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  1. WildTurkey

    The Score Caddy

    I do have one. Have not used it or carried it in years though. Better than air counting like my partner does .
  2. I assume by "Place a ball in the hole" you mean the hole in the yard stick that is used to hang it up on your work bench. This would be to practice starting the ball on line. No pushes or pulls.
  3. So reading through the 65/20/15 Practice Ratios: Where to Devote Your Practice Time thread in Swing Thoughts, I thought it might be a good idea to list some quality practice drills. For instance, I actually combine some short game and putting drills by taking 3-5 balls and chip or pitch to a green, and then go to green and make the putts. This is random practice and I go through my pre-shot routine for each shot. I am looking to basically get up and down. Much better than bagging away with a bucket of balls into a practice green where you get so many balls up there that it becomes a ping pong fest and you never see the true result of your shot. Another drill I do on the putting green is a dime drill. Basically here I take 3 balls and start with a 6-8 foot up hill putt and then again in the 20 foot range. I then make my read and place the dime on the line about 24 inches in front of the ball. The idea is to have the ball roll over the dime > I started it on my line. Now I am working on starting the ball on the line of read first and pace second and read third. If my read is wrong based on the result of the 3 putts I will move the dime and begin again. Once I have worked the up hill putts, I then move to a right to left break putt, then left to right and finally down hill. Does anyone have some quality full swing practice drills that they care to share? I need to plug a leak in my game regarding iron accuracy to the green as I only seem to get 4-5 GIR per round.
  4. WildTurkey

    How to hit Sand/Bunker Shots

    I open the club face, align it to the target, then set my feet open. I also focus on a spot an inch or 2 behind the ball. Weight is on forward leg and stays there. Club shaft nuetral. Pops out the ball out.
  5. WildTurkey


  6. WildTurkey

    Groove Sharpening

    Ugh....this again. Just pony up for new wedges already
  7. MGN, I switched over to spikeless at the beginning of last season last April here in Wisconsin. I picked up a pair of Skechers for less than $75.00 at Golf Smith. These are the first Skechers I have ever purchased so I was worried about the brand despite Mr Kuchar's endorsement. They are a great style being bright blue and grey. Sure beat the white saddle shoe look that is so common. I was worried that I would have issues with slipping on wet grass or steep inclines. I have found that these worries were much ado about nothing. They have great traction. I was also worried that they would not hold up as I walk almost every round I play. They are still comfortable and I have no plans to replace them going into this season. A clear advantage is being able to drive home in them. I did that a couple of times without even realizing it. While I never wore them to the course, you could. Great shoe!
  8. WildTurkey

    Hank Haney questions Bernhard Langer's Putting

    I think Bernard would be wise to just use a conventional lenght putter to remove all doubt and question. However, the USGA is standing behind him that he is not breaking the rules.
  9. WildTurkey

    Grip question… +1/8" in all clubs?

    All of mine are 3/16 larger. I replaced my irons first after being fit for larger grips than standard. The next year hybrids, the next wedges an putter. last year was a driver. The fitter recommended same size each time. It does feel better now.
  10. WildTurkey

    "The Art of the Short Game" by Stan Utley

    Well I have adopted the technique. I would say there is a "getting to know you " period that I went through. I have made it my own as I also follow Seickman's instructions. I have blended the two to something that feels right. Putts per round are down as I am hitting it closer . Also unexpectedly keeping the face at the ball through the swing has helped full swing dispersion. Crazy I know. Utley you are the man.
  11. WildTurkey

    2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    I for one thoroughly enjoyed the US Open. The grounds were huge and offered lots of viewing opportunities (Watch the green at 13 and see them tee off at 14). The course was in beautiful shape. The play was outstanding. It was unfortunate that we the wind was down the first 3 days and we had over night rain that softened up the course. I have now crossed off 2 of the 4 majors off my bucket list. The Masters and The British Open are yet to come. I was lucky enough to be on the grounds every day of the event except Saturday. It was an amazing experience. Congrats to Brooks Koepka!
  12. WildTurkey

    2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    I met Mr Davis this week. I have no doubts that the course will be a true test of golf. There will be a lot of uneven lies and there is a lot of elevation and blind or semi blind tee shots. The thick fescue has been over blown.
  13. WildTurkey

    2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    I am fortunate to be working the open this year. I am eating lunch in the media center as I type this. The course is in awesome shape. The venue is huge. The golf has been impressive. these guys really work hard. 1 hour of short game practice. 1 hour long game practice. a round then another hour of short game and then long. Validates my practice routines.
  14. WildTurkey

    Does your instructor give homework?

    Yes, your instructor should give drills to work on at home or range. He should teach you how to practice and provide games to make it useful and fun. Sounds to me that you may need to find a new teacher whose methods will mesh with the way you learn. You may also want to check out the swing thoughts section of this site. Mvmac has lots of instruction videos that are very helpful.
  15. Alignment sticks and Orange Whip in mine. I would suggest that you put a plug of some kind so the handle is supported there by lifting the head up for easy grasping.

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