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  1. Everyone has their signature move. Whether or not its a 300 yard drive or just sinking a five footer to save par, everyone has a signature move. For Tiger its the fist pump. For Don Donatello (Big Break Mesquite) its "BOOYAH!." For me...well I haven't created one yet. But what is yours...?
  2. We all know Rocco Mediate put up, what will probably be, the tournament of his life. Obviously he will remember it when he leaves the PGA tour in five years. I'm here to ask you if you believe Rocco will ever play as good as he did the last five days on the Champions Tour... Let alone the PGA Tour. Check out this website- http://devilwearsnada.com
  3. 1.Cleveland Hibore 2.Cleveland Halo 3.Cleveland Hibore XLS 4.King Cobra Baffler 5.Nike SUMO 6.Taylormade Rescue 7.Taylormade Burner 8.Wilson Staff Series 9.Ping G10 10.Any Titleist Hybrid
  4. The Cleveland HiBore woods are great. Im getting the cleveland halo for my bday.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has tried this ball and if so, explain the pros and cons.
  6. Highlight shot of the week- Hit my drive behind a Pine tree in the left fairway with about 150 yrds to the pin that was slightly uphill. I barely hit the 4 iron(only 13 yrs old) that had a good draw and landed about 10 ft from the pin. 2 putted for par.
  7. I have read both Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine. In my opinion GOLF Mag. is better
  8. i usually chip with just a SW or GW sometimes i use a 7 or 8 iron on the chip and runs
  9. Driver-Cleveland Hi-Bore 11.5* 3 Wood-Cleveland Hi-Bore 15* 7 Wood-Wilson HyperDrive 4-SW-Cobra FP GW-Cleveland CG11 Putter-Yes! Sophia
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