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  1. rkpag

    wedge gap

    great suggestion thank you. I do have that problem from time to time in flipping my wrists. Are you using iron or graphite shafts.
  2. rkpag

    wedge gap

    okay I've got a fairly new set of clubs which include R11 graphite shaft in irons up to pitching wedge and a 50 degree and 56 degree TaylorMade ATV wedges. and I notice today I have at least a 25-yard gap between the pitching wedge and the 50 degree wedge. I am wondering if anyone thinks that switching to graphite shafts in my wedges would close that gap to match the graphite shafts in my irons. By the way I played pretty well today I shot a 94 which is the second time in a roll I've been under a 100 I had a goall beginning of this year to score under 100 and I did two times in a row already s
  3. Matt that's a very interesting thought. I will try to choke down on the five wood and see where that takes me.I have heard that the new TaylorMade three woods actually can hit longer then the tour spoon. Has anybody had any experience with this.?
  4. I have an 18* 5 wood that I love and works great just not long enough. Anyone have any experience with 07 burner tour spoon?
  5. I struggle with my driver from time to time and long irons of course. That is why I have the same loft hybrid as my 4 iron and I hit it a little further. I think I am leaning toward a 13* 3 wood for use only off the tee. 200 yard par 3 is the shot I always come up short on even with my old 15*. I struggle from deep grass from time to time around the green. How much harder is it to hit a strong 3 off the tee compared to 5 wood I am 240 with driver fairly straight but a slice sneaks in a couple times a round. A high wicked slice Thanks
  6. Hello everyone I just joined the forum today.I am fairly new to golf only playing seriously for about a year. Being a 25 handicap I still have a lot to learn. I have one spot in my bag to fill. my options are a 60* wedge or a strong 3 wood. Here is what I am bagging now. Advice would be appreciated. By the way I am having trouble reaching the 210 yard par 3 with my 5 wood but driver is too long Burner super fast driver 08 burner 5 wood. Love this club Super launch 2.0 21* hybrid R11 4-PW irons graphite ATV wedge 50* ATV wedge 56* I also had a super fast 3 wood but I hit my 5 just as long
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