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  1. Why wouldn't I have the data? And I made a point of turning this discussion away from me in my last post. Why bring that up???? You asked that I not bring my game up. Perhaps you could show me the same courtesy. I disagree that some golfers - especially those on this site and those who track stats - are not qualified to determine weaknesses. They are not going to be as thorough or exact and they are going to get it wrong to some degree, but they are there watching what happens. It is possible to be objective.
  2. Can't an individual (not me) get that unbiased information through 120 rounds recorded in GameGolf?
  3. Shot a 95 from the tips of an easy, wide open course (around 6,000 yards). After a rocky start, I started hitting my driver pretty well, getting decent carry for the first time in a while. I only hit 3 GIR (and of course failed to hit par on each), but I had so many nGIR's - 6 putts from off the green (all from within a couple yards) and several chips. I use a partial swing from almost every shot 125 yards and in. Today I had trouble with club face control and most went slightly right - hence the nGIR's. For the majority of the holes, the full swing put me in position to make pars but I f
  4. Understood. Seriously? Who else is going to do it? Are you suggesting this because you think I'm unable to be objective or because I'm not smart enough or experienced enough to know where strokes are lost? That's not a defensive reply, it's fair for you might think either of those. You're right in that I don't fully understand the strokes gained methodology. I guess all I'd have to do is read up on it in GameGolf. But it's not hard to know what type of shot cost me strokes. And it's not that hard to look over previous rounds and see where strokes were lost there either.
  5. My entire game is a glaring weakness. I have to improve everything. And I'm not looking to gain 10 strokes. How about 120 rounds? Is that a large enough sample? Today's round was very typical. I hit my scoring average exactly and in the same way as normal. The only difference is that while I was playing, I thought a lot more about what cost me strokes, where improved skill could have lowered the score, and how much effort would learning that skill require.
  6. After really thinking about this during today's round and assessing each hole, I'm going back on what I said previously. At where my game is and at my level, they are both very close to equally important. Both are bad, both cost a lot of strokes. I just can't see the logic of one being drastically more important than the other. The only "tie-breaker" might be that really bad full swings can result in penalties - which cost twice as much as a poorly executed putt or chip. (I don't mind being ridiculed for this and I'm not trying to start shit with anyone. After all, it's just a game.
  7. That’s not what I said. And I’m not sure why when I say putting more effort into the short game will allow me to gain a couple strokes people come to the conclusion I think that alone will get me down to single digits. I don’t disagree with you as much as you think I do. I just believe that my skills should remain closer than they have been in the past. I also believe that for some of us the ceiling is a bit lower for getting good at the full swing. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t apply the 65/20/15 rule when the skills are in line, only that I have a pretty good handle on how much it will help.
  8. I agree 100%, but that wasn’t the point of my post. It was more that an intelligent golfer can make a statement about her game and have folks quickly indicate she’s likely incorrect in her assessment simply based on the average of the population or on their observations of others.
  9. I agree the full swing is more important than the short game. It's the hardest skill to learn and those who are very good at this game are very good ball strikers. But there are a lot of us who, for a number of reasons, will never in a million years become good ball strikers. We aren't going to hit 12 GIR much less get the ball within 5' on a very high percentage of the few greens we do hit with a full swing. That is just a fact. If I hired the best instructor, practiced properly for 4 hours a day working strictly on my full swing, I'd still never come close to those numbers.
  10. I'm not sure why people have such a hard time believing this. Is it typical? No. But it's not like everyone has the same weakness. It reminds me of a couple of YouTube posts that claim if you employ a certain strategy, you're guaranteed to break 90 (or 80 or whatever). They think everyone has the exact same weakness, therefore one fix will cure us all. You strike the ball better than I do @DrvFrShow and my poor short game and putting are at least as costly as my full swing in preventing me from getting below 18. So if you or anyone else claims the short game is hurting their score the mo
  11. @HJJ003 - a while back you had mentioned the possibility that hitting off-center on the driver face might be a reason for my weak drives. It's been bugging me since then and I finally had a chance to check it out yesterday. In lieu of impact tape, I used some postage labels and hit a few drives. The first shot is the one highest on the face. Maybe I just have hands of stone, but it didn't feel like terrible impact as is the case when I hit off the toe or heel. So this could be happening on the course and I'd be unaware of it. Next, I had to figure out how to fix it. I'm thinkin
  12. I think the expression “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” applies to me doing any kind of cardio workout.
  13. JonMA1

    The Golf Gods Suck

    I played better than I expected to. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that kind of control over the full swing - even it was just for 9 holes. So besides the bit of frustration, yes it was fun and I’ll likely do it again. Almost as important as the enjoyment was that I discovered some weaknesses and strengths in my game... which is never a bad thing. *Regarding the cold, I literally had the entire course to myself for almost 4 hours.
  14. JonMA1

    The Golf Gods Suck

    Of course it was. You know all but the last few lines of the entry was tongue-in-cheek, right? I feel I have a good handle on the reality of my game... if that's what you're asking. I'm happy when any part of it happens to be better than average in a given round but, at the same time, try to recognize it for what it really is. The two GIR's on the 2nd time through was at my average of four per 18.
  15. I finally got around to playing 18 holes of golf with only 4 clubs this morning - something I've wanted to do since early in the season. My goal was to keep the score to within 5 of my average. The 4 hybrid and 9i were shoo-ins. The 4h because I seem to hit it well, and the 9i because I can use for a short bump-and-run all the way up to a 130 yard full swing. I then had to decide on two more. I decided to bench my gap wedge, which is the go-to club from 100 yards and in, and go with the sand wedge instead. The reason being too much roll on short sided flag locations seem to be costing me stro
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