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  1. I fought the shanks for the last ~30 years. I tried almost every "cure" known to man. Finally, last season I noticed my back swing was too inside/flat and left arm was rotating and opening the club face. On the downswing I wouldn't square the face before the hosel contacted the ball. My cure was, on the back swing, to keep my left forearm "quiet" and keep the club head parallel with my spine angle on the back swing. This also prevents me from going back too inside/flat.
  2. The LT's are good clubs, very suitable for mid handicaps. I had good success with them. But, yes, there are many more forgiving irons available. In my hoing experience, the best were Top Flite Tour 2003 and Cleveland Quadpro. Both have minimal offset, fairly thin top line, and larger face. If you can find them, they are bargains for less than $200.