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  1. Thanks again to everyone. Have visited quite a few sites mentioned. Will plan the stay based on what I have learned. We can play every day except a one day trip to the G. Canyon.
  2. Yes, I know it will be hot! We, my wife and I, will spend the first two weeks in June in Scottsdale. Scottsdale Camelback. I have played for 40+ years, she is a beginner. Cost is a consideration but we plan to play about 12 times. I found this website http://www.golfnow.com/phoenix?HID=228 that should be of some help but wondering about suggestions?
  3. Yes, I'm older than one of Henry Cotton's divots! I watched Jack for 2 successive years at the Masters, his 1 st two years. Back then you could stand along the 13 th. fairway, near a good drive landing area and be 10 yards from the nearest spectator. My vote was for Tiger however even though he seems to have changed golf, consider this: Until Jack came along everyone at Augusta hit driver from the normal practice tee. He had to step back and tee it up between the bleachers, with a 3 wood, to keep from hitting it in the street! The next year they moved the bleachers and range tee. He still hit driver in the street!
  4. http://southernhillsgolf.com/
  5. Make 3 posts so I can ask about spending Jun. 1 - Jun 14 in Scottsdale, where to play............ Also am retired from USAF (many years ago), had several businesses, one a custom club repair and assembly.
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