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  1. Clemson university. Go tigers.
  2. Callaway razr x black 3 Adams speedline 5 Adams speedline 4h Adams V4 5-9 mizuno JPX 825 Pro Wedges Mizuno Nike method core Bridgestone e5
  3. A buddy of mine has the ping i20 and loves it.
  4. Not over analyze every swing and try not to think about how bad I'm playing.
  5. Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards.
  6. I really like the bridgestone e5s. I used to play the e6s but switched to the e5s for better control around the green.
  7. Probably the cliffs at Keowee vineyards.
  8. I agree. This frustrates me to no end.
  9. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Just joined.
  10. I am in sales for a global software company.