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  1. The Callaway Edge at Costco might be seasonal. Doesn't look like ours has them.
  2. My 40 year old son has decided to take up golf. Aside from playing a charity scramble yesterday he has never played. He is planning on taking lessons. What would be a good set of preowned inexpensive game improvement irons to start with? I play Ping and suggested G30's. But since I biased toward Ping, I figured it would be best to see what you all's thoughts are. Thanks
  3. Looking for a sturdy, secure, easy to mount cell phone holder for golf cart. But not one that fits in the cup holder. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I like all three. Just need to decide on which one.
  5. Looking for a good, solid, not to expensive golf bag stand for my garage. Nothing fancy, just something that will keep my bag from falling over.
  6. I Like It! Started plating there when I was around 12 years old. Back nine was a lot different then. No freeway, just neighborhoods.
  7. I understand. Tomorrow we will be playing 9 at Brackenridge. If we have a little extra time, and the heat doesn't get us, we will do 14. Thanks for explaining it to me!!!
  8. My index is 23.9, course (Olmos Basin, Gold tees) is 20. 1 stroke per hole, and 2 for holes #2 (#1 handicap hole) & 16 (#2 handicap hole)?
  9. Thanks. I guess I can Google how to figure out my net for each hole.
  10. Thanks. After a little more googling I see it's 14 holes now. But I still don't understand how to calculate the score for unplayed holes.
  11. Played 13 holes today and as I understand it I need to post it as a full round. I really don't understand how to use the hole handicaps to post the scores for 14,15,16,17 & 18
  12. Is it possible to post a hole by hole score in GHIN for only the back nine? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks
  13. The driver is a 9* which I currently have set at 10.5 to try to get it the ball to go bit straighter. That and lessons has changed my big slice into the push. Don't want to buy a new 10.5 or 12 degree head, so thought I might try a more upright lie.
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