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  1. I know this is an old thread, but... I found out why the named the Cuts Blue and Gray...I tried Vice Pro Soft and liked them a lot but can't stand the matte covers...can't clean them like you can the glossy covers. The photo shows Vice Pro soft and Cut Blue & Gray. Some reviews say that the Cut balls have a delicate cover and will shred easily with iron / wedge shots, but I only experienced that once this past summer. I plan on playing the Cut Blue this year.
  2. Wow, great info and more than I could find. I wasn't aware the "new" was like the "old" hybrid ES. If they play similar that gives me an option to experiment with. Thank you!
  3. Thanks! I've got these added to my list and am looking forward to watching them!
  4. Anybody here have any feedback on the UST Mamiya Recoil 660 shafts? I think these shafts have been out for a while, but they came out this year with a "new" 660 & 680 Recoil shaft. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about them, or hit these shafts? Are they soft or firm, true to flex...anything? I am looking to put them in some Maltby DBM iron heads. Thanks, guys!
  5. I buy shafts and other club tools from Golfworks.com Get on their email list and they will send out special offers for grips, clubmaking tools, shafts, and sometimes free shipping too...
  6. To each his own, I guess...I really like the Ogio bags with the "Woode" top. Keeps my clubs organized and easy to pull. The only problem I ever had with Ogio was very thin shoulder straps on one bag and that was VERY uncomfortable. I replaced that one this year with another Ogio and it is very comfortable to walk with. Got it for under $100. Just sayin'...everybody likes something different...
  7. Thanks for the feedback; really appreciate it!
  8. Thanks for the review! I also came up short on longer putts and usually my distance control is pretty good. Glad to know someone else had the same impression. I like this ball, too...can't wait to play it again. BTW, did the ball feel different off your driver?
  9. I would love to hear your opinion of this ball! Especially with the putter.
  10. Hey guys, I know there is a thread about Vice Pro and Pro+ balls, but Vice now has a new ball, the Pro Soft. These balls come with a "matte" finish, not a glossy finish, and also are available in colors. They are supposed to be designed for slower swing speeds, and since I'm 63 and have lost some speed and flexibility, thought I'd order some. So...I thought I'd ask if anyone else has tried them. My first impression was this balls looks weird (because the finish is flat, no shine), but after a few swings that didn't bother me. What struck me was this ball is like soft butter off my
  11. I've used Ogio for the last 6 or seven years. Love the Woode top for club organization. I haven't had a problem with quality except the last bag i bought had poor shoulder straps (very thin and uncomfortable). I just bought another Ogio to replace it, but made sure that the carry straps were padded enough to walk 18. I have had bags where my clubs wore through parts of he fabric that covers the top dividers. A Mizuno carry bag and a Hoofer bag both wore through to the plastic divider frame in spots. The Ogio bags I've used seem to last longest.
  12. Hey, Hilmar2k, are you still gaming Vice Pro? Do you like them & have you thought about doing that write up or did I miss it? I've just ordered some of the Vice tour and Vice pro to compare. Curious as to what your impressions are now that you may have been playing the Pro for a little while. Thanks!
  13. I love to get new clubs that are a year or two old. I got an Adams Super S driver online last November for $75 that was a demo club. I figured it would be a little dinged up, but it looked great when it came in the mail... Never Compromise putter for $49, and a Cleveland Sub 30 putter for $30 brand new. I'll never pay retail again.
  14. I must one cheap old man. Just read this thread and it never occurred to me to see what I have invested in the bag I'm currently playing. GEL putter, $50 online purchase brand new. Maltby Tricept wedges, 54* and 58*, $33 apiece. Maltby TE forged iron heads, 6i - GW, $150 6 steel shafts for irons (cheap-o), $48 Old Callaway Big Bertha 5i that I reshafted with a Prolaunch Blue, ($25 shaft) Black widow grips on my irons, 0.60cents each (on sale from Maltby), $6 Cleveland Mashie+ hybrids, 3h & 4h, $49 each (online purchase new) Adams Ovation 4W, several years old, purchased online for $49 new Cle
  15. I'm the old guy you all see on the course who is wearing long pants and a wide-brim straw hat. Had a malignant melanoma removed from my forehead two years ago. I'll still wear short sleeves, but everything else I try to keep covered up. I love chasing that white ball too much to quit.
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