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  1. I found several articles similar to the one you're mentioning. Now I am thinking I might need to look for some better fitting, more comfortable shoes.
  2. Golf shoes are also Skechers, Go Drive
  3. Right ankle. And I am right handed.
  4. My current shoes are Skechers Go Drive. I have a pair of regular Skechers walking shoes that I hit 60 shots a day with and have no problems. That is why I think it is the golf shoes.
  5. Has anyone wear, or did wear, high top golf shoes? One of my ankles kills me after every round, and I am thinking I need some ankle support.
  6. Ogrin: Never top your fairway woods
  7. I had given up on my hybrids. Then my pro, David Ogrin, showed me how to use them. I believe he has a video on this. Not sure of the exact web location. But it's one of the videos at Golf Channel Academy.
  8. I currently play a G410 3h & 5h, and love them.
  9. I was playing the Ping Graphite shaft. As far as face impact, I am not sure. After hitting a few it was noticed that I was closing the club face a bit on the down swing. I tried to correct that on subsequent swings..
  10. Here are the results of this mornings fitting...... Page 1_20200306_102830.pdf Page 2_20200306_102648.pdf This is better than the .pdf files.
  11. I am going for a fitting with G710's Friday morning and will be taking my G400's for comparison. Will post the results.
  12. I know that. I should have said that I have considered True in past, before I heard of the BOA system
  13. I was thinking it would be more of fine tuning thing. Sometimes my shoes might get a little loose during the round, or I have them too tight and need to loosen after a few holes. Its mostly me being lazy.
  14. I was thinking about True Linkswear, but have seen mixed reviews.
  15. I am thinking about purchasing a pair of golf shoes with the BOA lace system. Looking for comfort & waterproof. Thanks
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