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  1. Dub

    2010 Ryder Cup

    Really great gallery. Folks are having fun watching the worlds best go at it.
  2. Four weeks ago today, I was enjoying a round of golf with my father. We get together every few months and play a round. I look forward to these rounds hugely. I'm in my early 40's and dad is in his 60's. Only the good Lord knows how many more of these rounds we may have together. I haven't had too many golf outings this fall or the summer for that matter. My young son was out of school this summer and wasn't keen on golf...so we did other things during my time off. This fall I was preparing for hunting. Anyway...I'm on the course with my father...third hole par 5 finds me 265 fr
  3. Dub

    2010 Ryder Cup

    Man.....I wish I was sitting in the first tee gallery with cup of spiked coffee. Those chaps are having big fun. Looks like a good day of drinking. Looks like some heavy cool air, too. The guys will be constantly making adjustments all day. Looks like glorious weather is on the way later. Americans are going to have to get busy....and fast. We are getting waxed. I'm scared of the the Donald/Furyk match.....
  4. I recently tried one of the new Clevelands (stainless). It looked great and set up perfectly...even flowed beautifully through the stroke. The impact feel did not agree with me at all. I would like to try the newer model that is a different material...looks copperish.
  5. Mine came from a stuttering football coach. We were encouraged to dress more formally on game days. Back in the early eighties it was considered cool to have monogramed clothing. Game day...I'm wearing a monogramed sweater. My initials are W-G-W. Coach saw me coming in the locker room and tried to bust on my sweater, "Looka here-ruh, dubyah gee dubduddubdubya". My teamates often chose this bit of stuttering to laugh about. The nickname Dub stuck.
  6. Grilled pineapple.....unreal flavor right of the grill. This has a special rub named "Pineapple Head" made by the Dizzy Pig rub company. Just sprinkle on both sides, grill and savor. You will fight over the last slice, I assure you. They make some excellent rubs for all types of meats, fish and veggies. My next order is gonna be for all 11 of their rubs!!!!!!
  7. I'm sold on the egg!!! I've now recieved the coveted "green light" from my wife!!!! I'm trying to decide on which size. Stuck between large or xl. Also deciding if I want to build or buy a table for it or just go with the nest and shelves.
  8. Didn't do so bad on my trusty rusty grill last night. 3 racks, sweet potatoes & honey filled Vidallia onions. Another pic
  9. Pings were due for a regripping. Stock grips may have lasted a while longer but I love the New Decades I'm using on my woods & hybrid. New feel on my sticks....love 'em. Sort of playing a mix of colors but can't be helped when you play midsize grips built up with 3 layers of tape.
  10. Sweet. Thanks for the link.
  11. Wow...I thought their strength was the long slow and low smokes at the 200 degree level.
  12. It's getting close to the time when I will be retiring my trusty but rusty grill. I've been considering a Big Green Egg. There are so many neat benefits, however the cost is steep enough that I want to approach this cautiously. I'd love to hear the pro's & con's from owners.
  13. Never owned or carried a retriever...but on occasion used someone elses.
  14. Golf is such an individual sport....I find it humerous that some feel the need to club everyone. I played my home course yesterday with a good friend. We come to an uphill 175 yard par 3. He's a beast (college linebacker ten years ago). He's got honors on the tee box and for some reason asks me what I'm hitting....I laugh and show him my 5 iron. He proceeds to hit a towering shot pin high with, it turns out, an 8 iron. I hit a decent shot to the back left fringe. We both par. We've got another guy who plays with us ocassionay who would've tried to club us together. It can be funny w
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