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  1. I have cracked the top myself but I hit with the inside too much and crack my shafts. They need to make them more durable for sure. Im afraid to use my good clubs and I won't tee high enough to hit the crown anymore because of this.
  2. To me that should be allowed. If you can learn which balls and exactly how hard to hit them. You should be allowed. That's skill.
  3. Youtube keeps me on the mobile site so I cant get the embed on here. But I realise that I didnt fully bend my wrist because I was doing a halfish swing since when I try full speed I keep casting. How does the wrist look here I think I'm getting it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9kjWPoCKEs&feature;=youtube_gdata_player
  4. I really understand the physics behind why it should work. I suppose practice is key. Ill post some vids
  5. Ok after seeing 2 different grips on my clubs some are slightly shorter/longer. Not much but still enough to skew results. How does it work with different lengths? How does it know the bottom of one grip vs another? An inch lower or higher could mean a very noticeable difference in speeds and results. For a more extreme stand point. Consider the bottom of your club vs handle. The acceleration is completely different by 100 fold.
  6. Ive got the casting almost fixed. My problem now is generating power. If I swing how I was the ball goes 50 yards further than if I lag.... :/ my fix was to act lime im swinging down to the ball..
  7. Where are those or some information on them. I can't find anything.
  8. off topic since I can't really critique, but where is this range that looks awesome.
  9. Ok so the casting is going to be hard to work on. I lose about 50% of my power when I try to release it late.
  10. Step 1. I'm going to work on my swing range and then my lag. both should be fixed this week. I will post my video of my progress soon.
  11. I respect real golfers and I'm striving to be decent. But some things like speed are a natural gift. Well I don't believe in gifts so a lucky genetic code and mental acuity. So people with that gift have a good shot to maybe get a sponsor and continue the dreams of playing a pro sport even if they don't win. But, because of the typical narcissistic braggers no one believes the people who maybe able to compete if they had the right help. By natural gift let me clarify. Hard work trumps talent when talent doesn't work hard ~ Dan Gable. But, no matter the practice some people can't throw a fa
  12. Awesome thanks for the info. I was wondering why the ball height was varying so much now. The head movement really did fix my left to right issue. Now I guess I need to get my wrist flat to keep the ball down. I'll have some time this coming week to go try it out. :) thanks again my improvement has already been shocking. Never have I actually hit an entire bucket without shanking and maybe 2 hooks the rest were basically arrow straight. 2 weeks ago without exaggerating I'd hit 1 in maybe 10 that actually were contacted properly. If this were an averaging I'd say my average improved 200 yards c
  13. I know right. My distance is great and getting better. But I have a long way to play competitive golf lol. I have one coming up I may try in just to see what I got .
  14. I know PGA pros aren't longest drive winners typically. But, they average about 300 yards. Longest drive records I've seen over 400 yards. Are they really 25% stronger hitters. Or if you follow physics. 50% more powerful hitters? Or do these contests have; downhill slopes, harder ground, or different rules? I'm curious because I can't find much info on the subject and would like to know how hard these guy are really hitting that ball. Any idea how hard or far they would hit for a tour average for comparison's sake?
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