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  1. Makes perfect sense .. Thanks for the replies
  2. Ok.. Watched this video 5 times .. And honestly this 5 sk system can apply to any and all golf methods .. If you follow a method correctly. , work at it .. And grind it out . Than you will hit all the guidelines and prerequisites in the video . I agree with it , not sure if it is the best video I ever watched ..but that is just my opinion . I'm close to hitting all of the requirements , but again I'm using different drills and a totally different system . So my question ? Does this pertain to every method ,? If yes, than any method could really put their name on this video .. Just my takes .. But a nice watch during these cold winter nights we had. .. Laterz
  3. He looks great..just to with it. Don't worry about the look, just worry about ball flight. Makes life much easier,
  4. Something about weight left does work..comeaux in his videos showed me that. I tried and it worked and steadied my head...never knew in a million years that I would add elements of stack in tilt in my swing... But now my low point is so far forward...I love it..great crisp contact..no more stuck and hope I don't flip at the bottom. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.. Good stufff That weight left steadies the upper torso and head..still a lot of grooving to do, but I will use that this season, [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/GWdFWDAVmc4 [/VIDEO] His students swing looks kinda goofy..but the weight left steadies the whole ship..
  5. Being completely honest here,,I bought the five sk video..and that steady head is very true. I filmed yesterday, and was missing slightly left...reviewed and saw head was shifting back... I went back out, kept this thought of a "steadier head" and blammo.. I was back to sole smashing it straight again.. Little things like that really fix so many more issues in our swings. That steady head is a by product of other good traits, but when I stay steady..good things happen
  6. Watch super shut face at the top..besides that..I think you are absolutely nailing it. One heck of a turn around, I give you props so many of us would stick things thru like you do. Great dedication
  7. Makes a lot of sense.. I have 33 years now of reprogramming . When I learned golf, I was told to flip hands over to release the club... Teacher had no cameras, brought a chalk board to the lesson and would try and draw a stick figure of what I was doing as a junior ( true story). A excellent teacher though.. Times have changed..I'm trying to get out of the hogan complex..but all I know as of now.
  8. I so have to go to a track man facility...and see these new ball flight laws in person. I just hate to travel 2 hours north or west to get there to just hit a ball in a net. My ball flight laws are my own personal ball flight..but would love to learn more on this.. Time to research this on the net Interesting
  9. [URL=http://s1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii547/cpeterich/?action=view¤t;=moral-dont-drive-a-golf-cart-like-a-supercar.gif][IMG]http://i1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii547/cpeterich/th_moral-dont-drive-a-golf-cart-like-a-supercar.gif[/IMG][/URL]I've never seen a really good player set it square or closed at address," So debatable.,,tommy bolt/chi chi Rodriquez/ Trevor dodds and Sam Snead ( to an extent) ..all had slightly closed face bias. Martin Chuck will have students setup with a super closed club face, and do all they can to not hook it off the map... A slotting drill he has . So no. Slightly open isn't the only way. But if it worked..than go for it
  10. So much bias in the world.. He should be proud of who he is... The rally's in the United States for gay equal rights are growing. Numbers of people who are showing their support is overwhelming. Discrimination or bias will not be tolerated.. Numbers are strong and growing Good for him Good for him
  11. This book is uber good..,uber,,uber,,,,uber,,,uber,,, yea baby,,,yes [URL=http://s1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii547/cpeterich/?action=view¤t;=1lMJa.gif][IMG]http://i1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii547/cpeterich/th_1lMJa.gif[/IMG][/URL]
  12. I'm impressed..great great great video Mvmac...makes me look outside of the hogan box. I did email christo a while back..and questioned why a twirl open/ twirl close swing.. Says it is for power. I do disagree with some issues in his video. I will try and keep this post easy to understand, I do go overboard Anyway, how I see it ..how we start is how we should continue. So if I palmar flexion in transition, what is to say I can't do this for the whole swing..alla Dustin Johnson. He looks like he is closing the face for the whole swing. Would eliminate excess manipulation, and would only focus on 1 motion not too.. Which is a term I heard " whatever you start with you end with,,," I think Palmar flexion ( closing ,face) would be easier than opening face on way down
  13. beautiful///now you guys are getting it... getting it now. im so glad im moving to erie..
  14. [URL=http://[URL=http://s1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii547/cpeterich/?action=view&current;=Carve_Smash_Combo_Strokes.gif] [/URL]][URL=http://s1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii547/cpeterich/?action=view&current;=Carve_Smash_Combo_Strokes.gif] This was me a few weeks ago,,hitting off of a building illegally. ... All golf, all it ever was..5 keys of golf into one. ( have video) ..not bad, kept my interest. Hoganesque roll
  15. [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/gnuMG_kABVU [/VIDEO] [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/nTSGdERVVeg [/VIDEO] Abdu..I'm not the best with words, this video says it all. Carry on Ernest..nice job. I found a great teacher out of Sri Lanka..he has it all for me, with online lessons. Chow
  16. Will try and explain,,as best as I can.. So we have three things IN GOLF to deal with that move or are going to move. BALL CLUB PERSON. Its just as simple as that for being very clear on what are the three Components of The Golf game. The rules are that they dont have to all sink up in order to make the game easy or you improving. There is no best design club nor ball for playing great everday. There is no optimum height either low or high for getting the ball close or away from where your having to go and that is the CUP. You will be called upon during every round to produce some way to get from here to there because only you put you in that spot. What puts you in bad spots is always because you were trying to mechanically control the ball and club and what you thought would do this in fact did that and at that point that becomes an issue because what you thought didnt work so you simply think I have no clue how to do what I thought. Well on the BALL AND THE CLUB AND YOUR PERSON points of your and everyones interest will have to be the SOUTH POLE OR BOTTOM FOLLOWED BY A MIDLINE OE EQUATOR THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THINGS FOLLOWED BY THE TOP AND THEN THERE IS FRONT AND BACK. Those are the order of IMPORTANCE SIMPLY because the further down the list you believe starting at the ball the most important aspect of controlling your score through the ball will always translate up for reason of all three must focus on the same orientation for reasons of it so easy when you do. The Hardest point is the SOUTH POLE so with that said maybe starting out your place is elsewhere therefore you work to get to the SOUTH POLE that how you start improving BUT on your way there there are times even a SOUTH POLE GUY just needs lets say to move the back or move the front or CHOP AT THE EQUATOR or TUMBLE THE NORTH POLE for reasons of I BET YOUR NOT IN THE FAIRWAY OR MISSED THE GREEN AND THATS WHEN THOSE COME INTO PLAY. ANY THOUGHTS OR FEEL PAST YOUR TWO HANDS TWO FEET AND HEAD are a waste of time and on your best days it becomes just Set your head up relative to the south pole and go. SPEAKING ONLY AS A SOUTH POLE DOMINATE CONTROLLER OF THE BALL MY TOOL AND MYSELF. ALSO WE ARE A MOVING INVERTED PENDULUM FROM SECTION TO SECTION THAT IS STILL ALL CONNECTED SOMEWAY SOME HOW.... YOU HAVE TO EXPECT YOUR SOFT TISSUE TO PERFORM HOW IT SHOULD AS WELL AS THE SOLID TISSUE. We are a continuous tension system with brief moments of compression we dont have to worry about creating forces or expelling forces we just do. Solid is A PERSONAL THING AND IMPLIES A LOT OF WAYS WE ALSO NEED NOT SOLID AND THIN AND CHUNKY AT CERTAIN TIMES FOR KILLING THE ENERGY INTO THE BALL BECAUSE CONDITIONS ARE VERY FIRM VERY FAST OR JUST FAST GREENS WITH SOFT FLOOR. Golf is about understanding how to USE THE LOFT AND ADDING OR SUBTRACTING IT IS A FUNCTION OF WHAT REGION OF THE BALL YOUR TRYING TO APPLY AND CONTROL THAT WITH. I understand as well that we can simply not care and just whack it well I just simply dont care alot and know i am whacking the south pole because I have taught myself how to use and apply it to all three things in the game. The small bones of hands and feet and this is the only body stuff ill speak of allow for your state of FUNCTION TO BE GOOD GREAT OR BAD. FROM DAY TO DAY WE WILL VARY IN HOW THEY WILL OPERATE AND OR HOW THEY INTERACT WITH WHAT WE SEE OUTSIDE OF US. Your job is to be aware that they create FUNCTION AND MOVEMENT AND STABILITY BUT ARE CONNECTED TO ALL OF YOU AND BETWEEN THOSE FAR POINTS IS A HEAD MOUNTED ON TOP SO THERE'S FIVE AREAS THAT ARE ALWAYS DOING THE WORK AND EFFORT. Human movement is just about those points or places all the other stuff is just stuff and its all connected to the outer LIMBS AS YOUR HEAD IS A LIMB THAT IF BREAKS YOUR DEAD SO TREAT IT AS SUCH AND WITH RESPECT AND IF IT MOVES IT MOVES WHO CARES THE WAY YOU THINK AT THAT MOMENT MAY DICTATE THAT. The Divot on the ground or the spot on the face is all you have to understand why or how to make all things work together. Sweet spots and CG's and BALANCED whatever are STATIC NON MOVING THINGS. EVERYTHING IN MOTION THINGS SHIFT AND MOVE AROUND AND DO NOT HAVE TO BE CENTERED OR PIVOTAL OR PREDICTABLE IN ORDER FOR THAT MASS IN MOTION TO WORK BEST SO UNBALANCED THING PERFORM JUST AS WELL AS BALANCE THING. Think balance is key sucks you right back into thinking your doing something wrong and that sucks you right back into you just made Golf hard again and you stop moving period and start flinching and stalling and sticking. YOU CAN MOVE THE BALL YOU AND CLUB FROM ANY ANGLE TO ANY ANGLE THROUGH AT ANY ANGLE AND IF YOUR DIVOT POINTS OR EXPLAINS WHY YOUR BALL LEFT THAT WAY AND WENT THAT WAY OR DIDN"T GO THAT WAY THEN YOU KNOW HOW IT WENT WRONG OR RIGHT. ALL A BALLS DISTANCE COMES FROM A COLLISION AND SWEEPING IS A COLLISION WITH HIGH AMOUNTS OF SPIN or HIGH AMOUNTS OF LOW IN THE FACE AND THE BALL WILL NOT RISE BUT IT WILL TRAVEL FORWARD.. Its only a screw up if you did not intend to do that no matter what you do. SO UNDERSTANDING HOW TO MOVE THE ROUND BALL FROM HERE TO THERE BASED ON WHATS IT USING FOR TRACTION WE KNOW WHAT THE PROPULSION IS COMING FROM IS HOW YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE GAME DOWN. In flight its the AIR AND IF THE AIR IS MOVING AND WHAT DIRECTION and for some what density or non density do I play in. EVERYTHING IS A MANIPULATION BASED ON SIZE AND SCALE OF THE MANIPULATION REQUIRED IN YOUR WORLD OF HOW TO DO IT. Now you will all learn and find some new cool way to hit this shot or do this or do that. THE COOLNESS OF A SHOT STILL COUNTS AS ONE AND THE NON COOLNESS OF A SHOT COUNTS AS ONE AND IF THEY BOTH GO IN WHICH ONE IS MENTALLY EASIER TO DO WHEN IT COUNTS COOL COMES WHEN YOU HAVE TO RECOVER OR OVERCOME A BAD ANGLE. Just pay attention on the course and you learn when MORE MANIPULATION IS REQUIRED AND WHEN LESS MANIPULATION IS REQUIRED. I will stick with little curves and balls falling one way or another I BIG CURVE IT WHEN IM NOT IN FAIRWAY PERIOD OR IF TEE SHOT DEMANDS IT OTHER THEN THAT I DON"T RISK A BAD SCORE FOR THINKING I MUST CURVE IT NOR DO I THINK CURVING IT GUARANTEES A GREAT SCORE again the AIR HAS A LOT TO SAY AND DO WITH WHAT YOU DO ITS WITH OR AGAINST YOU PLAYING WELL. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR HANDS TO GET THE BALL WHERE YOU TOTALLY BELIEVE YOU NEED TO GET IT AND its about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION for IMPROVEMENT AND PLAYING AT A HIGH LEVEL. HOW FAR IS JUST HOW FAR YOU CAN RELOCATE THE BALL AND YES SOME DO IT FARTHER THEN OTHERS BUT THE BEST RELOCATE IT BETTER REGARDLESS OF THEIR ABILITIES TO MOVE IT FAR PERIOD END OF STORY. DOING A TASK FOR HARDER LEADS TO AT SOME POINT YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF AND YOU TOTALLY LOST YOUR ABILITY TO PERFORM WELL YOUR EVERY THOUGHT IS ABOUT DISTANCE and that I cannot help one with and do not care to because your body can do it all and not very thing or cell in you is designed for power or stretch so your nerve cells gets chewed to bits on a laymen s term level and lots of other things with that focus and or intent. Your gray matter can handle BALL CONTROL AND SCORE CONTROL UNREAL WELL AND GIVE YOU THE ABILITY TO MOVE THAT CONTROL A LITTLE FARTHER IF NEEDED BUT IT SOMETIMES LAYING BACK IN ORDER TO SUCCEED AND GIVE OUR SELF OUR BEST ROUND THAT DAY OR THAT SHOT AT THAT MOMENT POSSIBLE. So control leads to less movement simply because your not having to whind up for length and length leads to you having to move to accomplish it either more or faster. so shifts of things are relative to the dynamics f how hard you think you need to move the ball goes straight into how you think you need to move the club in order to do it. Thats what TEMPO IS or thinking out a shot to be played whats needed from these 5 points to be successful to do this right now. That wont ever change all 5 points will on every shot have to sort it out and one day you will just walk up and stand there and apply the answer with these 5 areas doing it as 1. What people see is there issue not your and don't feel the need to explain it. They work of of some totally different IDEA OR BOOK OR WHO KNOWS WHAT and WHO CARES. No matter if we push or pull or swing or hit THE MUSCLES AND BONES WORK HOW THEY WORK ON LINES OF PULL OR LINES OF MOVEMENT SO EXPECT THEM TO DO THAT AND IF YOU WANT TO THINK PUSH PULL TUG OR WHATEVER THAT'S YOUR CHOICE OR THINK NADA ITS A BETTER CHOICE AND YOU WILL LEARN WHERE THE RESISTANCE IS IN THINGS BY NOT TRYING TO CREATE A FEEL OR LEVERAGE OR LOAD. FLEX THE GRIP THE SHAFT FLEXES HENCE THE HEAD FLEXES THATS HOW THAT THING STACKS OUT you can FLEX THE MIDDLE YES or just MOVE THE HEAD on some path or track you see fit they all produce a great shot no one is better then the other. The Kick in a shaft has been and will always be after the ball has left for on and its unpredictable for two and your hand or hands can do what the same thing the shaft is trying to do anyways, If you workout and lift lots of weight they you realized how much load your hands and arms can do with a weight bar flexing against them with dead weights on the ends put it on your torso and see how long it can take that kinda stress or load its the same thing as wanting your body to flex anything or whip or pivot it . AGAIN Golf is easy if you train it to be played that way. Ball location trumps everything Im just lucky I can relocate mine any distance needed as relates to a Golf hole there not all 600 yard holes and if they were i still have three shots to get it there getting there early has no advantage other then it can backfire on you.
  17. I have been an rampage..seeking all austinology I can find. I have been in contact with a pro from Sri Lanka that knew mike..and mike told him the secret,,,,here is my findings Im a big fan of Mr. Austin and for his time he was correct. Now Imagine a swing where we stretch first then from impact through we coil up. What Mr. Austin did not know are the way in which we use the body due to New medical findings in the 80s and 90s. Now I keep my feet and calfs loaded the calfs LOAD THE HIP SOCKET. Now I dont feel a remendous amount of load on either one I do feel tremendous load in my Calfs. The reason is like I described the Pelvis it Torques front to back and twist if you will. Where ever the moving hands and arms are is where the weight is so they are in motion therefore the weight is always moving. This is a concept far beyond Mr. Austins however if it were not for Mr. Austin opening our eyes to the posabilities then I would have never gotten here. ID for a reason in that think past what many many many GREAT TEACHERS gave us a great foundation to start from and think like this. HOW CAN WE IMPROVE ON THIS. That is the thinking you need to have. It all can be improved on it must. Also I stated that the buttocks cheeks FOLLOW or move in time with the BACK OF ELBOWS Automatically. In the past I have said our round muscle on the bottom is in fact the CG control center. Hence CENTER and it is round. I bring all my BALANCE MOTION AND MASS INTO THAT CENTER AND LEAVE IT THERE I learned that gathering the 3 in one spot and holding them allowed me to relax in all other areas therefore have total ability to be aware of when and where to FIRE into a COIL on the other side of the DIVOT and Motion.Also showed the one and only line we must worry about and that sits between the TOE LINE AND TARGET LINE if you stay balanced to that then you will learnt that it is the sum of the two divided by their halfs that gives you that location. NOWBEND THAT LINE IN AN ARC. TRACK UP AND THE LINESITS DEAD UNDER THE ELBOWS EVERYTIME. AS FOR POSTURE I FIND ONE THAT WILL NOT LOAD MY HIPS ONLY MY FEET AND HANDS AND BEING DISCONNECTED FROM THE START ALLOWS ME TO GET CONNECTED AT SOME POINT AND EITHER STAY THERE OR EXTEND FROM THERE. MOST PEOPLE GET CONNECTED ONLY TO GET UNCONNECTED COMING BACK ITS THE EQUAL AND OPPOSITE. AGAIN I WATCHED MOE A LOT AND ASKED WHY SO DISCONNECTED THEN EVERYONE ELSE. THEN I GOT IT HOW CAN AN ELBOW DROP IN IF ITS ALREADY IN. IM NOT SAYING IT HAS TOO BUT AT THE TIME THAT WAS THE POPULAR THINKING. MOE GOT OUTSIDE THE BOX AND THOUGH MORE LOGICAL THEN MOST. So I went from loading a hip joint to loading my right shoulders joint and unload. Two things it did 1 it fired energy into the head and shaft and two there is no chance of me getting hurt and no weight shift required in the lower body only turn and fire my feet always feel 50/50 my weight feels leaning forward over my lower pelvisnot upper. so i was now out over the divot and strike and not angled back and to the right like i used too. Staying out and over vs. back and behind is a great topic and one in golf often spoke of BUT they cannot get there by LOADING the right leg or hip to the right of the ball MINE TRAVELS TO THE CENTER OF THE BALL keeps my out and over and pins me more centered and often times feels very LEFT becuase the right leg is moving or going left to my cente. Know my cheeks are the ones controling that and the round muscle as well it can hold me there very well and move me in the opposite direction the arms and hands are firing past medown and through the ball. best way i can put it again when we walk we always stretch the round muscle on the back bottom of us its getting pulled in two directions at once and if you stop and understand it it is our true CENTER and for a reason. It connects to so many great muscles and big ones you cannot imagine. So the term playing out our rear is not a joke if you take the time to simply try and understand how we can apply it to what we are doing. Where and how it points sets the AXIS and it must MOVE and not be still anoother key you will find. if it fires then guess what other things have to fire if it just moves from side to side then we can fire the hands and arms very fast and without losing control of ourselves. I said Ted Williams said the key to hitting was speed and he was right.. I found how and where the speed can come from...Again that was me at most it was 40 percent thats all anyone realy needs its BALANCED at 50 percent and less any harder and things go in every direction. This is what he relayed to me after I translated his text from his native tongue to English.,hope it helps Swing on my friends..swing on
  18. You are getting the "hogan roll" ..I knew you could do it, looks so good now, Roll on brother,,roll on
  19. I would personally think having the club shaft more even with the right arm at hip height would be optimal. Would really get you to pivot The position many refer to as the "hogan roll" .. "BTRA" .."the holy grail of golf" .. The abs John Erickson../ Brad Hughes.. Martin Ayers golden move The above position by jet fan is good..but looks like he lost some leverage..and is going more out at the ball. I believe in more leverage and activating the pivot to square the face. Where it appears your guys method is less pivot.. .. The position that jet fan is at hip height is what I hit as well..but according to the system I learned, it wasn't preferred..or optional. It does seem that the jet fan hip height would be easier to obtain,, My guy like to have that club lay even with the right forearm,,not above. (Add) also looks like advocating a straight right leg on the backswing..not bent.. Interesting..lots of ways to do this
  20. Try this..never know.. Everything sticks to your hands when your done playing golf for the day.,.which stinks Love the ad wizards that came up with this one.. Or above post good too :-P
  21. I have the ipad air..and an ipad 4. The wifi signal is so much stronger on the air..but picture quality is the same on both. I like the thin look..and the air runs smoother..IMO. When I put the 2 together..the 4 looks so clunky. Rumor has it an ipad 6 will be out this spring..I can't freaking keep up with apple. They are already making it sound like the "6 version" will be the ultimate. Increased retina screen and larger screen size..no add on ports..new processor. I think the air will be it for me....have ipad 1 thru air at home. Same Apple ID..always got a kick when I heard the email alarm go off on 3 units at the same time,,.. Unfortunately No 240 fps...but coaches eye does look smoother on the air,,and face time looks better on the new updated front camera. For the money..the 3 rd generation was the biggest upgrade by far.. Alrighty...back to apple forums..I love all the leaks and rumors,, I would honestly quit golf if I could get my hands on that new intel/labtop tablet coming out. That will be the front runner...IMO
  22. Good thread, I have too much lag,,went back for another one on one lesson. Was told we are going to work on a wide to wide thought base.. Go see a local pro..I heard golf tec isn't bad either..in person is really the way to go if u can. Guys on here good too..just so hard to get the camera set right.. Too cold now for me to mess with it
  23. Next gen ipad..reported to have this,,and better retina screen. Can't wait
  24. All about impact..and 12 inches past impact... Study some Bradley Hughes.. His philosophy and lag pressure philosophy..a million backswings have won tournaments all around the world. But only one pre impact and post impact position is universal. Work on impact..pull back with right hand..and left hand squares the face. Close / open/close/ open.. And worry about fascia...and 2 nd vertebrae..
  25. Put shaft in ground on target line..swing to the right of the shaft,,or stick alignment stick in the ground and swing to the right of it, Palmar flexion on way down,,watch faces sky feel..a no flip release..all the way to the follow thru, Recommend gerry hogan book,and his teachings,,see gerry
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