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  1. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Nice round @HJJ003. You're getting good distance from that 3w off the tee.
  2. Thanks @Bucki1968. I was hoping you or another Tampa Bay resident might reply. During the 35 years I lived in St. Pete, I wasn't into golf. So I'm relying on the internet for rates and when the courses are least crowded. I'm not sure if some of these courses allow non-members or if they're open to the public or walkers, etc. I'll send out some emails to find out as well as asking for current rates and the slowest times of the day - starting with the list you were kind enough to provide. I don't have particularly high standards on where I play. I've only played a couple courses up here I thought were in bad shape. Most are more than adequate for my game. Not sure what it's like to play a really nice course. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  3. I get what you're saying @colin007. I was fairly new to the game and bought a set of used, regular flex GI's off eBay, standard lie and loft. I used those clubs while trying to learn a swing. After 2 or 3 years, I upgraded to a set of SGI clubs (including a fitting) and played the next season with them. I didn't immediately drop 10 strokes. They made a difference but it was slight. My poor swing mechanics hurt me much, much more than the difference between those two sets of clubs. The OP asked the question "can it make a difference?". Well of course it can. If I try to play 30 year old muscleback irons with stiff shafts, there's going to be a significant difference.
  4. Ok, so even for a pretty good player it isn't as easy as some other short game shots. I guess that's good to know. I finally bought a sand wedge last year and that has helped, but I didn't know to put the ball forward in my stance or to keep my weight forward. It's pretty common to take two strokes just to get out. On most other short game shots, I'm usually trying to get close to the pin.
  5. Thanks for asking the question @BigBaffy. This is what I love about this site. I had no idea how to even practice these shots - which are one of the worse parts of my game when compared to others at my level. When considering an approach shot, green side bunkers become a very dark shade of gray. I have more confidence chipping or flopping over a trap than I do hitting out of one. @Buckeyebowman, for those of you who are good at hitting out of sand, how does it compare in difficulty to hitting from green side rough for example (typical lie, same distance for each)?
  6. I'm heading down to St. Petersburg to visit my family the fourth week of April. I'm going to take the clubs but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to play throughout the week. There's a par 3 on Treasure Island (close to my hotel), but I'm also considering a couple of the municipal courses throughout the area. Some of the courses I've scouted online look affordable Twinbrooks 9 hole par 3 $20 to play twice Treasure Bay 9 hole par 3 $13 to play twice Mainlands 18 holes walking $25 Mangrove Bay 18 holes walking $36 If anyone down there has any suggestions, I'd appreciate the info.
  7. MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    You never know. I might only be able to name a third of the roster, but I actually prefer the rebuilding years of a franchise over a team full of underachieving superstars. I always liked Gardenhire when he coached Minnesota. Based on the few games I've watched this year, he seems to be a bit more aggressive on the base paths than was Ausmus (who I never cared for as a manager). Maybe that comes with more youth and better speed on roster.
  8. Winter Depression Thread

    Was able to practice a lot this week before the apocalypse hit this morning. I'm heading down to Florida in a week - just in time for the courses to open up here.
  9. Different way to practice

    I would have been ok with your opinion had you suggested it applied to a small percentage of the population. But I agree with what others have suggested in that most people cannot identify problems as easily as a good instructor can. I don't take lessons and a good swing has not come naturally in the 6-7 years I've been working on it. At least I know better than suggest if that's the way it is with me, it must be that way for everyone. Of course, that doesn't mean that lessons would have helped me. Some people seem uncoachable or at least have difficulty applying the information they receive. But when we're talking about the majority of the population, I have to disagree with your opinion. There are just too many players who will say they sucked until they found a good instructor. Also, while someone can get to an 8 using one method, that doesn't necessarily mean they would not have gotten as low as a 3, or even held to a 16 using another. I have my own opinion on lessons and how they apply to those with various potentials. But I don't really know anything - they are only opinions based on thoughts and not data. I think you'd have to present a larger, broader sample than your own experiences to change anyone's mind. Maybe you could add a poll that asked the question Has instruction substantially helped my game? _Yes _No _Unsure.
  10. My apologies. I now understand you were being sincere. But it would have been ok. I ridicule my game every chance I get. Lol. You have a good game @Vinsk. There's no way you get to an 8 without doing a lot things right. I think the game just has a way of rubbing our noses in whatever weaknesses we have. Before you give me too much credit for being so emotionally stable, you might appreciate this... My playing partner has the beginning stages of Parkinson's. He was a little better than me when we first played together a few years ago, but over that time I've improved a little and he has gotten worse. So while I'm cussing myself up one side and down the other for missing easy putts, not landing every approach shot on the green, and failing to break 90, he's happy just to be out there trying to hold off the damage the disease brings. I feel really stupid when I lose it and can't help but ask myself "what the f*** am I complaining about?". He's one of the good ones and deserves a better partner than me. He's fully aware of where his game currently is and that it's not going to get any better. Yet, he still gets out there every chance he can.
  11. Ha ha. As is the way you hand out those backhanded compliments @Vinsk . Seriously, it's not like us crappy players enjoy the high scores. They are simply part of the package. They come with the territory when you want to experience this... I can fail to break 100 while hitting several good golf shots. They are what keeps me coming back. Sadly, it only takes a few really poor shots to offset those. On the opposite end, I can score below my average and still be spittin' mad at myself. I can almost count on one hand how many times I've enjoyed an entire round and not cared a little about the score or shot results. It's golf and frustration is a big part of it. Since the topic is about good players who have quit, I'll try to stay on track. It seems like a pretty easy concept. We all have had goals in regards to golf and many of us have fallen short of those. I can't see much difference between that reality hitting a single digit player and a high capper - assuming both have poured every thing into getting better. Either we're able to rationalize it, or we simply find something else to occupy our free time. But I can't understand staying with something you hate. Life is too short to be miserable when we have a choice.
  12. No one should blast you for giving up a game you don't enjoy. Then again, I am the imbecile who can have fun while shooting a high score... so what do I know? Now if I had to endure everything else you've described, there's no way in hell I'd still be playing. Golf is an inexpensive activity that I can still get out and experience a couple times per week without dealing with crowded courses. Since I've never known what it's like to be good at this game, it's probably different. Reasonable expectations help make the game more enjoyable than sitting at home reminiscing about how good I used to be. Eventually, it'll probably become too frustrating and I'll have to give the game up. But until then, I hope to some day be that 90 year old guy out there still going at it and not giving a shit that I can only hit my driver 120 yards. I wonder if the really good players are thinking that's exactly what you're doing.
  13. My Swing (JonMA1)

    That's a really good drill, Scott. I could feel it everywhere, even in my legs. Not sure how I missed that entire post but I'm going to continue doing it. Thanks for the link! Btw, I noticed you're back hitting into a net. Glad to see the injuries are healed enough for you to get out there. So.. what's all that green stuff on the ground alongside your house?
  14. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Yep. All we can do is try to be objective. For all I know, Woods is an a-hole. It still wouldn't take away from how great he was. Same with Nicklaus, and whoever is the next. How can you not be a fan of that level of golf?

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