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  1. Just some questions on Golf for anyone who plays a lot

    I'll be sure to check that out. Thanks a lot and yeah I'm sticking with the 5 wood. I am not a long hitter for college at least. With only a 260 carry and 112 swing speed. I am the shortest hitter on my team by about 10 yards.
  2. I play d2 golf and am scratch handicap, just want to know what some of you guys on here might think.. I just bought the new RBZ tour 5 wood for 170$ which is a lot for me because I am young and money is still an issue at 19 and I am considering taking it back for a wedge. Mainly I want to know what you guys think the better gap to fill is Summary I have room for one more club in my bag And there are two gaps I have right now My problem is this I have a gap in golf from 220-240ish 1. My 3 iron does not hit more than 220 2. My 3 wood hits 240+ So adding the 5 wood I think will fill that gap. my gap with wedges 1. 58- 90 yards max 2. 52- An easy swing produces 100 yard shot so I have to hit a half to hit it 90-100... which I consider to be my no zone right now So adding a 54 might be a benefit by making that 90-100 shot easiler Which do you guys think is the better option a wedge for the gap or a wood? Because honestly I already score par, but I'm going to play some pro tournaments this summer and some advice would really be great from anyone. Also Do you guys buy that these new woods hit 20 yards or whatever farther? I hit the 5 wood about the same as I thought I would NOT 20 yards farther like a 3 wood? Or is my 08 burner a little outdated and worn out and should be considered upgrading and might add distance and lower scores. Thanks ...