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  1. JonMA1

    Hitting the Woods

    @DogGolf92 take any advice from me with a grain of salt... For me, it has a lot to do with angle of attack, not trying to kill the ball, and where I want to club to make contact with the turf. I don't hit either club exactly like an iron, but I also don't "sweep" it as many people describe the feel. Hopefully, someone a bit better will give you some solid advice, but try making adjustments at a slower swing speed until you find something that seems to work consistently (if you haven't already tried this).
  2. I have hit high wedge shots that drew or faded slightly (unintentionally), so it's achievable. But as @saevel25 suggested, why not work on the low punch shot? Sounds like you tried that with the 6i but hit it straight by mistake? I'm a higher capper than you and I've developed a bit of control with this shot - but I do have to work on it. The left to right curve is easier for me than a right to left. My objective is rarely to make it on the green, but to improve the proximity. Sure, sometimes the ball doesn't curve or I hit too hard and it can be costly - just as with any shot. But it's usually successful because I end up closer than simply punching out sideways. I think you'll find it's an easy shot to become confident with @Moxley if you make it a regular part of your practice. Use the ball flight laws to develop it. Good luck.
  3. It doesn't look terrible through the images online, but it's impossible to know until I miss my first fairway. I'm used to courses with trees lining the fairway, but tall fescue (or whatever that is) can sometimes be worse. Lots of bunkers to avoid. The greens look like a lot of fun. I hope they haven't slowed down much from all the rain. I'll get some pictures and post them for sure.
  4. JonMA1

    Give or Take 2-3 Degrees

    The putting, the short game, and the 300+ yard drives that the pros hit are impressive. But the ability to hit a green from 230 yards is, to me, the most impressive skill they have. I realize they don't show all the misses on TV, but those guys seem so good at hitting targets. It's very easy to forget this and to become fixated on why we can't do it every time.
  5. Thanks @dennyjones and @HJJ003. That's the plan. Don't care if I shoot 120. It'll be the first time ever playing a really nice course (received the pass as a gift).
  6. Paging @tlazzol, @Wally Fairway, @dennyjones or anyone else who has played Arcadia Bluffs. I'm playing there tomorrow and while I'm looking forward to it, I don't know what to expect. What I've heard is that you're rarely on a flat lie and the greens are challenging. Some of the bunkers look pretty nasty as well. Besides what has been posted above, any words of wisdom on how to approach this course? I'm probably going to play from the gold tees (5661) instead of the whites (6389).
  7. JonMA1

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Agreed. I know almost nothing about professional golf or how they set up courses, and I don't know what it means to "lose" a course. The course was on the extreme side of difficult... so what? It was also difficult for the winner. Maybe he focused less on what he normally shoots and more on what it would take to win the tournament under those conditions. When decisions at my work are made which introduce unusual difficulties, I can either spend time bitching about how impossible it is to produce as much work as usual, or I can apply effort towards ways to overcome those difficulties. As a fan, I thought it was fun to watch the best players in the world deal with the toughest course conditions in the world. I found it every bit as impressive that some were able to shoot par after 4 days on this course as when they shoot 12 under on others. Again, I don't know jack shit about pro golf, so maybe I'm missing something.
  8. JonMA1

    My Swing (JonMA1)

    No, I agree with your logic. It’s important to know our limitations.
  9. JonMA1

    My Swing (JonMA1)

    I don't think that's a bad idea. Really though, even if my shot zone is giant on those clubs (and it likely is), I find it hard not to use them. On many occasions I've tried being conservative and it is a trade off. I might keep more balls in play, but it forces going for greens with longer clubs. I think ideally (for me), it's better to work on reducing the shot zones by using those clubs every chance it makes sense - par 4's and par 5's that don't have a bottleneck or dog leg at 200 yards.
  10. JonMA1

    My Swing (JonMA1)

    This year, almost always shots leaving the zone. Usually it's a an open face on the driver or 5w resulting in a push or push slice. Occasionally I'll over-compensate and pull one out-of-bounds left. Last season was "year of the duff" into water hazards. That was painful. Lol.
  11. JonMA1

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    94 3 Penalties, 29 putts, 4 GIR. I know putting stats are misleading, but I don't feel as though I putted that well (I thought I'd made an error somewhere but everything checked out). This was on my home course where the greens are smaller and faster, and I'm more familiar with them. Lots of putts from off the green that rolled within 5'. 7 1-putts and a putt that went in from the fringe to go along with the 2 3-putts. Mid irons were solid, short iron/wedge approach shots were ok... I'm learning to accept slight misses. Shot of the day was a 163yd 6i approach to a very small, protected green. The ball hit the green and stopped on the far fringe where I made the putt for birdie. While a 20' putt is cool, hitting a target with a mid or long iron is one of my favorite shots - I don't succeed very often. I usually opt to layup on this green from that distance but decided instead to be a bit more aggressive. Driver continues to lack distance, unless I'm-pissed off when I swing it. Overall, my game is still weak and I can shoot some high scores. I just have to enjoy the rounds when that doesn't happen.
  12. Put me in the group which thinks this wouldn't have been a big deal had he admitted he was simply frustrated. But from the little bit of what I've read, he lied about why he did it and continues to play that card. In the end, he doesn't care what I think of him and I don't care how honest or dishonest he is. He's just a professional athlete and probably like most of the rest of us. I'm not paying to watch him play, nor am I buying anything he endorses. Which was exactly the case before this incident... when I thought he was an honorable guy. As far as "apologizing" and then telling people to toughen up, that's an asshole thing to say since some of these people were his fans.
  13. JonMA1

    When does a fade/draw turn into a slice/hook?

    My opinion, when you start losing significant yardage because of the spin.
  14. JonMA1

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    https://www.gamegolf.com/player/JonMa1/round/2222592 The bad: 39 putts and a few more from just barely off the green. Still, I was a lot more aggressive on my lag putts which resulted in some tap-ins. I also made some longer 2nd putts when I didn't get close. Unfortunately, only a single 1-putt to offset the 4 3-putts I had. The good: Starting lines with my partial 9i and wedges were really on and that's something I've struggled with all year. I could have very easily had 8 or 9 GIR today. My misses were just off the green, a couple by only inches. I really hope I can maintain this throughout the season. LSW logic: I stayed aggressive by using driver on all but one par 4. I also used the 5w on most of my 2nd shots on the par 5's instead of playing it safe. This resulted in wedges for approach shots.
  15. JonMA1

    My Swing (JonMA1)

    @Lihu - you'll appreciate the irony... I was/am serious about just hitting balls for a while, but I'm finding it's not that easy. For the last couple of nights I went out just to goof off and not worry about mechanics. Next thing I know, I'm slowing way down and rehearsing a move over and over again before hitting the ball at 60-70%. I suppose once something is engrained - right or wrong - it's tough to just stop cold turkey. I was working on my partial 9i swing the other night and seemed to make some progress with club face control. Whether that carries out to the course remains to be seen. That is such an important part of my game and I have to get it back to have a prayer of shooting in the mid 90's. Then there was the work with the 5w and driver, trying to reduce the slice spin. I've found that if I (think) extend my arms in the followthrough I'm less likely to come across the ball. Probably not technically sound, but oh well. Tonight it was the long irons and it was a very focused practice as well. Again, not at all what I intended to do when I headed out. Old habits die hard as they say. Seriously @Lihu, I appreciate the support. Very decent of you. Edit: I hope you get your short game and putting figured out. Let me know when you do.

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