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  1. I still plays mine ... I just can't let them out of my bag :) Quote: If you are a god ball-striker I guess you can play it. It also comes down to your stance etc. I tried mine at more modern stats but I went back to standard pretty fast again. It just felt better to me. I don't care about if I miss some length. If you are used to modern specs it might take some time to get used to hitting a 7-iron as a modern 8 or 9-iron :) /znow
  2. Hi! I just went back to my FG-17 set (j1-SW) + Wilson Staff Tour Block II Woods (1,3,4,5) Had them regripped and fixed today and NOTHING can compare to the feel of these irons. Not even the new re-issues like FG-59. I also picked up 200 Wilson Tx4 balls to get the true feel of the 80's :) I really don't really care if I loose some length. This how golf is supposed to be played :) /Znow