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  1. Just booked my first ever online tee-time because of this thread. Local course is $28 on the weekends and I booked it for $9 (albeit at 11 AM, which is a bit of a stinker, but its worth it for 1/3 the cost.)
  2. A single walker will generally be faster than a twosome in a cart (and certainly a foursome). You're not going to outrun a single in a cart, but I doubt you run into that much.
  3. Is anyone familiar with Royal St Augustine? I went to SA Shores and it was in kinda rough shape.
  4. Break 90 Hit a driver (relatively) consistently LEARN HOW TO FREAKING PUTT
  5. Shot a 94 on a on a 68.3/118 Doubled the first three holes before settling into a groove and only doubling one hole between #4 and #16. Unfortunately, I finished triple, double, double on the round. I'm struggling badly with the putter, and three-putted seven times. Every double was matched up with a three-putt, and the remaining three-putt was after hitting GIR.
  6. 52 with a miserable 22 putts. Three 3-putts and a 4-putt. I have GOT to get this putting thing figured out.
  7. I've ONLY ever played muni/public courses (with the exception of playing in three scrambles). I've never had a problem with the exception of three guys damn near killing me with hooked drives and thinking it was funny.
  8. I, for one, NEVER pull the pin when I'm playing by myself.
  9. If the flag is leaning towards where you hit your chip from and you pull it out from the other side, the ball's going to fall in 99% of the time.
  10. "If you suck, don't play and try to get better. Just give up so that the game will die due to having no new players"
  11. What about Royal St Augustine or St Augustine Shores? Familiar?
  12. Does anyone live in the area? Can you recommend anything?
  13. Shot a 53/42 on a 69.7/124 Felt like the back side was going well, but I didn't check in the middle of the round (on purpose). No penalty strokes all day. Scores: Par: 4 Bog: 8 2xB: 3 3xB: 3 (three of the final four holes of the front nine) Hit 7/14 fairways and had 37 putts.
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