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  1. he said x 20 tour and those come with project x flighted, the project x flighted have different kick points thorough out the set, low kick point in the long irons for higher ball flight, same kick point in the mid irons as the normal px, and higher kick point than the normal px in the short irons for lower launch. The main complaint about project x is that many people they feel boardy due to the stiff tip, many people go down .5 and are very pleased with the feel. They are a mid/high launch lower spin shaft, this makes them preform very well into the wind. They preform best for people who tend
  2. Really, because there is a sophomore in high school at my club who is a +3.4, and a sophomore in college who is a +4.0, but both are expected to go pro.
  3. many people with project x complain about them being boardy so my vote is to get some 6.0's and see how they work out.
  4. I think you should try sticking with that shaft for a while. Get some lessons and see how it goes, if that doesn't work try out graphite design ysq or pershing , their shafts are smooth and mid launch with fairly low spin.
  5. i am looking to buy the new vokey's in 54 and 58 lofts but i dont know what bounce to get. I take fairly big divots and but they are long skinny and after the ball(most of the time as my miss is fat)I am looking to use the 54 around the green and for long bunker shots(sand is med/soft). And I am looking to use the 58 short sided from bunkers, around the green, And from hardpan. basically i need them to be versatile but not to dig. Any help is appreciated
  6. haha im fairly similar 7.5 index and have 90 rounds posted this year and thousands of hours at the range. Only difference is the best kid is a +3.2 handicap and the top 3 are all below scratch, ive got work to do if i want to play varsity next year.
  7. i like anthony kim alot he is so confident in himself and his game. But i was watching him the other day and he hits an okay shot and says "you suck at golf" to himself. He is confident but always striving for perfection. And he's so little and hits the ball a mile but overall i like his swing and temperament.
  8. i have hit both the redwoods and the black series i liked the black i 9 it was my second choice redwood with the third but i also tried the mizuno bettinardi and it was my favorite but dont buy something just because someone else tells you to. Putters are the most personal club in your bag so just roll a few with some putters and buy what you like, i was expecting to buy a scotty but the i liked the mizuno more.hope this helps.
  9. my dream set Ping rapture v2 9* aldila vs proto 60-s Titleist 909 f2 15.5* aldila dvs 70-s Titleist 909 h 17* aldila dvs 80-s Scratch ar1 3-6 sb1 7-pw kbs tour 5.5 Scratch custom 54* 58* Titleist newport 2 buttonback 33" 360g
  10. forgiveness x 20 tour tour preferred mp57 workability tour preferred mp 57 x20 tour over all i would go with the tour preferred because ov the compact head good forgivness
  11. country club at castle pines(in the same neighborhood as they course used to play the international at) black-7395 gold-6967 only two i know of the top of my head
  12. i have had an oil can 56 since the beginning of the season and the grooves are done. it is still a great wedge with great feel but it doesn't spin,but i do practice four at least a couple hours everyday during the summer and i have played 80 rounds this year. so i guess my answer is it depends on how much you play.
  13. id say a well struck long iron i love the low rising trajectory.
  14. 6 over going into the 18th hole par 72 double the last hole. still havent broken 80
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