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  1. Golf will be fine. Players will adjust...Manufacturers will redesign...and the young and old pros will figure it out. It will be interesting to watch Keegan, Webb, Langer, Clark, Pettersson and the like to see if they consider legal action...
  2. To listen to John Cook talk about Mr. Venturi is all anyone needs to do to understand the impact he had on others as a player and mentor. The information coming out about how he had to overcome a severe stammer as a young man and then goes on to be a top broadcaster is truly amazing. He was a "less is more" announcer when it came to his analyst role...something the Gary McCords of the world could learn from for sure. Well done Ken Venturi well done.
  3. 75 @Duke par 72
  4. Wittenberg said the drop was good and on tour that's the opinion that counts at the time. Tiger haters are in full swing no matter what the situation...if he's down and struggling they love it...if he's playing well...he's in the crosshairs...guess what?...he's won four times this season and just beat the best field in golf...he's the best.
  5. Johnny Miller or Nick Faldo? This may be the real question...hate to be on the fence...but I really enjoy both...the more coverage the better...Arnie is a genius...Golf Channel has really taken off...what was it 80 million investment 1995?