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  1. I have a Titleist 503h hybrid with the Aldilla NV 85 shaft on it and a TM Dual hybrid with a stock shaft on it. The heavier shaft definitely feels better on hybrids than the lighter ones. I always come out of my swing with the TM Dual hybrid and this is due to the lighter shaft. The heavier shots give me control and accuracy. Aldilla NV 85 is the most popular shaft on hybrid these days...and the price is not bad at all.
  2. 195 yards with a 5 iron, that is darn pretty good to me. I just recently bought forged irons myself (735cm) and noticed that I was hitting the ball close to the heel. I showed the local club pro the ball marks on my 6 iron, which was closer to the heel, he said that I was actually hitting the sweet spot of the club face. A few other people have told me the same after that...the sweet spot should be center, closer to the heel. As far as you hitting your Pings farther than your 690's...i believe it's because forged irons play a little shorter than cast irons. I noticed this change as well when I went from my TA7's (cast irons) to my 735cm's (forged). I was a little shorter with the 735cm's.
  3. how do i warm up..i usually get a large cup of coffee and walk around the clubhouse looking at merchandise =) . if time permits, i get a small bucket of balls and hit 10-15 balls with my gap wedge, then move up to my PW (10 - 15 balls), then I move up to my 8 iron (favorite club) - i can usually tell if i'm ready or not with this club. i don't stop hitting my 8 iron until i am getting good clean contact and i'm getting the distance i want. after that, i hit about 5-10 balls with my fairway woods, then hit a few with my driver!
  4. Soft stepping, first time I've heard of it. I will have to look into that. Thanks Mike for the useful info.
  5. wow, 100 days huh, that''s just rediculous. they do sel their products a little cheaper than other online stores. i will have to do a little more research.
  6. Well said golfin' girl... isn't Anika using a lob wedge that Tiger gave her =)?
  7. Thanks Mike, this really helps a lot. So what you're sayin gis that the PX 5.5 will play slightly stiffer than my DGS300, if not the same?
  8. Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 (350g and 33" long to be exact). golfgods.com doesn't have any Titleist products except for balls =(.
  9. It definitely means longer and straighter. I have a 905T and the new 905R Titleist drivers and the 905R gave me 12 yards more carry. The forgiveness is unbelievable and I am now more consistent in my drives than ever.
  10. project x rifle shafts - how much are they going for these days and which model is the one thats not too stiff?
  11. I am thinking of purchasing a putter from this online store. Anybody out there ever bought anything from them? How's their products? How efficient are their shipping methods? How good are their customer service just in case there's a problem with the purchase. Please let me know, thanks.
  12. I am looking for a shaft to put on a my 905R. I am always fighting a fade with my current driver (see below) so I am looking for a shaft that will maybe help me control that fade and launch the ball a little higher. Here are some of the stats taken when I was at the launch monitor: swing speed- 95mph ball speed - 133mph launch angle - 13*-16* I really don't need a stiff shaft but I do find my drives to be more consistent with a stiff shaft than a regular..but I find my drives longer with a regular shaft but not as consistent.
  13. The stock cord grips on my 735cm's are not as bad as I thought it would be. It is a bit thinner and harder than what I am use to but I think I can work with it. When it's time to regrip, I will look at all the other grips suggested on this thread. Thank you all!
  14. nautyyboyy

    Natalie Gulbis

    I think she looks way sexier on the golf course wearing the cute golf outfits that she does. Most women golfers look really pretty when wearing golf caps..but as soon as they take the cap off..its a different story. Perfect example is Michelle Wie...she looks really cute when the golf cap is on ..but when its off...she doesn't look as cute.
  15. So by this you mean that I won't be able to use the shaft I have on my 905T and put it on my 905R?
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