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  1. Well I have adopted the technique. I would say there is a "getting to know you " period that I went through. I have made it my own as I also follow Seickman's instructions. I have blended the two to something that feels right. Putts per round are down as I am hitting it closer . Also unexpectedly keeping the face at the ball through the swing has helped full swing dispersion. Crazy I know. Utley you are the man.
  2. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the US Open. The grounds were huge and offered lots of viewing opportunities (Watch the green at 13 and see them tee off at 14). The course was in beautiful shape. The play was outstanding. It was unfortunate that we the wind was down the first 3 days and we had over night rain that softened up the course. I have now crossed off 2 of the 4 majors off my bucket list. The Masters and The British Open are yet to come. I was lucky enough to be on the grounds every day of the event except Saturday. It was an amazing experience. Congrats to Brooks Koepka!
  3. I met Mr Davis this week. I have no doubts that the course will be a true test of golf. There will be a lot of uneven lies and there is a lot of elevation and blind or semi blind tee shots. The thick fescue has been over blown.
  4. I am fortunate to be working the open this year. I am eating lunch in the media center as I type this. The course is in awesome shape. The venue is huge. The golf has been impressive. these guys really work hard. 1 hour of short game practice. 1 hour long game practice. a round then another hour of short game and then long. Validates my practice routines.
  5. Yes, your instructor should give drills to work on at home or range. He should teach you how to practice and provide games to make it useful and fun. Sounds to me that you may need to find a new teacher whose methods will mesh with the way you learn. You may also want to check out the swing thoughts section of this site. Mvmac has lots of instruction videos that are very helpful.
  6. Alignment sticks and Orange Whip in mine. I would suggest that you put a plug of some kind so the handle is supported there by lifting the head up for easy grasping.
  7. Go to the Titleist is website and register them. That will tell you if you have the real deal or not
  8. People lose balls due to delusions of grandeur and roll by it in a cart. Maybe sometimes a best ball event and they don't care. Picked up some samples at a golf show glow in the dark yellow. nice ball. I could game them no problem. liking my Srixon Trispeed Tour at the moment though. may switch down the way when I run out of th 2 dz for the 40 packs I bought.
  9. Well time to revive this thread. Just picked up the book and completed chapter 1. Mostly an intro to the author with some kind words ffrom Peter Jacobson. I excited to see chapter 2.
  10. Not much . get fit.
  11. Well I am gaming the glide 1.0 in 54ss and 58ss. These are red dot plus 1/2 inch gold grip. My regular irons are g25 black dot plus 1/2 gold. This was done per the fitter. I love them but I would have liked to tried the WS but being a lefty. I should make it to a demo day and try the 2.0 in WS and ES. It's only money right?
  12. It is a great warm up tool for those times when I show up 5 minutes before T time. Also it helps me extend my swing and tempo. I recommend it.
  13. I used to wear a glove all the time, but have since stopped and almost never do now. Why??? well I am a lefty so finding them can be a chore. I also sweat and putting them on and then taking them off several times a round is a pain and nasty. I use a towel to keep hands and grips dry. Times when I do use a glove? Last rounds of golf in the fall when it get cold and sometimes if it is raining. I do not see a performance boost either way. If I do develop clauses it is on my middle to fingers of my left non gloved hand. When I was fitted for my current set of clubs it was suggested that I go with a slightly larger grip. This has helped me feel in control of the club. I do change out the grips every other season or so. Pure grips with the air tool work well without tape. Search them out if you are interested.
  14. After reading several pages of post I feel the need to throw my 2 cents worth. First off, I have a Nikon Range finder. I love it. But I would not knock anyone using a GPS. I have played enough rounds with GPS users to see that they are quite effective. I would also say the knowing the front, middle and back distances are workable. But I have seen it where the gps units yardages change some so take some time to let it settle on your position. Much hay has been made about blind shots and range finders. Surprisingly it is my experience that this rarely actually occurs on the courses I have played in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. I am an older golfer so I guess I have been able deal with this an old school way. The laser is useful on the practice range. I find that the yardage markers at the range is rarely at the exact distance. Today the 100 yard marker i was aiming at was actually at 118. Also much hay has been made about the shakey thing. Yes, if you hold up range finder unsupported you will have drift. If you have ever shot a scoped rifle you know what I am talking about. But in actual use it doesn't matter or bother me and drifting over the target I will get an accurate read. My range finder shoots for 8 seconds continuous. This is a lot of time. I usually have the pin distance much quicker and do not use all 8. When I do use all 8 I most likely have hit multiple targets. The pin, the bunker, bushes, top tier of the green. I have had a couple negative things happen. 1. fog renders it useless. 2. I had the batteries go dead mid round once. I now carry a spare battery. The laser gives me confidence and speeds my play along as I shoot the yardage, pick "the club" and let her rip. I also would also say that the laser is slightly the better of the two options
  15. This book is my GOLF book of choice at the moment. I have not come across the "arm slapper" stuff as of yet but then I'm currently on page 57. What I have taken fro the book so far is let your swing come naturally or be a natural movement rather trying to think about hitting specific movements. He is so far working through the basic fundamentals of grip, stance, alignment. Shame he passed away as I live a hop, skip and jump away from the Milwaukee CC and I never new that a hall of famer was so close.