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  1. My all time best (79) was a tournament round (first round of my City's annual tournament)... so pretty legit. It wasn't a hard course (67.6/122) but still, I'll count it.
  2. I started when I was around 8 putting and chipping when my dad played and played through high school. When I came to college I took a few years off and started back again about 5 years ago.
  3. Thanks, guys It is, except if I got my full handicap I would have had a 64 (My index now is a couple strokes higher that what I have posted here)
  4. And it was in the first round of the City Championship. 37 - 42. Too bad I only get to post 2 strokes per 9 under par with my handicap
  5. Wednesday evening @ my home course = Ladies league... I can tee off on 10 (walking) as the last group goes off 1 and I still catch the gals around 5 or 6. Good thing about it is its a bunch or rich old broads who really dont give a damn so if they hit one off the fairway they say screw it and hit another never getting the original ball. Free golf balls for me playing up behind them almost makes up for the slow play... almost. The old guys that play out there, on the other hand, are a hoot. We had a mens association event this morning and I was the youngest im my group by a good 30 years (im 28). They constantly crack on each other, flirt with the cart girls, try to get me dates with the cart girls (they failed) and while they cant hit the ball very far you get them on the green there is a 75% chance the ball is going the hole. Old guys can putt. They are old salesmen and when on trips back in the day they spent their free time dropping dimes around their hotel rooms and trying to stop the ball on the dimes. All the older guys I get paired with are just about the same out there.
  6. With a good moon, no clouds and if he's out in the sticks (no streetlights, etc to be seen) he can probably do it. There is a lot more light outside at night than you would think and the human eye is more than capable of picking it up if there isnt artificial light overpowering the moon's light. I wouldnt hit anything other than an iron just to keep the ball in good visual range but if you are only trying to break 100 that should matter that much. Just keep the ball under control and close to the fairway and you can see just fine.
  7. Andy_Mac

    Cheating friends

    You have 3 options: let it go, call them on it, or cheat like hell yourself and give graphically obscene toasts to their mothers with every drink you buy with their money at the bar afterward. Dont forget to mention how much easier it is to beat them when you dont have to count OB and penalty shots and how much you like playing by their rules. You only really have to go with option 3 once or twice before they get the picture.
  8. This site says in the 700's: http://www.thewalkinggolfer.com/bene.../physical.html It all depends on how fast you walk, how much you weigh and even how many shots you take (making a fairly athletic move involving most of the big muscles in your bosy 70-90 times a round will burn a little). Its good exercise regardless. I lost ~20 lbs last summer walking 18 2-3 times a week and eating like crap.
  9. Im sort of superstitious about it... I save the higher number pro Vs I get (lostgolfballs.com ftw) for tournaments. The higher the number the lower my scores... or at least thats how its supposed to work.
  10. I wear Oakley Half Jackets and switch out G30s and Black iridium lenses depending on conditions. I really like them but dont have anything to compare them to.
  11. Zero Friction tees (2 3/4). I can put 1 tee in my pocket at the start of the round and be using the same one at the end. These things last damned near forever... Ive used the same one for the past 3 rounds and usually only have grab a new one when I get pissed and leave one on the box.
  12. Pull a club get 10 yards or so behind the ball see my shot pick a far target pick intermediate target take grip address ball swing no practice swings/walk up and back/bs... just see it, aim it and go. Maybe 1 waggle at address to loosen up the arms. The more I think about it the more I tense up and the worse I do, so I just dont really think about it.
  13. I just thank them for the gimme but explain that I play for handicap/in tournaments and want to be in the habit of holing out everything... everyone i have explained that to has seemed to understand and respect that.
  14. http://totallycoolpix.com/2010/03/urban-golf-in-india/ These are some awesome pics. These guys dont have actual golf clubs or courses, but they play the respect the game.
  15. Local businesses are compensated with advertising and a nice tax write-off. Have them sponser holes/carts/prizes, etc. Just let people form their own teams and send them off shotgun. Have different ways people can donate money on the course that will help their team... on a long par 5 let people pay $5-10 each to tee off from the ladies tees, sell mulligans, etc. One event I play in has a former UK basketball player extend your drive with a shot of his own for a $5 donation to the charity. It may not be pure golf but its a fun event for those involved and it raises a good amount of money.
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