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  1. It wouldn't be that hard for Titleist to test this properly. To some, a result of a few more yards of inconsistency would be enough to spend the extra money. Does anyone really think the process they use to refinish golf balls is going to be .002" off? That's a very large deviation by most standards. I'm not sure what the process involves but I have to believe there are tolerances in place and the equipment used has a bit more control than that. Sorry, Erik beat me to it.
  2. Welcome to the site @flank67. My home course if very laid-back. No course marshal, no dress code, and on occasions, no tee time required. At the end of the season, they remove the flags and still allow me to play as long as there is no frost on the greens. Unlimited membership is only $99 per year. But that laid-back attitude and low membership costs cut both ways. They are a bit unorganized at times. It's a ski and golf resort in a rural part of the area. Guests are given priority - which for my $100 a year, I'm perfectly fine with. The only thing that bothers me is that tee times are not always enforced on slower days. There have been times when they've let a group who just showed up to go out just ahead of my tee time instead of asking them to wait 10 minutes. Other than that, the course is challenging and well maintained (with the exception of a few perpetually soggy spots on a couple fairways). The staff and groundskeepers are all very nice to me and other members. In return, most of the members take care to fix divots, ball marks (beyond just their own) and dispose of their trash properly. They know I'm not crazy about playing in crowded conditions and let me know when an upcoming weekend is going to be booked solid so I can make other plans.
  3. How long is your golf commute?

    There's a course within walking distance of my house but I prefer my home course which is 20 minutes away. Most of the courses I play are within 45 minutes. I've driven as far as Farmington Hills (around 4 hrs) to meet up with my son.
  4. When is it too cold to golf?

    When is it too cold to play golf? When you can pry this 5 iron from my frozen, arthritic hands! I went out this morning and played 18 on an empty course. It was 40° when I arrived but dropped as a cold front moved through. It wasn't too bad. I wore a compression shirt underneath long-sleeved warmer shirt and never had to put my jacket on. My feet got a little wet and my fingers a bit numb, but it was certainly bearable. They're forecasting snow this evening. I really enjoyed having the course to myself. No flags on the greens... which doesn't really matter too much. If I'm close enough to aim for the flag, I'm close enough to walk the few yards to see where the hole location is. Lots of deer running around the course today, probably the safest place for them to be right now. A bonus to playing this late in the year is that all those lost golf balls are easy to see with no foliage on the brush. I grabbed so many of them my golf bag was listing on my push cart from the extra weight. Despite the cold and wind, it was such a pleasure to be out there. It's going to be a long winter.
  5. Lydia Ko Thread

    That's a shame... so much talent. I hope she makes the change.
  6. My Swing (JonMA1)

    I used a launch monitor today and recorded ten swings from 5 clubs. These were all full swings at about 80%-90% effort. Everything but the driver was without a tee. The employee suggested I discard the duffs, but I decided to keep them. They lowered my averages but I thought they were a good "snapshot" of how I hit. No real surprises on distances or side angles (other than the pull hooks with my 5w), but the numbers on the driver may have provided something to work towards. I have to do a better job of controlling my low point. Currently, I seem to be bottoming out too close to the ball. I'll have to review "How to hit the driver further" thread. 7i 5w 5i Driver 4i
  7. My Swing (JonMA1)

    I don't know... I just feel like I can't get rid of whatever bad habits are preventing me from experiencing any kind of improvement. I hate to say this, but if I had all the resources in the world - time, money, good instruction - improvement would be minimal. As I stated recently, my average distance may increase if the frequency of duffs, hooks and slices are reduced, but I'm never going to get 240 yards of carry with my driver. Anyway, my practice for the last year has been much more methodical. It gets a little dicey once the playing season starts, but even then, I'm trying to focus on specific weaknesses within each part of the game. While some parts of the game seem to be approaching unconscious competence (remember, my bar is set pretty low), other areas such as the driver, 5w and 4i require a very slow swing - 30 to 50%. I'm going to use that speed until I no longer have to think about what to do. Then I'll consider swinging harder. That's the plan anyway.
  8. My Swing (JonMA1)

    I don't disagree with any of that @Lihu. With better mechanics there certainly would be a few additional yards to squeeze out. I'm not sure there would be 20, but there'd be something. At the same time, the older guys who swing faster are likely better athletes to go along with the fact they have better mechanics. (My definition of "athletic ability" may be a bit different than other's.)
  9. My Swing (JonMA1)

    Right, I understand the concept and it's why I agree that working on the long game is so important. But that doesn't mean I believe an additional 20 yards off the tee is in my future. Lol, it isn't as though I haven't tried. I appreciate the encouragement though, Lihu. This has less to do with my age and more to do with spending the last 6 years of my life completely immersed into trying to improve. Lessons, club fittings, hours of practice everyday, video, better practice habits.... my game is what it is and it's embarrassing that I put so much effort into it. I'm not spending the next 6 years chasing more distance.
  10. Well, getting back on topic... developing the ability to control a fairway wood off the turf instead of having to club down to an iron would allow for a subsequently shorter approach shot. That's all I was trying to convey.
  11. Not trying to be argumentative @iacas (I really want to understand this), but an improved swing would provide both accuracy and average distance. Better contact and a decrease in hooks and slices would reduce the shorter drives. But then that would also increase my average accuracy. Correct? When I read that thread, all I can think is that my longest drives are what they are... I don't see that improving. The frequency of better contact? Hopefully. Is that what is meant by gaining distance? I just don't understand the extra distance without any improvement in accuracy gaining 2 or more strokes. I know Broadie has done the research and it has to be true. And I understand how 20 yards would save some strokes (by leaving 2 clubs less for my next shot). But stroke and distance from penalties are killing me. I just have trouble wrapping my head around improving my scores without decreasing the penalties.
  12. You're probably right @Lihu, but I've given up on adding any distance to each of my clubs. Whatever distance I get from decent contact is good enough to play up to 6,000 yards. Working on improving distance without improving accuracy has never made sense from my perspective. But gaining distance because I'm confident enough to pull more club is kind of how I look at it. Of course if my opinion was worth anything I wouldn't be struggling to break 100 all the time.. My apologies if this is too far off topic, or so over-the-top obvious that it shouldn't be posted... (not to scale) If the center cone represents the current game of a 56 y/o high capper, and the cone on the left represents a low single digit player, the cone on the right seems more doable. Any ambitions of hitting as long and as accurately as a good player are unrealistic (for me). I'm happy to play from shorter tees. For me, the number one objective is to get to the point of simply keeping those clubs in play. Next would be to tighten up the shots zones to the point where my woods would match the present zones of my long irons. Currently, I'll sometimes go after larger greens with my long irons but rarely will with my fairway woods. Even on some par 5 2nd shots I'm hesitant to use woods. While that choice leaves me with a longer approach shots, it's logical choice due to my inability to control the longer clubs. This is why I don't want to give up on those clubs.
  13. Feel Ain't Real

    So true and good to know. I do believe that with an instructor who knows what he or she is doing, combined with a student who understands it isn't really what's happening, feel can be a valuable learning tool.
  14. Hitting any of my clubs "like a pro" or swinging 100mph isn't even on my radar. The longer the club, the more difficult it is for me to control the shot. But the longer the club, the farther the ball can be advanced. So there's the trade off. If I felt like this was something I could never get, I would go with a 5w and never look back. But when I do make good contact with a 3w, I get plenty of height and more distance than anything else in the bag (from off the turf). Even with poorer contact, I still get more distance than a good shot with a mid-iron. Because advancing the ball is so important, I think for me it's worth investing the time trying to reduce the shot zone with a 3w. At some point I'll know whether or not to give up. I'm still amazed at those who can regularly hit tight greens with these clubs. That might be something I'll never get any good at, but I'd at least like to get to the point where I'm confident of keeping the ball in play. Just for fun - and because of this thread - I took my oldest son's 3w (S-Flex) out to the field and hit some from off the turf. Man, that club was hard to hit! I might have taken 20 shots and only 2 or 3 of them ended up being decent (long, straight and somewhat high). Some had a good launch angle but sliced, others were low line drives, and a few were just duffs (can't really blame the club on those). I think I'll stick with my regular flex clubs.
  15. Golf Goggles/Glasses

    I have two pair of these. They are high quality and much less expensive than I would have thought. I would highly recommend them if it's within your budget @iceman777. Unfortunately for me, the bifocal transitions are in a slightly lower position than they are on my regular glasses and that's a difficult adjustment for my eyes to make. But I do use them in the car and on the water.

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