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  1. I am going blades next season and I am excited, I am a good ball striker so I will see how it goes, but it might be more of a confidence issue. If you can strike the ball in the center of the face with cavity backs then you should be able to do that with blades. Although, with cavity backs you have something to fall back on if you don't hit in the center while blades you don't have that backstop. So, you might have more pressure to hit it better causing you to get nervous, which makes you want to go back to cavity backs.
  2. I would go the hyper x it is 300 bananas and gives good distance and a good amount of forgiveness
  3. Goydos also had a lot of hole outs from off the green so a few 0-putts will help lower your putting average
  4. My friend is a pretty bad golfer and he plays a titelist driver hits it just fine, just have confidence when you swing the club, don't let the name titelist mess with your head
  5. TM superquad, I love TM and im going to stick with it my whole life
  6. yeah the us open is about a month away he has to be putting well for quiet some time to putt well there
  7. Callaway is big on game improvement so you can't go wrong there, so the 08 big berthas from Callaway are probably right for you But I can't stress this enough, Demo all the clubs you can before choosing one it may be that you don't like the Callaways and you prefer Ping BUT DEMO BEFORE YOU BUY!
  8. I would go with the hybrid. Has a lot more playability and is a whole lot better from the rough, but try both a 5-wood and a hybrid out before you make your decision. Really, its a personal preference.
  9. It depends on what your looking for: The Superquad has a lot more playability, which usually will have the upper hand when it comes to more skilled players. Now, you listed your handicap as a 17, so you shoot in the low 90's and high 80's. If your looking at it from a future standpoint I would recommend the Taylor made, as it will benefit you more down the road. The Ft-5 has a lot of distance, if you want to show off, this club is for you. Not much to say about it except that it has a lot of distance.
  10. I have never broken 80, in fact I usually shoot an 86, I played well on Saturday, and shot an 82, But my friend is very inconsistent, he will shoot a 78 one day, and cant break 90 the next, so yet again it is possible
  11. there is a place called the beacon in spartanburg, It the sexiest thing i have ever put in my mouth http://www.beacondrivein.com/
  12. The burner is a fine club, I use the 3-wood nut my driver is the r7(regular not super quad) the r7 has a lot of workability and is very forgiving, also I get anywhere from 260-270 with it But a really think that taylormade makes the best drivers in golf, burner, r7 whatever floats your boat, cause taylormade is boss
  13. Lessons are totally boss they are the cheese to my macaroni,(Juno) and they helped me shoot an 82 yesterday(damn 3 putt) after less than a year of them
  14. That rule is stupid. . . if I'm understanding it correctly, The ball was dead and when he addressed it, it rolled up to the green? If my interpretation is correct that is a terrible rule
  15. yeah but around the time he starts to get competitive, he is already good
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