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  1. Banker is a great betting golf game. We tweak the rules a bit but this is how it works...We setup a pre-defined rotation for banker (instead of lowest scoring hole out) to rotate it. We also cap par 3 press to double (instead or triple) but you do have to call "double it" before the ball lands on any shot. We set the minimum bet $1, max is whatever the banker wants to set it. Epic Golf Club | Banker - The Best Golf Gambling Game You're Not Playing Banker, golf gambling game for a foursome. One player is the banker and players gamble one-on-one.
  2. Related question here. If Player A plays the white tees all the time and has a 10 index and Player B plays the blue tees all the time, also has a 10 index. Then in a club tournament, Player B (Blue Tee) moves up to the white tees that were designated for his flight for a tournament. Does Player B have an unfair advantage? (Blue Tees are significantly longer, higher rated and higher sloped) His index has essentially been established from a harder course, now gets to move up to a much easier course setup and play at the same index as Player A. Wouldnt most (not all, b
  3. Also had a left hip replacement (at age 40) and was very surprised with how much further i was able to hit the ball from the tee. Didnt realize how weak my left leg was prior to the replacement. Soon after surgery and initial rehab i found i was hitting it off the tee 20+ yards. Being able to use 2 legs at 100% during a swing was a big difference.
  4. Underrated for Professionals - yes. Overrated for most amateurs. On most Par 5's you are bringing in penalty strokes into play from either going O.B. or water hazzards, which brings double and triple bogeys into play. If there are only bunkers and rough to be concerned about - then yes go for it, but if you are 200+ out and there is water or tight O.B. looming on a wayward shot with a hybrid or wood shot and those arent your most comfortable clubs - then playing it as a 3 shot hole may be the nest way to go. You can still get a birdie with a good approach shot or a great putt.
  5. We adopted half stroke net skins and no strokes on the Par 3's. The half stroke options seems to work for the wide range of handicaps. The low guys are not getting halved (4 for 3) for their birdies and the higher handicaps can compete with the lower guys. If 2 players get a birdie on the same hole - and 1 of them strokes on the hole, then the higher handicapper wins with the half stroke (3 for 2.5) as he should win it when against the lower handicapper. We added in no strokes on par3's because on our course, those are generally the higher allocated handicapped holes and many people
  6. Try Banker. It's 1 vs 3 on each hole (you would have to get strokes from the low guy to make it even) The Banker sets the betting limit at the start of each hole, to whatever he wants it to be. Banker says: "Ok for this hole the max bet is $20" Golfer #1 - is kind of a cheap guy plus he doesnt think he can beat the banker on that hole so he bets $1. Golfer #2 - Thinks is in a groove and thinks he can beat the banker and bets $10. Golfer #3 - is a big spender and is getting a stroke and thinks he can beat the banker and bets the max that was set - $20 Now the bank
  7. 4 - 4.5 hours is a reasonable time for a round. Anything over 5 hours and its pushing it. A lot of people complain about slow play because they have other things to do. They need to get back home so wifey doesn't go ballistic on them for being gone so long. Since I dont have a wife or kids to worry about, my issue with slow play is that for me personally I like to be or get into a little rhythm while I am playing. I feel i play much better (especially off the tee) when I get to play with a normal paced foursome and even better when its less than 4 and there isnt a lot of waiting on
  8. I forgot twisted Dunes. That is a good course down the shore as well. And your right about Bulle Rock. WAAAAY overpriced/overrated for the course. it should be about an $80 course.
  9. I live in the Philly Area and have hit a lot of the public courses in the PA, South NJ, Delaware area. NJ Public courses: (Down the shore) Shoregate SeaView - prefer Pines to the Bay course Sand Barrens South Jersey Public Courses Scotland Run - Pricey but always in great shape Deerwood - usually in great condition Running Deer - Jaworski took over this course a few years ago. Great layout, crazy undulating greens. White Oaks - Havent played it in a few years but the greens were always in perfect condition - they have a few tri
  10. 1. Break 80 on my home course at least once this year. (Lowest is 82 so far) 2. Get handicap down to single digit index. (currently 12.5) 3. Improved accuracy with irons which will lead to more GIR. (Have already seen improvement as GIR are up to 37% over last 10 rounds and 43% over last 5 rounds) 4. Improve driver distance and accuracy. (I was hitting my 3wood as far and way more consistent than my driver. Got a few tips on setup and flattening my swing from the pro and now my driver distance and accuracy are improving every week.) 5. Get a hole in one.
  11. I don't think Will is/was really all that worried about bringing someone back. I think his reaction was more about his joking type personality and how he is around the guys and for tv. I have a friend who has a similar sense of humor, type thing. It's funny and keeps everyone loose. He seems to be pretty calm and laid back guy but a competitor and I don't think he is "afraid" of any of them. i think he is confident in his game and wants to prove it by beating anyone they throw his way.
  12. If you are looking for games to play within a foursome, here are 2 good ones. Wolf - flip a tee to determine the order at the beginning of the round. Keep that order through the round. The last guy each hole is the WOLF. As #1, #2, #3 tee off, the wolf decides as each guy hits if he wants that person to be on his team for that hole or passes. If he passes, you can't go back to that guy. The Wolf can decide to pass on a 3 golfers and go LONE WOLF. Then its 1 vs 3 for that hole. If the wolf wins, you get a $1 from each guy. If the wolf loses, he pay's each guy $1
  13. If you have a sway as part of your take-away, is this a good thing or bad thing? I am sure most people would say it's a bad thing because its too much movement, but does it help or make it easier to load up or time things up for your downswing?
  14. I don't think you need to master the 3 wood off the fairway yet. You can start with a 5wood. It should be easier to hit and control and give you enough yardage. You do need a club that you can hit 200+ from the fairway when playing longer courses.
  15. If you are shooting lights out, its expected that you will take a litle ribbing about being a sandbagger or a ringer. But if it gets any more serious than that over a lousy $10 its just a sign of poor sportsmanship from a couple of tools and they shouldn't be giving your buddy a hard time about it. You should have just walked over and stuffed the $10 back into the mouth of the guy that was complaining the loudest.
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