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  1. A couple of things about the Pipe Dream. I think they are really embellishing his former life, from what it sounded like he tried to hack it on a few mini tours and never really got anywhere. So riches to rags doesn’t really apply. It sounded more like he was a loner living at his gf house before he was kicked out. Also, dude get a job. Simply put - there are plenty of people who work for a living at try and make it on tour at the same time. Why wouldn't he get a job at a golf course, driving range, pro shop. Something golf rela
  2. Sometimes a flip can be a result of lack of body rotation. Basically the hips/shoulder stop rotating at impact and naturally the club has to stay in motion moving past your wrists causing your wrist to break and hands take over. youtube some videos of pro golfer just after impact, compare their "openess" to yours at impact.
  3. I'm suprised some people thought Morgan Hill was a bad course, it's a pretty above average course IMHO. Deff better than any of the city courses, and it's never jammed. Speaking of Jammed NY courses, I've been trying to call Bethpage (all 4 courses) for the past week to get a tee time, first available 1pm Metro NY Golf for ya.
  4. It's open to all NYC Metro Golfers, but yes it's more tailored to fellow golfers who rely on mass transit, like me. But really I'm interested in the thoughts of NYC Golfers on this forum. It's a big decision to invest in the company and I want to make sure I'm making the right one. Personally I'd could benefit from this service but wanted to get the views of others.
  5. We all know how much golfing in NYC sucks, long train rides, overcrowded courses, horrible conditions with high green fees. My buddies started a company to try to combat this by setting up golf tournaments at courses near NYC. The company provides coach bus service to and from the course as well as shotgun start and the opportunity to win prizes. This guarantees that you will finish your round, the play won’t be incredibly slow and the course won’t be overcrowded. The first trip is at the end of the month. Check it out at www.citeebus.com . I’d also be interested in your feelings towa
  6. I would vote private membership. But anyway where are people finding $3k or $2.5k per year membership at private courses? That is really low, has to be a junior membership no? Here in NY-NJ private memberships are going to run you at least $15-150k per year, not to mention intiall fees. I wish I could find a cc club in your prices ranges.
  7. I would say it's not too late and seriously if you're going to pursue now is the time, at least before you have a solid career built and walking away is not an option. I do agree with the another poster it's not realistic to compare with others you know and how they go about making it to the next level. Second opinion, have back-up plan and a walk away point.
  8. Nice swing, where are you hitting ball into the snow like that? Can't believe they would keep the range open in those conditions.
  9. I went to Pete's last year to get some wedges ground. They do a great job for really custom stuff like this that golf galaxy and golfsmith won't do. But I went yesterday to Pete's to get my loft/lies checked/bent and get some wrap under my grips or depending on cost get new grips. They wanted to charge me $60 for the loft/lie and I showed him my grips which are under a year old, just got them last spring, played maybe 30 rounds on them. Asian kid that worked behind the counter said there would be no way to remove the grip and save it. I would have to buy new ones at $14 a grip, said grip price
  10. If anyone is interested I called TPC Scottsdale and last day open to the public before the FBR Open will be Feb 18th. Then closed till early March. Personally I can't see spending the $280 for that course when others have suggested equal or better courses for cheaper. I was considering instead of playing a round at TPC Scottsdale taking two lessons at $110 an hour. Anyone have experience with the pros at TPC Scottsdale and can vouch for them. Question for the forum, would you rather play at the TPC Stadium Course or take two lessons?
  11. I will be in Scottsdale in February as well, anyone have any idea if TPC scottsdale stadium course is worth $250 to play? I know the FBR open will be at the end of February as well, so might not even be an option.
  12. +1 on the recommendation for TPI, looks interesting.
  13. Most amateur golfers, specifically ones with lower handicaps will tell you it's a waste of time to hit of mats. I used to believe this as well, truth is it doesn't make much of a difference. I know someone who was an All American golfer for a D1 program in NJ, where half of the year his golf team was hitting off mats. Said it never really made a difference, maybe on wedge shots/shortgame.
  14. Wow thanks for putting that together. That is exactly the type of specific evaluation I was looking for.
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