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  1. Heres my putter, the rest will follow later haha
  2. i tore ligaments in my knee, it was my left knee though and i can just wear a knee support in order to play
  3. mizuno irons are ranked as some of the best in the world which say something about their quality
  4. the 14th at my course is a par5 510yard uphill monster. i always play it with 4i tee 4i fairway pw pitch and then hav two putts. those that count. when i was younger me and my mates used to play the first 7 holes using only 6i and putters for pro vs or infamous callaway blues
  5. chris rock was the other guy. i have no respect for anyone who needs a cart to play 18. i play 18 holes every week without fail, if not more! i carry my tour bag and finish the same as i start. i played off 1 untill i broke my knee and im still capable of carrying my bag. whats your excuse!
  6. i only use my 52* from 100 yards in. i take a big divot with my wedge before long shots to fill the grooves with as much mud as possible
  7. if you get hit by somebody behind you and your on your own or with another person your not playing fast enough. i was playing in comp last year with two mates. 1 landed in the bunker beside the green in front of the clubhouse balcony. the other walked onto the green to putt. needless to say the guy in the bunker skulled his shot and sent a stinger across the green which hit the other guy just above his nXXts. he started crying with relief it wasnt 2 inches lower. :) i ended up shooting 7 over on the back and level on the front. happened on hole 9 and i nearly died laughing
  8. congrats i made a qualifier in march, with 44, couldnt play the bigger event on the better course because of age issues:( i was mad :)
  9. when i caddy for my mate i dont say anything except tell him which way it breaks and how the wind's blowing or he would throw the club at me. (i do the same to him) haha
  10. try to pick up a taylormade rescue dual tp. they fly lower than irons and have roughly the same distance. its a real players club but works well in deep wet rough
  11. thats golf, sergio is accurate off the tee and awful at putting. when his putting is good he cant drive straight.
  12. nike paid titleist a few years ago to put the nike logo on provs. dont have to do that anymore. its a bit of a turnoff for nike that tiger uses a scotty but they are tha best putters in the world :)
  13. i shot 13 over on the back nine at my home course and saved my round with a 2under back nine. differnce 49-34= 15 shots
  14. taylormade r7 irons, if you can find a set. there 2-3 years old now but they will fit like a glove according to how you described your swing.
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