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  1. gerald463

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    Every time you get a birdie, the next 3 holes are guaranteed to get no better than double bogey.
  2. I think upgrading is a good idea. Especially if you find a set that fits you well. You can probably stop at dicks and try out different clubs to find ones that match what you are looking for. These burner2.0s I got fit me perfectly, and I really like the way they feel, plus love the consistency I'm getting at getting the ball down range.
  3. I was just playing some cheap hand-me-downs and other that I found at garage sales over the years. I bought a taylormade r7 driver a couple years back so I've been really wanting some good irons to go along with it. Even though I always shoot well over 100, I still love the game and am looking for every opportunity to get better.
  4. Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I've been playing golf for a long time but still have not developed like I had hoped I would as far as my playing ability. So just went out and got myself a new set of irons and I must say I am very impressed with the results. After a rough start at the driving range, I made some quick adjustments to my set up and swing, and bam, I'm hitting the ball crisp, straight, and far on a consistent basis. I love the products Taylormade has brought to the market. They really help a high handicapper like myself. I can not wait to get on the course and play 18 holes with these clubs and my added confidence.
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