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  1. foxhole88

    Skins Game Question

    We adopted half stroke net skins and no strokes on the Par 3's. The half stroke options seems to work for the wide range of handicaps. The low guys are not getting halved (4 for 3) for their birdies and the higher handicaps can compete with the lower guys. If 2 players get a birdie on the same hole - and 1 of them strokes on the hole, then the higher handicapper wins with the half stroke (3 for 2.5) as he should win it when against the lower handicapper. We added in no strokes on par3's because on our course, those are generally the higher allocated handicapped holes and many people were tired of same guys winning a skin on par 3 when it was 3 for 2.5 or 3 for 2 (when we used to do whole strokes)
  2. foxhole88

    Foursome Games

    Try Banker. It's 1 vs 3 on each hole (you would have to get strokes from the low guy to make it even) The Banker sets the betting limit at the start of each hole, to whatever he wants it to be. Banker says: "Ok for this hole the max bet is $20" Golfer #1 - is kind of a cheap guy plus he doesnt think he can beat the banker on that hole so he bets $1. Golfer #2 - Thinks is in a groove and thinks he can beat the banker and bets $10. Golfer #3 - is a big spender and is getting a stroke and thinks he can beat the banker and bets the max that was set - $20 Now the banker has 3 bets going on the hole, if you tie someone the bet is a push with just that person. Win or Lose $ based on score for that hole. There are no carry overs. Additional Rules: Golfers 1,2,3 can call out "Double It" on their tee shot BEFORE it hits the ground. - Thus doubling their original bet with the Banker. the banker has to take that bet. (Some people play "Triple It" on Par3's) The Banker for the next hole, is the guy with the lowest NET score on that hole and if 2 guys tie, the banker is the guy that made the longer putt to finish the hole. On holes 17& 18 its customary to allow the guy that is down the most money the choice of being Banker for those last 2 holes in a effort to possibly win some money back. Also - On holes 17 & 18 - The BANKER has the chance to call out "DOUBLE IT" before his ball lands and double back all the bets already made on that hole. - Banker tees off last each hole.
  3. foxhole88

    What's the rush? Golf's obsession with slow play.

    4 - 4.5 hours is a reasonable time for a round. Anything over 5 hours and its pushing it. A lot of people complain about slow play because they have other things to do. They need to get back home so wifey doesn't go ballistic on them for being gone so long. Since I dont have a wife or kids to worry about, my issue with slow play is that for me personally I like to be or get into a little rhythm while I am playing. I feel i play much better (especially off the tee) when I get to play with a normal paced foursome and even better when its less than 4 and there isnt a lot of waiting on shots. When you are waiting on tee shots and approach shots on each hole it just throws the whole rhythm of the round off. Its really tough to stand or sit in a cart and wait for longer periods of time then you are used to. i really dont know how the tour pros do it or the people on Big Break shows. How you can you stay sharp with all the waiting and downtime?
  4. foxhole88

    Best Course in Your City/State

    I live in the Philly Area and have hit a lot of the public courses in the PA, South NJ, Delaware area. NJ Public courses: (Down the shore) Shoregate SeaView - prefer Pines to the Bay course Sand Barrens South Jersey Public Courses Scotland Run - Pricey but always in great shape Deerwood - usually in great condition Running Deer - Jaworski took over this course a few years ago. Great layout, crazy undulating greens. White Oaks - Havent played it in a few years but the greens were always in perfect condition - they have a few tricked up holes but its a good price and not very crowded. South Jersey - Private Course (excluding Pine Valley) Laurel Creek - Links style Arnold Palmer course Trump National at Philadelphia (formerly Pine Hill) - very hilly great elevation changes - used to be a ski slope. PA - Philly Area and beyond - Public Courses The golf course at Glen Mills (no alcohol on course) - great layout, great conditions, expensive on weekends. Center Valley - Links style course The Club at Morgan Hills - Lehigh Area - Dramatic elevation changes and good value. Architects (PA/NJ border) - a little pricey but a nice course in excellent condition. Hideaway Hills - Up at the Poconos...Great course. Haven't played it in a number of years but its in great shape usually and has a great layout with big elevation changes. Olde Homestead - Pocono Area - used to play this on the way up to Poconos or way back. Crazy hilly course, great shape, good price Melrose Country Club - Semi Private - short course (6900 from tips) but its challenging with tight fairways and hilly lies on each hole and in great condition especially the greens. Delaware County - Public Courses White Clay Creek - perfect conditions on fairways, tee boxes and greens and best practice facility around. Located at Delaware Race Track. Pricey on weekends. GPS on cart Deerfield - best value for money, great condition, good layout with many elevation changes, greens roll well. Rock Manor - Not bad, but gets a lot of play. Good track that gets a little beat up at times. Good value though for the price.
  5. foxhole88

    Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread

    1. Break 80 on my home course at least once this year. (Lowest is 82 so far) 2. Get handicap down to single digit index. (currently 12.5) 3. Improved accuracy with irons which will lead to more GIR. (Have already seen improvement as GIR are up to 37% over last 10 rounds and 43% over last 5 rounds) 4. Improve driver distance and accuracy. (I was hitting my 3wood as far and way more consistent than my driver. Got a few tips on setup and flattening my swing from the pro and now my driver distance and accuracy are improving every week.) 5. Get a hole in one.
  6. foxhole88

    The Big Break "Indian Wells"

    I don't think Will is/was really all that worried about bringing someone back. I think his reaction was more about his joking type personality and how he is around the guys and for tv. I have a friend who has a similar sense of humor, type thing. It's funny and keeps everyone loose. He seems to be pretty calm and laid back guy but a competitor and I don't think he is "afraid" of any of them. i think he is confident in his game and wants to prove it by beating anyone they throw his way.
  7. foxhole88

    Golf trip coming, what games would you suggest?

    If you are looking for games to play within a foursome, here are 2 good ones. Wolf - flip a tee to determine the order at the beginning of the round. Keep that order through the round. The last guy each hole is the WOLF. As #1, #2, #3 tee off, the wolf decides as each guy hits if he wants that person to be on his team for that hole or passes. If he passes, you can't go back to that guy. The Wolf can decide to pass on a 3 golfers and go LONE WOLF. Then its 1 vs 3 for that hole. If the wolf wins, you get a $1 from each guy. If the wolf loses, he pay's each guy $1. Ties are carry overs to the next hole and the wolf rotates based on the predetermined order. If you picked a teammate for that hole and win you each get $1 for winning that hole from the 2 losers. You can decide to go BLIND WOLF. By calling this out when you are wolf BEFORE anyone tees off for that whole. Blind wolf wins/losses double for that hole. 2nd game is called Banker and its similar to Wolf and usually ends up to be for much more money. Flip to see who is banker of first hole. And whoever wins the hole or holes out the longest putt if tied, is the banker for the next hole. As the Banker, you set the limit for the how much each golfer can bet up to for that hole. Ex - Banker says limit is $5. #1 feels like he can beat you on the hole and says I will bet $5. #2 is a cheapskate and says I will bet $1 and #3 says I will bet $3. As the banker you are playing each of these guys for that hole. So #1 said that he will bet $5 - As he tees off he stripes it down the middle and before it hits the ground he has the option of yelling out "Double It" - which will double his bet. (On Par 3's - he can yell "Triple It") As the Banker - You can then during your Tee Shot, do the same Double/Triple it before it hits the ground if you wish. So you can see how it can get very expensive if you want to. **We usually give the guy who is down the most money at 17 & 18 the option of being the banker for the last 2 holes to try and win some money back if they like.
  8. foxhole88

    Sway in backswing - Good or Bad?

    If you have a sway as part of your take-away, is this a good thing or bad thing? I am sure most people would say it's a bad thing because its too much movement, but does it help or make it easier to load up or time things up for your downswing?
  9. foxhole88

    Question on use of 3/5 wood for the better golfer

    I don't think you need to master the 3 wood off the fairway yet. You can start with a 5wood. It should be easier to hit and control and give you enough yardage. You do need a club that you can hit 200+ from the fairway when playing longer courses.
  10. foxhole88

    Accused of 'sandbagging'

    If you are shooting lights out, its expected that you will take a litle ribbing about being a sandbagger or a ringer. But if it gets any more serious than that over a lousy $10 its just a sign of poor sportsmanship from a couple of tools and they shouldn't be giving your buddy a hard time about it. You should have just walked over and stuffed the $10 back into the mouth of the guy that was complaining the loudest.
  11. foxhole88

    "One in a million" (aka WTF) moments.

    About 15 years ago, when I was first leaning to play...I was teeing off on an elevated tee with 2 of my buddies standing off to the left side on the cart path, tops of their heads were right at tee box level. I wind up, swing and top the ball off the inside near the hozzle. It shoots straight to the left, hits my first buddy on the side of his head (near his temple) and shoots 40 feet straight up in the air and drops straight down. My 2nd buddy sticks out his hand to catch the ball and it has so much top spin on it still it spins right out of his hands. Thankfully my first buddy was ok. He has a very hard head and the combination/angle of the top spin and angle it hit him in the head, it didn't even leave a mark on him.
  12. foxhole88

    Radios on the Golf Course?

    A little music while your in the middle of a 5+ hour round may be the only way to keep your sanity. It may help you stay relaxed while you are waiting on every shot for the group ahead to clear. I agree that is should be kept at a low volume so that it can't be heard more than a few feet from your cart.
  13. foxhole88

    Golf travel

    I would invest in a decent travel bag. check ebay for good deals and if you can get one with 4 coaster wheels, get it. They really come in handy when wheeling though airports and hotels, especially since you will be carrying other bags as well. Spend the money on the bag because renting clubs will run you up to $50 for each round you play and they wont be fitted for you. If you fly Southwest you wont get charged for the golf bag as long as its 1 of your 2 checked bags. PS- Ogio has good travel bags and they have the 4 wheel coasters too.
  14. foxhole88

    OnPar Range Finder GPS - $200

    I am looking to sell my OnPar Touchscreen GPS Range Finder. It works great, used for about 5 months, retails for $350-$400 (I need to sell it to pay for some medical bills.) OnPar Touchscreen GPS Any rangefinder can show distance to targets. Only the OnPar Touchscreen GPS enables you to touch anywhere on the course to see both distances to that point and remaining to green. Use as a rangefinder, digital yardage book or use its personlized features; OnPar is a simple, intuitive device with true one-touch operation. OnPar provides unrivaled personalized game management in a fun and intuitive way. Features: * Internal, rechargeable batter with up to 12hrs. of battery life * Intuitive, easy-to-read status and information bar * Personalized and consistent club suggestions based on your average distances * Adjust green target and know pin sheet distances anywhere on the green, from any approach * Touch anywhere for your layup distance and remaining distance to green * Touch your location and instantly save your location, distance, club used and stroke * Access additional features like Yardage Marker, Score Card, Driving Range, View Historical Shots, Mark Personal Targets and Statistics by Hole, Course or Overall * Store up to 300 courses * Thousands of courses available for download * Free course downloads and no membership fees * Conforms with the USGA

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