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  1. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Maybe it is designed this way so I need to purchase the Hickory or Golden Whip :)
  3. Looking to purchase a padded mat to hit balls off and and work on my swing on my deck. Any suggestions on a quality padded mat?
  4. I have been working with my Orange Whip for the past week or so and I have hit my driver today like never before. I could not get the ball to slice if I wanted to, and my distance was great. The curse, I could not hit a iron to save my life and I am serious when I say not one iron shot over 100 yards. I have no idea what the heck is going on.
  5. My wife owns a group fitness studio and I have been thinking about setting up an indoor hitting area. The room is full of mirrors, so I think it could work great. I would need something that could be setup quickly and removed, but I also need to capture the balls as if I shank and break a mirror, I am a dead man :) Any ideas or suggestions on portable nets? I know I could setup a whole room net, but that won't work. Also any suggestions on a good surface mat to hit off of, would be helpful.
  6. Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions. I am a little far from Princeton or NJ for regular lessons.
  7. I am located in Carroll County, MD. After a 15 year break from golf, time to start back. I just can't find my swing again :) Any suggestion on instructors/lessons in MD? I travel all over MD for work, so location is not that important.
  8. Question regarding full swing when using the OW Trainer. I am right handed and keep my left foot planted on my backswing. I know some teach say to lift the back left heel, but I think I stay anchored better with it planted. I noticed on most videos the left foot/heel being lifted and wondering if I should keep mine planted on lift during drills?
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