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  1. I'm looking for a Cobra 10.5 Speed-LD driver with the Mitsubishi Bassara Lite flex shaft in standard length. Thanks.
  2. They also said there would be additional shipping charges on top of the $175 plus whatever it cost me to hip to them initially. I might have been able to find a new one for that kind of money! Payng $75 seemed good enough for me.
  3. I haven't gotten it back yet, here's a pic before I sent it to him. The last time it rained in my league, I was planning to dry it off when I got home. But I had too many beers with my cheeseburger basket in the clubhouse and I forgot all about it until a couple days later. I'll post an "after" picture when I get it back.
  4. I found a guy that does the shiny black oxide finish and sent my Catalina to him last week - $75 for the finish and paint fill. He just emailed me and said he shipped it to me this morning, he's 100 miles from me here in Michigan so I should see it Monday. My fingers are crossed . . .
  5. Scotty Cameron wants $175 plus tax plus shipping to restore my Catalina. Tom Slither wants $119 plus $19 shipping. I assume it doesn't get any cheaper than the Tom Slither route?
  6. I sold them earlier this year but I can't remember if I ever found out or not - Old Timer's disease. I may have called Golfsmith but I don't remember if I got an answer or not - getting old is tough.
  7. After seeing numerous post here about the Mizuno MX20 being some of the easiest irons to hit, and having own a set on Comp EZ years ago, I found a very nice used set on fleabay at a really good price - dang these clubs go long and straight! Best irons I've ever owned. Two weeks ago I was playing with my son-in-law who was using either Titleist or Pings and sliced his 5 iron into the wind on the last 175 yard par 3. I had already carved my 4 iron pin high. I handed him my 5 iron and he proceeded to knock it stiff and looked at the club in amazement! He said he'd like to have a set of these instead of doing the trade-in program with his current set. I found him a set on fleabay last weekend, they came this past Monday and he played with them in his league Wednesday. He said he'd have to adjust his distances since they go a bit longer than normal but they went straight every time! So there's two of us that are happy golfers with these past model MX20 irons . . .
  8. Even though I'm doing more things right than I have in a long time, and the fact I'm hitting the both straighter and maybe a hair longer, I continue to have my divot start behind the ball instead of in front of it. While at the range today, I tried to move the ball a tad back from center but seemed to want to pull the ball left. So I played around with rotating back more on the backswing and a bigger effort on my hip rotation and that seemed to get the divot started more at the ball. But every once in awhile I'm plagued with that dang hit about a 6" behind the ball, takes half a yard of sod, and it goes 20 feet. It would make sense that I'm moving my core to the right and my swing is bottoming out behind the ball but I just can't catch myself doing that. If I could only solve that . . .
  9. Thanks to mvmac and some tips from a few other golf instructors, I was able to shoot my best round in a long time last night in our league - a 39. I should had a 38 but I left the 53 wedge home in favor of the 5 wood and had to stand on a SW from 86 yards out - pulled it left and didn't get up and down. Now if I can always remember to: - strong grip - don't move head - upper arm contact same at address (mvmac's tee under armpit) - on backswing club head stays outside of hands until shaft is horizontal - hands stay centered in front of sternum during backswing and downswing (this helped immensely) The proof in the pudding will be how I do next week!
  10. Well duh - I called the pro shop and talked with the guy that bends lies and lofts and he said he could do it. I was there in 20 minutes, bought another wedge at their "garage sale" while I was waiting, guy did an excellent job. The sole lies flat as a pancake at address now - I'm feeling it!
  11. I've verified the lie on my Scotty Cameron Catalina is 71 degrees as is the spec. But to get the sole to lie flat, I have to choke down more than I'd like. My Never Compromise has always laid much flatter and I measured it's lie to about 68 degrees. So if I take the Scotty to my pro shop and have them bend the goose neck shaft 3 degrees flatter, do they have to pull the grip and fill the shaft with sand or is 3 degrees a minimal where it's already bent? Thanks.
  12. Years ago my step-son sent in his Scotty Cameron putter and had it cleaned, polished, and reblued. My SC Catalina is getting a bit rough and I'd like to get it cleaned up. Way back when, Acushnet wanted me to return it thru my pro shop and the only one around wanted to add $30 to the price. Anyone know of someone else that does this service? Thanks.
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