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  1. I have 19 degree Taylormade 4hyb that I love.
  2. Im the most angry/dissapointed I may have ever been in my golf life. Down at the beach to play golf w some college buddies and I post a 95. I have played off and on for 10+ years, but full time the last 4 years. I practice every single day, ive had lessons, and after a personal best 77 2 years ago Ive gotten worse ad watched my hcp rise to 12. I shoot in the 90s about half the time now it seems. I want to break every club in my bag, then takethe pieces and place them in a fire pit, melt them down into one solid piece and beat myself to death with it. I hate golf. If I wasnt so helplessly
  3. So I've played a few rounds now with the E5 as opposed to the Srixon Q-Star I've played with for a while now. First, these things are longer than the Q-Star. I'm about a half club longer w/ irons. Driving distance IDK because it's been real wet but I have to believe it's further there too. These things definitely spin more around the greens. They stop quicker. This is what I wanted.... I ball that spins for under $30. As for the feel of the things... They are definitely harder. You can take a wedge in your hand and just drop different types of golf balls onto it and listen
  4. Chiping/Pitching distance control. Putting stroke/path on
  5. I guess I should have said for your average golfer. From a design standpoint, I get it for the back tees. But forcing the forward/member tees to shape a ball is asking a lot. But I suppose you don't agree.
  6. I've come across a few holes that even from the member's tees, you almost HAVE to hit a draw or fade, sometimes severe. This is usually due to a narrow shoot through trees within the first 50/100 yards of the ball flight. I loath this. I can shape the ball decently enough in these circumstances at times, but I don't believe forcing weekend golfers to due so is good design.
  7. I would like to have more control and stopping power (gun term applied to golf? lol) with my approaches. I know that tour caliber balls (proV1, etc) provide this, but I want this for affordable, say, under $35 a dozen. What do you guys have that fits this? Currently, I am playing the Bridgestone E5 for this very reason and those sucker will do a little dancin' when you pinch one right.
  8. I have a white RBZ, but I would prefer black, and not matted but shiny black.
  9. I have a borderline unhealthy addiction to this great game, so I figure I'll fit right in here. I look forward to sharing thoughts with y'all.
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