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  1. Used only 10 times on the course! I am a 4 handicap so they are still in GREAT shape! 430 shipped or 415 pick up in California Bay Area. Everything is standard loft and lie. They have black Star Grips and the shafts are KBS TOUR STIFF not the S+ SOLD! P
  2. 80's is around the area i swing if our swing is smooth go with regular if not that go with stiff. If your hooking that badly its probably because its to light of a flex.
  3. I have a cobra amp 3 wood and i love it the colors are all that great but hey if the feel and flight is good i cant complain.
  4. i just had the kbs tour shafts put on my clubs because when i got fitted they did perform better than the old dg's i had on my set, but again that is from personal experience and your should be determined by trying them out yourself. Whats good for me can be the worst for you.
  5. lol this is hilarious its the new "plank" but for golfers
  6. shortening does make it stiffer but not by much. you will also lose distance but gain accuracy like your experiencing because what was said earlier is true most drivers are made to long for most.
  7. 2ndswing works pretty good also i've bought frm bought, but 3balls is probably a little cheaper
  8. yeah i didnt really understand what everything mean't but im sure when i figure out what the abbreviations mean it would make complete sense
  9. i game cobra also and that is what i always hear about my clubs since i play the cobra amp forged iron set. but i still love them to death
  10. the realfeelgolf mats are the real deal i own one and the strip that zeph was talking about works just as good as the full mat at a fractio of the cost. about durability i saw one of the top 10 golf coachs i cant remember his name from flordia say he has had his for 6 years outside without them being ruined.
  11. i have one of the proadvance golf nets and i use it in the house works perfectly fine but we will see how long the net lasts. i've had it for 7 months
  12. this is awesome data! great to see amateurs and pros gives you more insight of what the pros are doing.
  13. definitely worth it i chip a lot and having to bend over and pick up 12 scattered balls is a hassle 15 is worth the possible back problems
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