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  1. Yep, Dumb! No fans at events, this should be on TV, not streaming on some PPV or subscription.
  2. I was always taught to wait for other players to finish the hole. Common courtesy as well. But now, walking off early may be more prevalant during this Covid era.
  3. Seems like he hates golf. Used to like him a lot earlier in his career, now, not at all...🤔
  4. I think the tour also serves as an inspiration to us older mid-handicappers that we can still play and enjoy the game.
  5. I often "replay" holes in my mind at night to help put me two sleep. seems to work. I usually can "replay" 4 or 5 holes, then I'm out....
  6. Hello folks! I have an old SkyCaddie SG3.5 (still working). SkyGolf is offering a trade-in upgrade with other loyalty discounts on the new SX500 for $250. I searched for SX500 in threads, but could not find anything. The SG3.5 is pretty clunky to use and screen is much smaller. The SX500 appears to be more user friendly with much larger screen. Anyone have thoughts on this newer model? Thank you!
  7. kamaaina1


  8. I took my driver out of the bag, and immediately save 6-7 shots. I was just using my 5 metal with a goal of hitting fairways. Just received my Cobra Bio 3 metal. Can't wait to give it a try! Good luck!
  9. Hello gang, Is it time to update my Ping Anser 2 putter? It's an 90's era putter with no grooves/inserts. I like the simplicity of the blade style, and just wondering if it's time for grooved/inserts, Ping, of course. Thanks for the input!
  10. kamaaina1


    My son and I like to go riding from time to time. Sons KLX-110 My KLX-125 Love to 4 Wheel'in more!
  11. Hand-in-Hand... A couple spread out over a round is not bad. Any more than that, my game goes to $h!+. Can't wait for the 19th. Puka! Suck'um up Brudda!
  12. Usually a SW, but I like to use a 7 iron for "bump-n-run" situations.
  13. kamaaina1

    New Equipment

    Are you saying that better equipment won't , in no way, improve your game? Just asking...
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