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  1. S55 irons

    Almost pulled the trigger on selling my amp cells and buying these but held off. Will this winter
  2. S55 irons

    How are they on off center hits. I'm a solid ball striker buty miss is hitting thin. I don't get out to try clubs that often
  3. S55 irons

    Am sorta looking into possibly buying these bad boys. Wondering if any of you game these? If so what you think of em
  4. I don't own them but have hit the apex pros a couple different time and all I can say are they are amazing
  5. I'm thinking of going to s55 from amp cells. You're convincing me that it will bring more excitement to the game.
  6. Favorite TV Show(s)

    Ya pretty much the same old. But hey it's still great.
  7. Golf is a dying. How to make it more popular!

    You know what. I think you just have to make everything more affordable. I have friends who quit playing because they are put off by paying 50 bucks
  8. Do you have to be good to use lasers?

    I recently got a v3 and first round with it I loved it . And my dad shot his best game in maybe 5 years. It's pricy but I would totally recommend it
  9. What's In Your Bag?

    Driver: Nike covert x stiff 8.5*with red pure pro 3wood: cobra amp stiff 15*with purple ndmc Hybrid:cobra amp cell orange stiff(need heavier shaft) Irons: 4-gw cobra amp cell Sw: titleist vokey spin milled 56 dg spinner Lw: titleist sm5 a grind 60.07 with pure pro pink Putter: white yes! Bella 12 with super stroke Balls: chrome+ yellow, tmade lethals Glove: tmade r11 Bag: blue sun mountain four.5 Bushnell tour v3
  10. Club face

    Ok boys and girls. I only slice with my driver and sometimes my 3 wood. If I hit my 3 wood from the deck it's perfectly straight and long. Iv played two rounds this year and I have about a 5 yard draw with my pw-7 and hit my 6-4 straight. I know it must be cause of me opening the club face but just wondering if their are any tips for getting the club face back at impact for just the driver? Thanks!