon (I like both the Mountain and the Canyon course) and Sedona in AZ, and Paako Ridge and Black Mesa in N.M. This summer is Vegas/Utah! plus a couple days hiking in Bryce Canyon;) Hey flap, tell us more about the pit. Tom G-> tell me about your Iron Skillet memory;);)...and Pine needles too...
  6. here is my article http://jayflemma.blogspot.com/2004/1...ad-part-2.html
  7. Total for my golf package is $203...three dyas golf and two nights stay. With a jacuzzi. I am driving...ten hours...STUPID. I remember driving the ten hours straight last year and getting out of the car and having to "wing it" at Tot Hill farm in the same group as the director of golf. Add in that I had breakfast that morning at "Iron skillet"...they call it that because the mystery meat they serve you sits like an iron skillet in your stomach...and tastes like an Iron skillet. Needless to say, I flailed...badly. I rallied nicely the next day at Tobacco road for a stellar 87. Doesn't look like much of a score to you? Guess again! Check out http://jayflemma.blogspot.com and scroll down to the Tobacco Road articles and see why most people shoot a bowling score while there! I'll start a thread about the road here too. I'm a bit of a wall flower when I am on golf tour, Eric. I'll be big on lots of sleep, lots of jacuzzi, a jog, eating healthy, and practice practice practice. (...and it still does me little good!) I am really excited about this for a couple reasons. First, I knock two more courses off the list. Second, I play for a pittance. $203 for 3/2? You can't beat that with a stick. Third, its bloggers connecting and building the golf blogsphere. Soon, we'll beable to have a blogger cup tournament.
  8. In a nutshell...my big issue is we need to put a stop to "savaging second." I knew there was a reason I liked you...I've been a Steelers fan since AGE THREE!!! We had a GREAT year...I had us 7-9 at season's start and we achieved more than I ever dreamed we would...NO REGRETS. I didnt mean "you personally" with the ESPN thing...I meant us as a collective sports nation. ESPN is the heroin of the sports nation...I'm hating the game, never the player. See my blog for the reason for my bile...I'm still seething about the while drunk fan thing too...
  9. Quick...which major and which course did the following win on... Wayne Grady Bill Rogers Lou Graham Mark Brooks Steve Elkington Jeff Sluman Steve Jones (Steve Jones!) Stop me anytime. Its a myth that winning a major "validates a career." Stop letting ESPN tell you what and how to think. They know next to nothing about golf. These guys won a mojor and hell Lee Janzen and Larry Nelson won two and add in Rich Beem and Sean Micheel...and none won squat since. I bet most people here couldn't tell me what majors Nelson won ('83 Open, '87 PGA) Having a great career validates a great career. Davis Love 1 for 72 in majors...but a great career...how bout the day he ran over everybody at sawgrass in 2003...64 AT SAWGRASS ON SUNDAY IN A WIND AND RAIN STORM!!!...many golfers say that was possibly the best single day of golf they ever saw...BPNTWAM needs to get put on the scrapheap. Stop the madness;););) Its up to us. Perhaps a better way is "I sure wish ___ would win one..." or who are you rooting for or "who needs to break through and win one. One last add. I know FOR A FACT that outside thre british Open, Monty loves each of his Ryder Cup wins like a Major...maybe thats why we get beat...we pay lip service too it... Steve Jones! BY the way, it goes PGA British US PGA PGA PGA US
  10. ESPN wrote what I think is a TERRIBLE article on drunk rowdy crowds being good for golf. Its here: http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=1982529 Robert Thompson ( www.goingforthegreen.blogspot.com ) and I ( http://jayflemma.blogspot.com ) strongly disagree. Those links go right to our articles. What do you think? Are drunk rowdy crowds good for the game? Or is ESPN wrong? Jay
  11. I like all of you and value your opinions...that being said, I thnk its the most worthless question in all sports. Its so unecessarily negative..."who has failed to live up to his potential"..."who is a big choker"..."who just can't get the job done..." This thoughtless, "lowest common denominator" type question was seemingly created just to torment Phil mickelson...he put it to rest in spades, so should we. You know, winners of majors are not necessarily great golfers. Andy North won three tournaments in his whole life...and two of them were ghastly US Opens he backed into...in fact, the ridiculous 1985 open he won should be scoured from history...had he taken one more stroke it would have been a four way monday playoff with chip beck, TC chen (thats two-chip chen;), and Dave Barr. God, I'd rather watch "Fear factor" then those four drips in an 18 hole playoff. How bout Hubert Green? Scott Simpson? Orville Moody? Ben Curtis? Paul Lawrie? Why not ask "biggest bust ever to win a major?" Did winning elevate any of their careers? Most golf fans could not pick any of those guys out of a picture of Duke Ellington's band:) This is not a personal rip on anyone...all of you are great guys and I have a lot of fun jawin' with y'all...but lets please keep it positive and leave the LCD stuff to the ESPN radio guys...our great game deserves all the positive energy we can foster...lord knows we have a tough week ahead of us in the desert...
  12. ...besides...summer is Vegas and Utah! I'm talking about a month or so from now;)...OK maybe 5 weeks;)
  13. I dont know about you, but I'm freezing my patookus off up here in NYC. Plus I got this new Taylor Made driver and am sick of hitting into a net at Chelsea Piers. Whaddya say we all fly somewhere for a couple days and play? How bout Vegas? or Myrtle Beach? Or Alabama? Hey Eric! What would it take for the powers at be to organize a Sand trap Outing?
  14. I'm not sure its true that caddies are the reason for blind shots in the UK...plenty of people walk and dont have caddies. Further, just because the shot is blind, doesnt mean you dont have a draw or fade shot require ment. e.g. #6 at Richter Park...aim for the big tree and draw it a little. Sopetimes you can tell by the shape of the hole or the placement of bunkers which way you should shape the shot.
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