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  1. a property i coyote hunt on, has several stock tanks full of small sized bass, and some catfish. Have yet to fish any!
  2. +100, this thread helped me hit better at the range yesterday. of course, that will change next time out.
  3. Zack, when an "A" player...ie the single digit HC player on your scrambles team, drives straight and long, and take the irons to the green for the eventual birdie, playing at a level most of use will never obtain... and you see he is playing a inexpensive Pinnacle ball. you realize that the golf ball$ is not the cause of either good or bad play. Play what you got till it goes home in woods or water.
  4. Better than the hammer (h*ll, a putter is better) is this one: Maltby Mr. Big 505. 505cc of fun driving. Have one I got from GG for about $5, put a steel ('cause it's real) shaft in it. actually works very well, even though the ball flight (13 deg loft) is very high. pretty cool to see it go so very high. heck of an "over the trees driver"!Overall it goes as long as I can hit my regular drivers.
  5. Why not something that you would want to play...? I do see you listed a 36hc, sooo are you playing some cheap clubs? hehe. Show her you care Even a quality used set says more than some new cheapies.
  6. Here is a niiiiccce, as in "mean" idea..... Invite him for a round. do all your normal talking etc. and then..... Show up with ONLY the OLD CLUBS. sure, you may not be as happy at first..but something tells me it will be a memorable round 'o golf!
  7. Maybe Hogan CFT Irons. Just because I have some to sell, does not flavor my suggestion. maybe.
  8. You should check out Maltby's site and do a search on the 701's. they dont rate great, GI wise.
  9. good luck with the rain and the game :) Indian Creek is quite nice.
  10. Congrats on the new Irons :) Are these the 3dx's in your wtib siggy ? I was under the impression that OEM'rs were all about the same weight/swingweight. Maybe it is a difference in offset, that you need to get used to, or move the ball in your stance?
  11. I work in Plano. Play Pecan Hollow several times a week after work. Just started playing at Los Rios, fewer people, faster play. If you ever want to do Sherrill park in the weekday afternoons..let me know. It can be hard to get on sometimes as a walkup.
  12. Well, Laugh at me if you want to, but watching the pros swing vision videos on you tube...does seem to help. Esp the low and flat, arms and shoulders together take-away. the power in the hips downswing thing.... a lot more work..if ever!
  13. wow, every day I lurk here, see another Texan.. you might consider Adams Idea Pro or Pro Gold. Based on my OCD behavior...got a used 6-p set. (always buy used!) Do not find them difficult. But did have to reshaft to a R flex. i.e. they suxed for me, until I put R shafts in. Indeed, it was from playing some rounds, with a mid/hi 80's golger, who used the same, but with rifle shafts, that "inspired" me. hehehe
  14. If the weather holds up, I may want to play it again this Saturday. I usallay have to cross my fingers - as a single walkup...hard to get on, during the weekend. selfish of me though, I joined a leauge, and my 1st outing with them is this Sunday. lol. want to have the course and greens working for me!