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  1. 13 hours ago, boogielicious said:

    There are a lot of variables when it’s that cold out. I think you had a great round all things considered and it sounded like a lot of fun.

    I played better than I expected to. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that kind of control over the full swing - even it was just for 9 holes. So besides the bit of frustration, yes it was fun and I’ll likely do it again.

    Almost as important as the enjoyment was that I discovered some weaknesses and strengths in my game... which is never a bad thing.

    *Regarding the cold, I literally had the entire course to myself for almost 4 hours.

  2. 34 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Reversion to the mean? (Not trying to be mean - seriously asking.)

    Of course it was. You know all but the last few lines of the entry was tongue-in-cheek, right?

    I feel I have a good handle on the reality of my game... if that's what you're asking. I'm happy when any part of it happens to be better than average in a given round but, at the same time, try to recognize it for what it really is.

    The two GIR's on the 2nd time through was at my average of four per 18.

  3. I was fortunate enough to play with three accurate players this week, one of whom was @tlazzol (sorry Terry, but yesterday's round was impressive to watch).

    I'll get lucky and hit a green now and then. For these guys - and I assume every other good player - hitting greens with irons and fairways with a driver is just how they play the game.

    I don't get many opportunities to play with good players. I'll can almost count on one hand the rounds I've played where watching someone else's shots just left me shaking my head in amazement, and two of them occurred this week.

  4. The putting, the short game, and the 300+ yard drives that the pros hit are impressive. But the ability to hit a green from 230 yards is, to me,  the most impressive skill they have. I realize they don't show all the misses on TV, but those guys seem so good at hitting targets.


    Set your expectations properly, and give yourselves the credit you deserve when you DO hit a fairway or a green. It's phenomenally difficult!

    It's very easy to forget this and to become fixated on why we can't do it every time.


  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. I also have a set of Hogans sitting around that were purchased on eBay.

    Right now, it's easy not to pull the trigger on that stuff. I have too much crap in my garage. Plus, any money spent on golf should go towards lessons - not clubs I have no business playing with.

    Almost as addicting as eBay is a trip to the local golf shop. They have several used sets of Mizunos, Bridgestones, Hogans... like a kid in a candy store.

  6. Cool hobby. The quality looks really good for a digital press, but that shouldn't surprise me. That technology just keeps improving.

    Do you have people comment on the shirts and ask where you got them?

    2 hours ago, nevets88 said:

    I look at purchases more like upvotes on social media.

    I can see that, definitely a compliment. I had a portfolio full of artwork stolen back in the day. I chalked it up to either someone liking the art enough to commit a crime or my teacher throwing it in a dumpster.

  7. @nevets88 - Nice work. Do you have screen printing equipment or a digital t-shirt press? It looks like SP from the images.

    I quick story about t-shirt printing... While in art school, I had a classmate who used to design and print t-shirts while living in Southern California. It offered a modest income that would basically pay for his consumables and a bit of his time. He showed me some photos of some of his designs - mostly sailing themes - and then came upon one that for whatever reason, started selling like crazy. The design was not much different than the others, but it became a craze for the area and he couldn't keep up. Said he made a lot of money off that one design. Then, as suddenly as it had started, they just stopped selling.

    The design was basically a one-hit wonder.

  8. I found your first paragraph interesting... that you were a bit nervous about playing to your ability.

    It's amazing that this game can be played at your level @phillyk. There are just so many skills needed to average 18 holes of golf at or below par on difficult courses. 

    The margin of error is low and if you do exceed it, you have to possess the ability to make up for it on the next few shots or the next few holes to end up with a low score. 

    I hope you continue to improve.

  9. 19 minutes ago, klineka said:

    For both of those rounds, your average putts per hole is over 2.2. That is pretty high and is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways you can drop strokes. 

    Have you practiced your putting much? Do you struggle with speed, direction, green reading, or all 3? 

    This might help with the putting 


    Thanks for the link. I will re-read it again (and again). It takes time for some of this to sink.

    Yes, putting is a glaring weakness and has been for years. I worked on it all winter, and midway through the season made some changes to my putting stroke that seemed to really help with bead. I've also been trying to rely less on what I see and more of what I feel with my feet. That certainly helps with the read and speed (thanks @dennyjones). Statistically, very little improvement has shown up, but it feels better (I haven't recorded many 2017 rounds). Obviously, I have a long way to go.

    Driver and 5 wood are killing me right now with both penalties and just not giving myself chances for GIR. All I can do is work on minimizing that damage.

    18 hours ago, Lihu said:

    I’m glad you’re putting things in perspective, and am sure you’ll enjoy it a lot more. No expectations, enjoy!

    Thanks @Lihu


  10. Thanks for the kind words @Lihu.

    There are a lot of hackers out there, but I'm not as good as most. Then you have a site like this where the bar is just set so high. I'll see guys shooting in the 90's their first year and think "what the hell is wrong with me" Lol.

    Anyway, the game is supposed to be enjoyable not agonizing. So something has to give. Seems like I've been down this road before...

    I no longer record many rounds, but here are a couple from last weekend. I clean them up a bit at home but don't normally adjust flag locations.




  11. 26 minutes ago, billchao said:

    There's a lot of factors that contribute to your clubface control, not just your hands and wrists.

    That makes sense - it doesn't take much to screw things up in a full swing. Even if my hands and wrists were doing the exact same thing on every swing (they're not), if I stopped my backswing too short, or my tempo was off, or any number of other things, I could understand where it would have an effect on the club face.

  12. If nothing else, this blog entry and challenge had me thinking about and working on key #5 this morning.

    How my wrists hinge throughout the take-away and backswing seems to control what the club head does - more so than trying to manipulate the rotation. It just kind of happens naturally (not saying any of what's happening is right :-P).

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  13. I want to see a golf pro salvage a par 5 after I've hit two tee shots in a row into the woods.

    For the last few years I thought my poor putting was a glaring weakness (it was), but as I found out this year, the damage caused by poor putting is nothing compared to losing control of your driver.

  14. Quote

    On a typical 7000-yard golf course, what might you expect these teams to score? Which team would win?

    I think Team A wins on any length course. If you took their additional length out of the equation, their precision with the full swing would still be a huge advantage. Even I can two-putt from 15' most of the time.

    My interpretation of this may be wrong, but improving one's full swing does not necessarily mean trying to squeeze more distance. To me, it means learning to hit a 3 wood as accurately as I currently hit a 4 iron. That's not to say I'd hope to be hitting greens regularly with those clubs, only that I need to be able to keep it in play.

    Right now, the knowledge that I'm likely going to lose a ball by pulling a longer club prevents me from getting closer to the green with too many shots.

  15. Quote

    there are many times where I fall prey to the “NHC” and turn a promising front side into a mess.

    So true.

    Conversely, while I often curse the round on the front 9, I don't have the game to salvage that first half into a personal best with a good 2nd nine.

    Still, that possibility - slight as it may be - is what pushes us to towards what is often more punishment instead of just packing it in for day. Sometimes, we surprise ourselves and the drive home from the course is a pleasant one.

    While I'll never have the ability to break 80 on 18, I've been within 3 strokes of 39 on 9.

    Hope springs eternal.

  16. 18 hours ago, iacas said:

    The kid made it in one swing. That one was like three swings in. :-P

    So… good instruction? ;-)

    It ain't bragging when you can back it up:) 

    I'm glad it went that well for the student. The swing on the left is a terrible habit to get stuck in. 

    3 hours ago, Gator Hazard said:

    This is how I feel I finish (on left). I know my weight is back but for the life of me can't get it forward. I have been making better contact in general but need to solve this as well as many other pieces I am sure. Going to see if can get one of the guys to record a few  swings for me this weekend and finally start a "my swing" thread. 

     @Gator Hazard - nipping this habit in the bud will go a long way towards solving a lot of other issues, IMO (obviously not saying that's the case with you, but I believe it is for me). After 3 years of working on this on my own, I've finally made a tiny bit of progress this year. But a lot of the time I still feel too much pressure on my trail foot through impact and follow-through. Much of my practice still goes towards getting my weight forward. It's super frustrating.

  17. 4 hours ago, Kalnoky said:

    I think in golf it's better to be good than lucky. 


    On 7/2/2017 at 6:59 PM, dennyjones said:

    Then there are times when the "Golf Gods" just don't like you! (me)

    The golf gods can eat poop and die... well, unless they're immortal as most gods are. In that case, they can just eat poop every day for eternity.

    I guess the only mystery for me is why I can play so poorly one day and so much better the next. When playing poorly, the only "unlucky" bounces I get are the ones off my misaligned club face. :dance:

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