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  1. Fairway woods

    Obviously I can't offer much in the way of advice but in the last year my 5w has gone from one of my most trusted clubs to one that causes anxiety. What has helped me is coming down at a slightly steeper angle of attack and simply concentrating on hitting a bit more down on the ball... not like an iron, but less of that "sweeping" attack as is often suggested. Good luck and I hope someone can provide some useful advice.
  2. Driver Shaft Length Creep

    That's a substantial improvement. I'm certain I won't experience any increase in distance but at this point, distance isn't even on the radar. I practiced a bit more tonight and decided shortening the driver won't fix my issues. I have to swing sooooo slow to get decent ball flight. As a result, I'm losing 10 - 20 yards from what GameGolf said I was averaging (219).
  3. Ben Hogan Sand Wedge

    Thanks for the info. It's not like it was a great deal or anything, but the first wedge the salesman handed me was a used TaylorMade in poor shape for the same price. It even had lead on the face. Not sure why someone would do that to a club. Probably a bigger mystery is why the shop would think it was worth $30. What prompted this whole search was finding a cheap old 56° wedge someone had left on the course last week. Before turning into the clubhouse, I used it to get out of a couple of bunkers and it seemed better than what i'd been using. So I thought it was time to purchase one.
  4. LPGA major Evian shortened to 54 Holes

    I apologized for letting this discussion go off topic so I'll be brief. We simply disagree on the abilities of a typical high capper, or perhaps on our definition of a high capper. I have personal game golf data to back up my opinion and would be happy to share that in another thread. Perhaps we could create a poll to gauge: 1. What our 200 yd club is. 2. How confident we are using that club for approach shots to tight greens. If I'm wrong I'll gladly admit it (wouldn't be the first time).
  5. LPGA major Evian shortened to 54 Holes

    I responded initially to David's comment about hitting an approach shot with what I thought would require a fairway wood to a difficult green and being confident in the outcome. What you've quoted was a response and disagreement to Kevin's comment suggesting that hole would not be difficult for higher handicappers. I'll resist replying to @Vinsk's post directly below yours. My apologies for taking this thread off-topic.
  6. Ben Hogan Sand Wedge

    Thanks. This shop had a couple sets of Hogan Apex forged irons for sale (not sure which, Apex Edge Pro maybe?). I think they are still very popular clubs. I see them at the course now and then. I'm a fan of the Radials because I believe they are a bit easier for a hack like me to hit. I have a beat up set that I use for practice and can get some real height on my shots with them.
  7. Driver Shaft Length Creep

    I had my driver shaft shortened by 1 1/2" today. I'd been gripping down to the end of the grip for some time now trying to gain some control, so I made the decision hoping it wouldn't bring a loss in distance. I brought it home and immediately started hitting balls with it. Nothing really seemed different at first - maybe a bit less distance... but it's not like I'd been hitting very long the last couple of months anyway. I then got into a groove and started hitting the nearly exact same shot 6 or 7 times in a row. I haven't checked GPS yet for distance, but I'm going to guess these shots are at least at my average. Obviously, this means very little as far as a lasting improvement with accuracy. But I don't think there will be a substantial loss in distance. At this point, I'd trade a small amount the latter for the former.
  8. I went to the local golf shop today to get my driver shaft shortened and to see if they had any used 56° sand wedges. They had a couple but this one looked to be in very good shape so I bought it for $30. I'm not sure if it's one of the newer Hogans or an old one that wasn't used much (the dirt on the face is from me hitting it). I believe the "5610" represents the loft and bounce. (calling @1badbadger ) I don't know very much about wedges and bounce/glide so it was worth paying a little extra at a shop instead of eBay. I've had a lot of trouble getting out of bunkers with the two wedges I've been using for the last several years - a 50° gap and 60° lob. After buying this, I immediately went to the practice area at the shop. Getting out of the sand was much easier and controlling the distance actually seemed possible. Hopefully, that will carry over to the course.
  9. LPGA major Evian shortened to 54 Holes

    How many high handicappers do you play with @Vinsk? Do they regularly hit greens with fairway woods? If so, they are better than I am as well as most others I play with. For me, there is a substantial difference between hitting a 5wood off the tee and a 3wood from off the fairway or out of the rough.
  10. LPGA major Evian shortened to 54 Holes

    That's just impressive and probably why your index is where it is. Other than on long par 3's, I rarely try to hit greens from 190 - 200yds unless they're wide open.
  11. I agree. I guess it's how one defines a better ball striker, but IMO, if you're keeping it in play and beating them on the same courses, you're the better ball striker.
  12. Ok, I understand now. I didn't realize it was within etiquette - sorry. Some of us who are less experienced learn etiquette through watching the pros on tv. Maybe we err on the side of being too polite at times instead of learning the rules and taking advantage of them when we can.
  13. Maybe no one mentioned it because either doesn't occur or it just isn't a big deal. At least one person posted that they didn't think they had ever stood on someone else's line - ever - and was surprised this was a thing.
  14. Golf gathering

    Yes, I could very well have just gotten lucky. Then again, I could say the same thing whenever I get good results from a putter or a wedge.