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  1. I should also mention that when I'm shooting for dead on accuracy, I will club up and do that same tempo'd swing... unless the lower loft won't work on that shot for whatever reason.
  2. Those are not full swings. Slowed the tempo down to show the form in the video. ... but yes, that's my swing .. just a bit more uhhmmphh with my full swing.
  3. Yeah .. I'm thinking a 3 and 4 AP1, 5-PW AP2. It's not that I don't like the 58's ... i'm just not perfect with them. It may be the shaft, it may be the head. I can improve my game with a different set of irons I hit better.
  4. If so ... how are your loft/distance gaps? I'm considering moving over to this setup and would love to hear your comments. Thanks.
  5. 48, 52, 56 and 60 ... i'd love to add another one.
  6. 1+ on adidas shoes. I've got a couple pair and love them.
  7. As many as the tour allows me to. 14. Not a club less. Some courses I'll carry a 5 iron and a 5 hybrid instead of the 4 iron. I can hit my 5 hybrid the same length as my 4 iron but with a different trajectory and that plays better on some courses than others.
  8. Hey Shanka, I'm 6'2" and had my irons custom made with .5" more on the shaft. Can I play without the extra length? Yes. I think the extra length is more for comfort than playability. You can always alter your swing, stance and knee bend to make your current clubs work however in the long run, you'll probably feel more comfortable with a longer shaft which in turn will probably give you better play. Before you spend money on clubs, work on your swing and get it down. I've spent a lot of money in the past trying to get my clubs to fit my swing ... then ultimately spent money fixing my swing
  9. "BTW I just 200-300 Balls per day + 9 or 18 holes everyday, So I will use them alot." jesus man.
  10. Adams seems to be a favorite. Try Cobra Bafflers ... they are known to be a very good hybrid as well and I think they're fairly easy to hit and control.
  11. If you are more concerned about control off your driver, I think cutting your shaft is a great idea.... once you're comfortable and confident with that driver, you can then widen your stance and give er hell on those wide open fairways when you need to gain back some of that distance. Make sure you don't cut it too much though .. cutting your shaft starts altering your kick point and eventually will just mess up the entire club if you cut too much off. IMO don't cut more than an inch ... inch and a half at most.
  12. I suggested that she go see the PGA Pro that helped me gain 20 yards off the tee and keep the ball on the fairway. She wants to "get better" first because she has a problem with being nervous in front of strangers. She's very competitive and if she isn't good at it, she doesn't like it and feels dumb. Women. Can't live with em, Can't live without em.
  13. waste of money unless you're a horrible golfer and will never get better. my great grand father uses one.
  14. no clue man. go hit a bunch at your local golf shop. dont go with game improvement irons and dont go with blades. get a players iron.
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