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  1. virtuoso

    Single-Plane Swing

    Over-simplification of a motion actually makes it more complicated.
  2. virtuoso

    My favorite Peter Kostis analysis

    I just wonder what he thinks about the CGQuad....hmmm, I just wonder.......I bet he likes it.........for some strange reason...but not that strange.
  3. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

  4. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

    Thanks Mike!
  5. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

  6. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

  7. virtuoso

    Kelvin Miyahira and His Ideas

    That club is coming extremely from the inside so the face/path differential is UUUGE.
  8. virtuoso

    Kelvin Miyahira and His Ideas

    That video is extraordinarily wrong. You are hitting low hooks off the heel because the face is closed vs the path enough to more than offset the heel gear effect adding some fade. If your face was square to the path you would indeed get some fade spin, but the closed face is making up for that and then some.
  9. virtuoso

    My favorite Peter Kostis analysis

    I'm looking around for Ashton Kutcher because I know I'm getting punked right now. Each POV can be used for a unique perspective of the swing and can show certain elements that can't be seen from other viewpoints. No one view is superior to another. The limits on information from individual 2D perspectives is what led researchers and instructors to 3D motion analysis, and the study of kinematics and kinetics. Saying that a 2D view from face on is THE cutting edge tool for swing analysis is just nonsense.
  10. virtuoso

    My favorite Peter Kostis analysis

    20 feet has nothing to do with it. Any kid 3 days out of Golfer's Career College would have identified Gay as having essentially zero hip rotation. Helen Keller could have done better.
  11. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

    yep, they are too high, and the shoulders are too tilted and open, and the right arm is too far behind my torso. All from a bad transition. ...but the angle of attack is not too steep because i stop and scoop. I'm 2-3 up at the ball.
  12. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

    Arms still get too far behind my torso and stand/stall at impact but it's better than it used to be.
  13. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

  14. virtuoso

    My Swing (virtuoso)

  15. virtuoso

    My favorite Peter Kostis analysis

    I thought that was a reasonable question.

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