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    I live in high elevation, my drives average around 300 carry with almost no roll unless they land on a downhill slope. My 9 degree is still sending the ball about a hundred feet higher then I would like most of the time so playing into the wind is dangerous. my longest drive this year was 395 into the rough because it ran out of fairway (downhill landing area) and would still never consider hitting a lob wedge more than 110 yards. 5 Iron flies 220 and sticks, also very high. I think my backspin is affecting distance but wouldn't change it for 20 more yards. Cleveland classic 270, and taylor made tour burners. No fairway woods yet. also cant put at all so its not worth anything yet.
  2. Well I just started playing golf with about 12 rounds last year. This year I decided that I had a good enough swing and athletic ability to try and pursue becoming a scratch golfer as fast as possible. So after hours at the range whacking golf balls and getting feel for chips and bunker shots I went out to play some rounds. First round 85 with 36 putts and second round 85 with 42! putts, I had three 4 putts and never faced a putt outside of 40 feet! so I guess I know where I need to put time in now.
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