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  1. This stems from a number of things many of which are hold overs from the early days of graphite shafts. 1. The early shafts were known to be whippy. 2. There were durability questions with early graphite. There was some thought that were the shafts rub against your bag would wear down the finish and weaken. They were known to break at or near this point. Coincidentally this is also were there is a lot of load on the club which is most likely why the broke there. The rub point from the bag was most likely simply cosmetic but be that as it may they were known for this. Therefore, you had
  2. Okay so today I played 18 at Greenfield Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It appeared that whoever set the cups in place did so in such a manner that the cup were not vertical. In other words so that the flag stick had a forced lean by it's own weight. This was on all 18 holes, was random in direction but it seemed as if it was done on purpose. This was not the wind blowing the flag stick. They were not placed vertical. I had one putt that I made on a longish lag putt were the ball dropped below the lip but became pinched by the flag stick preventing it from resting on the bottom. The whole thi
  3. Walk with a push cart. Should be mandatory for every one that is able. I gotta laugh at those 20 somethings looking all cool while loading up the cart. I used to be a caddie and learned to love walking the course. Decided early on though that I would never carry my own bag. I do remember the days of caddying 2 bags for a loop. I do not miss them.
  4. 2012's Callaway Razr-X Black driver. For some reason I hit this longer and straighter than the driver I was fitted for. Also sometimes just for kicks an old 1987 blade putter I bought new for $25.00. It has since been replaced with a Ping Anser2 blade but every now and again.
  5. That is my bags make up. Driver, 3W, 20 & 23 degree hybrid, 5-PW, Vokey 50, 54 and 58 wedges and a putter.
  6. I use a bucket of water. 4 irons go in the bucket and soak while I brush the face and bottom of the first club. I use a plastic bristle brush I picked up at the hardware store. I am sure a simple tooth brush would also work just fine. I then dip the club back into the water to rinse. I then use a spare golf towel to dry them off and put back in the golf bag. Once the wedges and irons are done I do the same process for the hybrids, 3 wood and driver except those are done one at a time and a dipped several times into the water. Since they are hollow I don't leave them submerged in the wat
  7. Ping Irons Titleist Wedges 50 F12, 54 S10, 58 M08 Ping Anser 2 blade putter. Love that thing.
  8. Having been in a similar spot l would suggest that you go with the Apex, ping i210 or Titleist AP3 assuming you are dedicated to the new sport and you can afford them. Get fitted if possible. There is something to be said for going up a club and learning to hit it vs. Going with the GI or SGI learning to play with the "help" those clubs provide. But let the numbers and resulting data drive the decision. Also nothing wrong buying a used set or last year's closeout model and taking the savings and investing more lessons. Strive to be better is my mantra. Good Luck with your choice. Let us k
  9. Well I did not support this change when I first heard about. Putting is a strong part of my game. I felt this rule change might give my poorer competition a leg up as they would sink more putts (per the data you should) and I would loose my advantage. I also had concerns with player A wanting in and player B wants it out. I could just image pulling and placing it back. Well so far I have played 2 rounds with the new rules. With this rather limited sample it seems like this is how it is going to work out for us regular Joe's. Every one will leave it in for the longer lag putts but once you
  10. I have seen this several times and it is always annoying. You can hear the music when you are on the tee and they pull up to their green. Why they feel the need to share their country/rap/pop/rock music with everyone is beyond me. I am okay if it part of some outing or fund raiser but other than that. It seemed to become a thing last year.
  11. I do have one. Have not used it or carried it in years though. Better than air counting like my partner does .
  12. I assume by "Place a ball in the hole" you mean the hole in the yard stick that is used to hang it up on your work bench. This would be to practice starting the ball on line. No pushes or pulls.
  13. So reading through the 65/20/15 Practice Ratios: Where to Devote Your Practice Time thread in Swing Thoughts, I thought it might be a good idea to list some quality practice drills. For instance, I actually combine some short game and putting drills by taking 3-5 balls and chip or pitch to a green, and then go to green and make the putts. This is random practice and I go through my pre-shot routine for each shot. I am looking to basically get up and down. Much better than bagging away with a bucket of balls into a practice green where you get so many balls up there that it becomes a ping po
  14. I open the club face, align it to the target, then set my feet open. I also focus on a spot an inch or 2 behind the ball. Weight is on forward leg and stays there. Club shaft nuetral. Pops out the ball out.
  15. WildTurkey


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