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  1. Allocated the payments. Feel free to withdraw your winnings. Slice, you get your $20 back for second place. Geaux, you should have a nice little late Christmas gift to yourself in the amount of $120. Please let me know if there are any issues withdrawing the money. Thanks again guys.
  2. Well... That's that. Congratulations to Geaux for Broke on winning the 2013 Fantasy Football League. I will be performing the payouts shortly. Thanks to everyone for participating.
  3. Well... I dropped the ball this morning. Thinking my lineup was set and then at approx. 12:58, I heard Cecil Shorts was out, rushed to get him on the bench, but didn't make it in time. So that hurts. So does K.Moreno's sub-standard performance. Going to be tight, but it's an uphill battle from here. The early Jamaal Charles TD and the late game TD for Alshon Jeffrey have me starting to doubt my chances. Need Jason Witten and DeAngelo Williams to have monster games hahaha
  4. Definitely was a great trade. My only great move this year was picking up Julius Thomas on waivers after the draft in another league. And I guess you could say dropping Ridley for Woodhead was a decent decision too. Also in another league.
  5. Yeah. I was hoping there would be a bit more trash talk and competition with the league, but alas, life got busy. Was still a good competitive league though if you look at the final standings. Thanks for everyone that participated. And I'm going to be trying to perform as much Fantasy magic as possible to try and beat you this week Slice, haha. OK. I believe I see your name on the list of who paid on LeagueSafe. Will send a private message to confirm.
  6. With a incredibly clutch win (and a couple of others losing) this past weekend, I grabbed the number 4 spot. But it doesn't look like I have a chance of advancing haha. The other three teams are Slice of Life (1) and Geaux for Broke (2) and Up the Rivers (3). I'm not sure who Up the Rivers is, but I know myself and the other two guys are in the money. Reminder: it's a $140 pot. Winner gets $120 and Second gets their $20 back. Good Luck!
  7. Wow.... sorry about the prolonged absence guys. I've been in 5 different states in the last three months. It's been hard enough keeping track of my own starting line-ups in the three leagues I'm in. Haven't really been looking at guys not setting their rosters. Will look into that tonight. Going to be a pretty close fight for the last two spots in the playoffs. And I thought Slice was completely out of it a few weeks ago. Next thing I know he's sitting on top. That's fantasy for ya.
  8. Philly looked like a Divisional Lock Week 1. Not so much Week 2 and 3. Their O-line needs some work. Vick was constantly pressured last night. Seattle looks like a solid team again this year. Although Carolina completely shut down Lynch in Week 1. And I have to agree that SEA over JAX is a lock, but I can't imagine the payout being much. Denver looks to be an easy pick to make it to the Super Bowl. Although I think KC is a dark horse in that division. 3-0 with almost a 40 point spread b/w points-for and points-allowed. SEA-DEN Super Bowl is probably the best odds. Maybe SF but they'll have to get past SEA and that didn't work too well last week.
  9. Only one undefeated team will make it through Week 3. 6 teams at 1-1, 2 at 2-0 and 2 at 0-2. Should start to see some waiver moves soon. Looks to be a fairly competitive league so far.
  10. That's fantasy for ya. It looks like I'll go 3 for 3 in all of my leagues. Solid start. Sometimes you get bad luck and have the second most points in that league that week, but unfortunately you're playing the team with the most points that week.
  11. Are you using the same login for both leagues? http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/109607
  12. I like the "answer" a lot. This is the first time I've read this discussion. As soon as I read the situation, I thought 3i. If I flush it, I'm on the green with a long eagle putt (assuming a solid bounce when it lands). And I'm happy because my lag putting is usually spot on. If I miss it, I'm probably fairly close and chipping straight-on at the pin. Not my best play, but I'm still going to have better results than laying up to a full wedge, statistically speaking. I'm not hitting a cut 3w, because I'm just not that accurate with that club. When I pull a 3w, I'm typically trying to hit it as far as possible, not to a particular yardage. That leaves a lot up to chance. Great discussion though. I love the setup and some of the responses.
  13. Yeah. I don't put too much weight in that stuff. By week 8, that's usually when it becomes very clear who has the stronger teams and who doesn't. Got it. Sent an email to your new email address and that should solve that. Let me know if not. I'll check tomorrow before work and some point after work. Sorry about the delay. My new schedule with work is stupid busy.
  14. Draft looks like it went pretty well. Did anyone make it to the live one?
  15. I'm keeping it for tomorrow. Changing it now would be unfair to those who are prepared and have planned for it. Just make sure you set up your rankings for the autodraft and cross your fingers if you can't be there.
  16. It dawned on me last night that I won't be able to participate in the live draft. I have to drive 7 hours back to Virginia for the weekend tomorrow evening after work. I've already set my predraft rankings so hopefully the autodraft team comes out fairly strong.
  17. Played the back 9 of Beavercreek this evening. Shot 41. Three double bogeys, a birdie, and 5 pars. Poor play from tee to green on all of the double bogeys with one 3-putt. Had trouble feeling where the club was on the downswing for some reason. Not playing as much as I was in Virginia. So I'm not terribly upset about my game.
  18. Yes, the draft is this Friday. Sorry about the delayed response. I've been on a canoeing/camping trip for a few days. Hope everyone is able to make it. If you can't be there for the live draft, make sure you make your personal draft rankings for the autodraft. Otherwise Yahoo will use their own rankings for the autodraft of your team.
  19. Same swing. As others have stated, the tee just ensures a "perfect" lie. I always tee it up on the tee box. The game is hard enough. No need to add difficulty by not taking advantage of every opportunity to help yourself. I typically just look for a broken tee and use that.
  20. Keegan Bradley. All of that fidgeting, flipping, and crap drives me nuts.
  21. Walked 9 holes this evening after work with a couple of co-workers. We played one of the courses at the Air Force Base in the area. I shot 40 with two double bogeys and 7 pars. Just couldn't sink a birdie putt today. Only pulled the driver twice and both were good tee shots. Two par 4s were short enough that I hit 3i and the others I hit 3w. Feeling good about my game. Just need to stay focused and make every shot count. Both of the doubles were a result of missed greens, poor chips, and two putts. Still trying to get to Erie for a lesson. Hopefully we can make something happen while I'm in Ohio.
  22. About 24 hours left to pay up. Currently $140 pot. I'm thinking $100 for 1st. $30 for 2nd. $10 for 3rd. Will check again Saturday morning and post in the Yahoo League site who is eligible and who isn't. Please gentlemen, if you're signed up and haven't paid, I'd love it if you did. If you don't wish to, that's OK. I will allow you to keep your team, but I'd like some reassurance that you will be paying attention and setting your team roster on a weekly basis. Nothing worse than a league with a few guys who aren't touching their teams. If you wish to relinquish your spot, let me know ASAP, so I can try and find a replacement.
  23. Try High School or possibly College golf before thinking about Professional.
  24. Yes. I've fought OTT since I picked up a club. I know when I start striking the ball poorly or slicing it, it's because I'm coming OTT. My most recent outings, I've tried to feel as if I delayed my downswing a fraction of a second and feel like I bring the club down and strike the ball from the inside-out. It's worked fantastic so far. A lot of straight ball flights and a baby draw here and there. Even picked up a few yards on my distances.
  25. I'm waiting until it's over to head to the range. That is the downside of Tiger leading by 8 strokes. Not a lot of fun to watch as far as drama.
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