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  1. I have my G410 Plus weight set to the Draw position, but still struggle with a slice. Would it help if I went to a heavier weight?.
  2. I have been playing the Snell (Get Sum, then MTB-Black) for about 2 years. But lose so many I want to go to something less expensive until I fix my slice
  3. Thanks, have you tried (I had never even heard of) the Supersoft Magna?
  4. That's basically my thought, but I do prefer a ball with a soft feel
  5. I am a 65 year old, 25 handicap golfer with a 93-95 mph driver speed. Don't need to stroke my ego with a tour level ball. Just want a ball that has good distance, straight, and won't bother me if I lose 2-4 a round.
  6. Played my first round with it yesterday. I upgraded from the G8 so there is a learning curve. My initial impression is that the display is much nicer and easier to read. Distance pointer is easier to use. Much easier to keep score. I tested the launch monitor feature against one my pro uses at his indoor facility and the club head speed is right on. Just downloaded the Garmin Golf App and paired with my smartphone, but haven't delved into it much.
  7. I just started using the new Garmin G80 and was wondering if anyone out there is using one, and their experiences with it.
  8. I know the G410 Plus has more left adjustments, but wondering if the head will work on a G400 shaft?
  9. Played 18 last Friday & Saturday, and by hole 10 on day 2 my ankle started to really hurt. By the time I got to 18 I could barely put any weight on it. Saw an orthopedist on Tuesday that the pain/injury was because of fallen arches, aka flat feet. She recommended that I get orthopedic inserts for my shoes. Are there certain golf shoes that work better with inserts, or are they all about the same? I currently play in Skechers Go Drive. Thanks
  10. College coaches study their opponents and know which of their players match up best. Ryder cup captains are great players, but are they great strategists?
  11. How about having one of the top college coaches help make the pairings?
  12. Any recommendations on affordable rain pants. It doesn't rain that much here, and I won't set out to play in the rain anyway. But sometimes I do get caught in it and would like to have a pair in reserve.
  13. Snell Get Sum. $20.99 + free shipping https://www.snellgolf.com/products/get-sum-optic-yellow?variant=27596083848
  14. I picked up a Swing Caddie sc200 a couple of weeks ago, and was wondering if anyone has used one with a practice net. The manual has an illustration that looks like it is being used with a net. But when I contacted support I was told it is designed to be used on the range only.
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