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  1. What's In Your Bag?

    Bag - Ping Driver - Cobra Speed Pro S w/ Diamana Stiff 3 Wood - looking for something Hybrid - Hogan CFT 4H (steel #4 shaft) Irons - Hogan Apex Edge 4-E ( Steel #4 shaft) Putter - Ping Zing 2 (but in the market for something else) Ball - Noodle Soft
  2. Bought some Hogan Edge irons!

    Thanks for the response. I actually was able to find a set of Apex Edges today at the local Play it Again. Will post some pics on the forum tomorrow.
  3. Bought some Hogan Edge irons!

    Just a question for you guys that are more familiar with Hogans. I played with a buddy's Hogan Apex Edge irons and really hit them well. I also loved the feel compared to my gigantic SQ Machspeeds....lol. I found a set of Apex Plus irons locally for $75.00. They are in 8-9/10 condition. Considering that I hit the Apex Edges very well, will it be a huge learning curve trying to hit the Plus addition? Unfortunately, I don't have an opportunity to try before buy.