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  1. My home course has marsh or a wide ravine running across 6 of the 9 holes, 4 of which are in front of the tee boxes (no real room/advantage laying up). Some of us get like 200 yards of carry on our drives and one of those 4 has about that much marsh. Even on holes that don't require a good drive, playing from the tips can mean carrying water to a tight green or fairway with a long iron or wood off the tee instead of a mid or short iron. Not saying that's anything special for better players, only that it adds a little extra challenge to those of us less skilled when we know we have to hit our distances with those longer clubs. All I'm saying is carrying those hazards isn't as much of a concern when playing from the forward or middle tees. That said, looking over the other courses I play, you're right, most are not that bad.
  2. Welcome to the forum @Sunburst42.
  3. I'm right there with you. I don't think I can do it yet - the addiction is still far too strong. The only good players I know (outside this forum) are the ones managing courses. Yeah, they don't seem to have the passion. It's hard for someone like me who has zero chance of becoming even average to wrap my mind around that. On the other hand, if I'm at a movie theatre and I don't like what's playing, I walk out. In other words, if they're getting no enjoyment in playing, being better than most is not a reason to keep doing it. Good for them on walking away.
  4. I guess this depends on how good a "very good long game" is and how you define "fairly well". If you're describing one who can hit it long and stay in bounds all round, only to pile up shots when they get in close, you may be right. But I don't know how common it is for someone to be that good at keeping the ball in bounds with the long clubs while sucking at the short game. One the other hand, don't you think there are some good players (10 HC) who lack the power but because they excel at everything else, could play just above bogey golf on 7,000 yards (without the forced carries as you said)? I'm not saying I know this to be true @Alx. Just my thoughts.
  5. Went out today and played 9 on an easy course. I'm getting as much or more distance than I've ever had with all the clubs. While I duffed a couple of iron shots today, I'm making pretty solid strikes with most full swings. Yet, I'm scoring worse than I have in several years. The thing is, I don't know if it will change. I might have a round now and then without a blowup hole, but even without those, every part of my game is just bad enough to make pars a real challenge. I'm practicing a little less than in the past and with less focus. Throw in a touch of apathy and it's of no surprise that what had previously been a poor game is now a little worse. I still look forward to playing and enjoy the good shots when they occur. I'm just trying to make an honest assessment, keep unrealistic expectations at bay, and re-evaluate what I can get out of this game. I enjoy the thread about club championships. I love competition and would really love to be in that mix. But this game is just so ****ing hard to get good at. Hats off to those who were/are able to do it. I do miss hitting approach shots as well as I had the last couple of years and would like to get that part of my game back. I believe that might provide the motivation to keep working. But as far as ever scoring consistently low, it simply seems out of reach and I'm not sure I have the desire to work as hard as is needed. Talk about a first world problem. Lol.
  6. Welcome back Mo.
  7. So you're saying..... she's a guy?!!!
  8. We're all members of this forum because we have some level of passion for the game in common. I think it would take an injury to prevent me from playing golf because even at my skill level, it's simply a lot of fun. But it shouldn't be the single-most important part of my life. Over the last several years, golf has dominated my free time. I think your series of blog entries made me think more about some of things I used to enjoy. ... perhaps made me realize I might need to bring a little variety back. I think I can speak for everyone in that we're happy in the progress and apparent recovery. I hope you continue to enjoy the time back out on the course.
  9. I don't know the statistics, but let's say a 6.6 can stay out of trouble on 9 out of 10 strokes (or 14 of 15, or whatever). Players like me are costing ourselves strokes at a much higher ratio. Some mistakes are obvious such as those which cause penalties, but there are so many other types of bad strokes that add up. There are seemingly easy chips where our blade catches and we don't get it any where near 1 putt distance, the 20' lag putt that stops 7' short, or a PW approach that misses wide, or a tee shot that causes us to punch out to the fairway instead of having a decent shot to the green. Is it safe to say all those things happen to better players during a round, but just less frequently?
  10. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/JonMa1/round/1588822 (I had to recreate 2 or 3 holes going from my scorecard and by memory.) This is pretty much where my game seems to be right now. Ok contact with the full swing but an inability to start the ball on line left and right. Short game is still pretty poor. Missed far too many short putts as is usually the case. Had a few duffs with the woods and driver, but hit most of my irons cleanly. My scoring average is up from last year - above 100 - due in part to playing from longer tees. Was able to post this round towards my handicap.
  11. I'm going to recant this statement. If I get a chance this year - meaning no one else is on the course - I might try playing from the tips on my home course. It's just under 6700 yards but has a rating and slope of 73/138. Not the same, I know. But a closer indication than what I normally play.
  12. It was great meeting everyone and a lot of fun. I got to see @MSchott hit almost every fairway and @Braivohole one out from 60 yards with his last shot of the day. @bkuehn1952, I'm not sure who the guy in shorts hitting out of the snow is in your avatar, but it surely cannot be the same person I saw today bundled in layers of winter clothes in perfect golf weather. Seriously, Brian and Terry... thanks so much for organizing this.
  13. Of course. I hadn't thought about it that way. That's good to know. So if I had a legitimate handicap last year, it would have carried over this year - even if I played and posted less than 5 rounds? I'll be lucky to be able post 10 rounds per season.
  14. Interesting. I might try this as well.
  15. Legitimate questions here Dave - not meant as an argument. Isn't what you're describing vanity capping? If so, why would it matter that they do it? They are only hurting themselves, correct? Or can it adversely affect others as well? I've played like 10 rounds this year and the only one that I've been able to submit (because I had a playing partner for that round) was by far my best of the year. Tomorrow will be my second round playing with others and I anticipate an upward "correction" in the trend. For me, I play far too many solo rounds to waste an opportunity to play with others as a practice round (sometimes it's unavoidable). Plus, I need a minimum of posted rounds for my crappy handicap to be legitimate.