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  1. The question of whether or not a hybrid is "workable" does not depend on the club. Any club is workable, the question is the skill level of the player. Depending on the club it may have a draw or fade bias however hitting an intentional fade or draw successfully with any club takes skill no matter what club. Being able to hit a "slice" is a lot easier than being able to play a 5 yard cut/fade.
  2. With my normal swing I can put some pretty good spin from about the 8iron down. However I played in the rain on several occasions and I was able to throw the ball up on the back of a green and spin it a good 10-20ft and the divots I took were massive. So I would say the the more you are hitting down on the ball obviously the more spin you will put on the ball. Softer conditions help!
  3. The putting stroke is a mini version of the full swing, there is no straight in the golf swing.
  4. What about the 755's? Where will they fit in their iron lineup? I've read a little about them and Titleist claims they are a multi-material blade cavity back. With several pros playing them already I'm wondering what they are replacing, or what skill level they are made for.
  5. Yea thats what I was saying, although the driver may be square at address, when placed down next to another driver it looks "closed". Therefore, I would either weaken my grip or change my stance in order to make it seem like the clubface was square, it was throwing me off visually. Right now I am playing the Titleist 905R and if you put it down next to a 454, it would look open, but it is pretty square. I have also played with the Taylormade r7 TP with a 0.5 degree open face and that was real nice. Pretty much any driver not meant to "cure" a slice, or made my callaway will have a face that appears to be more square.
  6. For that reason I got out of callaway drivers. Not just myself, but many people notice the appearance of a closed face on callaway drivers, specifically in my case the GBBII 415, and the 454. Anway I dont know how closed the face really is at address, but appearance was enough for me. I definitely feel more comfortable on the tee with a driver that has more of an open face.
  7. I dont know about Bubba and JB, but Tiger, Vijay, and Phil's shortgames are just incredible, they would be getting up and down much more often from around the green for birdie, than they would with a wedge shot from a lay up posisiton.
  8. I've read a lot of literature and seen many interviews with pros about how they go about a pre-shot putting rutine. For the majority, I would say its relatively the same for most of them. They take a look at the putt from several angles, judging break, speed, etc, then many use a line on their ball, and line that up with the line they want their putt to start on. However, my question is, I have been watching the Masters and observing Tiger, Vigay, Tim Clark, Retief, and several others, once it's their turn to putt, the first thing they do it put their ball down with the line on their ball, on the line of their putt, but then they walk around and check out the green. If they have already chosen a line for the putt (by placing their ball down with the line on it), why are they walking around to look at the green again? And then afterwords, dont re-line up the ball??
  9. The only problem I see with that is hitting down on the ball making the ball go lower. It's common for many people to forget, that the harder you hit down on the ball, the higher it will climb (if you really want a shot to have a lower trajectory, its easier take one more club and swing smooth). As for your lesson, working on hitting the ball "lower" is good because it makes you keep your hands ahead of the clubface at impact. I would say your pro is trying to stop a cast where your clubhead is getting ahead of your hands which can cause both thin, and fat shots. Focusing on hitting the ball "lower" keeps the hands ahead, and will de-loft the club slightly at impact, causing a lower initial ball flight, but a more solid struck, and longer shot.
  10. I have made it part of my ruitine, before teeing off, to go to the range and hit some balls, just to warm up, get the muscles loose. Well for my High School away matches I dont have that luxury. Because we take a bus, and dont get to use the range at away facilities (if they even have one), I find it hard to get up on that first tee and make a confident swing, being as its the first of the day. Anyway I was thinking of maybe getting a momentus, or other form of weighted club to swing with before my matches, that way I can at least get loose...Any suggestions???Thanks.
  11. Over the winter I started working out, specifically for golf. I had been going to the gym about 4 times a week prior, but over the winter, and still now, I'm there 6 days a week, training for golf. Yea it helps my overall fitness, but I'm there stricly for golf. Also, I will continue to do so all through the season. Last year, during the season I stopped lifting, then when you try and get back into the gym, it takes a long time to get back up to where you were.
  12. I could not agree more, I have the 14.5 and 18.5 904f, when you get those on the screws, man does it feel good.
  13. Thanks, I actually remember that article from Golfdigest, and it sounds like you had a great college experience. For me, it's just like Jeff put it... I'm going to work hard this season, both on the course, and in the gym, and try to make the team wherever I end up going. If not, theres club and inramural, but no matter what, I'll be playing golf!
  14. No no, thats not what I meant at all, maybe I phrased it wrong, sorry.
  15. Wow, I dont know what I would have done had I been in your shoes. For me, I think it would be the oposite. Ive always been a pretty good student. Ofcourse I have nothing to base this on, but I would imagine I would have to work harder for my golf "commitment" then I would for academics. Simply because I am much better academically than I am with my golf game. Thanks for your response.
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