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  1. It will be just over 1000$ with custom stampings and up here in Canada the irons start at 1200$
  2. legit? If not anyone know of other legit sites I can order custom clubs. Looking to get the vapor pro combo but have to get them 2* upright
  3. Mine is on a course out of town that I play once a year. Par 5 around 475 yards. Water on both sides of the fairway and it's open so wind really effects it. The green also has water in front so if you go for it in two you'll likely have 220-230 to the green
  4. I have the amp cells and they are all around good clubs. But like so many have said. Getting fit helped me shave off at least 3-4 strokes
  5. First round with the sldr s driver. Had a 350 yard drive on hole 10. Yes it was down wind with about a two club wind. (Lasered from ball back to the group on the tee)
  6. Still rock yellow z star xv. Have a mix of old and new. Still not sure which I like more
  7. 1. Louis ck 2.bill burr 3.russell peters 4.george carlin 5. K hart 6. Dave Chappell 7. John caparulo
  8. Nike covert x stiff driver along with a pre order for a vokey sm5 60.07 s grind and three dozen lethals. This will be my first season where I will not purchase any clubs!
  9. agreed. Just finished the first season, a nice change up from the usual. It's funny and interesting
  10. Loved the chrome + but at 40$ a box, too expensive. Use to love srixOn z star xv but just switched to tmade lethal. On sale for 30$ just picked up 4 dozen. Should last me a couple rounds
  11. The only times I ever noticed my carry was once two years ago at a good course it was a short par 4 276 yards and I carried it to the front of the green. Whether their yardage was right I don't know but I would say it was close as it's a reputable course. And the other time was this year it said 301 to carry a creek across the fairway. I would say it was maybe 20 yards downhill and I carried it by maybe 10 yards. Swung my hardest and hit the best drive of my life.
  12. Check that. Just ordered a vokey sm5 60.07 s grind gold nickel! Sorta freaked.. Never spent that much on a wedge
  13. Hust got a new driver and planning on getting a new LW D- nike covert x-stiff 3wood- cobra amp Hybrid set to 18*- cobra amp cell Irons- cobra amp cell Sw- vokey spin mill 56 with a dg spinner Lw- soon to be sm5 Putter- YES! White blade putter ( can't remember name) Bag-cobra sport cart bag Balls- tmade lethal
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