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  1. Big Golf Challenge

    Thanks for the good luck wishes and i wilk certainly have fun! Ms256 - i should have probably mentioned im based in the UK and my aim is to make the Europro Tour which is a 3rd level tour, 1 below the challenge tour and 2 below the european pga tour. I know this doesnt make much of a difference but just wanted to make it clear that Im not expecting to be playing with Tiger Woods in the US Open. I suppose the Europro tour is equivelent to the dot com tour in the US? Mac62 - thanks, ill have a read of that when I get home!
  2. Big Golf Challenge

    I have read the dan plan. That is my inspiration as it says on my blog. I understood this to be a serious forum hence my posting here. Ive been out of golf for a while so im after advice. I know its pretty impossible and if i get down to a single figure handicap then that in itself will be q huge achievement for me but i wanted to give myself a personal goal and a dream to aim for. The difference between me and the dan plan is that i am not quitting my job to do this and i am also documenting how much it all costs and where the best deals are etc for people on a budget who want to play golf. I know how hard golf is as I played as a kid and whilst at college but i certainly wont be giving up after 6 months. Chances are i wont make it, but im excited to see how close i can get and im just after advice on improving my game
  3. Big Golf Challenge

    So I have recently started a new blog about my own personal golf challenge: Basically the aim is to go from having no handicap and having not played for 2 years to becoming a pro golfer on the pro tour by 2020, all whilst holding down a full time job by carrying out 5,000 hours of practice. Has anyone else ever set themselves a golfing challenge? How did you do? I know the challenge is going to be hard (almost impossible infact) but Im excited to see just how well I do and I will be documenting it all! Ive always loved playing golf and now I finally have the determination and the money! Any advice would be good!