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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot 72 today in a twosome-four ball tourney. Sitting atop the second flight for tomorrow. The new 588s are feeling awesome.
  2. What's your most inconsistent club?

    Driver. No doubt. On good days, it's great. On bad days, though, it's miserable. There's a reason Nicklaus said it's the most important club in your bag. My problem is that I'll develop either a pull or power fade and then try to correct it. Then, I'll end up over-correcting and catastrophes ensue.
  3. I just recently put the 588s in the bag. They are nothing short of amazing. The set I replaced was a combo of Mizuno MX-23 (3-6) and Mizuno MP 60 (7-P). At first, I was a bit intimidated by the smaller head, but after a short stint at the range, all my concerns were firmly put to rest. These sticks are about a club 1/2 longer than my previous irons. They are responsive, lots of feedback. If i mishit one, I know exactly what I did to cause it. Let me tell you though, when you catch it clean, it's as if the club is an extension of your body. I can't get over how good these clubs feel. But here's the kicker... I initially checked with some local retailers on prices for these things and no one would go lower than $950. So, to the interwebz I went. I browsed around and finally found a set of the combos (588 CB/MB). This was the set I initially wanted. I bid $450 on a "fine" condition set through 3ballsgolf.com and won. Well, upon receiving the irons, I realized the listing was wrong, and they sent me the full set of MBs instead. As far as the condition is concerned, I think the 8 iron was the only club that had been hit. These things were in MINT condition. I spoke with CS, and they told me to hit them and if I liked them, they would give me a partial refund or I could send them back for a full refund. Well, after putting together some buttery shots from the PW through the 6 iron, I was almost convinced these would stay in the bag. However, after i hit the 5,4,& 3 irons....all I can say is "damn." It's simply the best iron I've ever played. I was hitting the 3 iron "on the screws" just as well as the 8 iron, carrying it nearly 235. I cannot say enough about the performance of these irons. Looks, feel, quality, etc. They pass with flying colors. Additionally, I'll be gaming a $1,000 set of sticks for less than $400. I'm stoked to say the least. I played a quick 9 yesterday and put up a 38 with two three putts here at my local club, so I can't wait to get back out there. Now, only if I could make some putts, I could be in business. I hope this was helpful for anyone considering these sticks. If you're a consistent striker, I think it's at least worth giving them a demo. Here's a pic: Cleveland 588 MB Dynamic Gold S-300 Standard lie/length
  4. I've been looking for a golf forum to join. I'm 27 and have been playing golf since the age if 11. I feel like I'm somewhat knowledgable of the game and could possibly offer some helpful advice from time to time. However, I love learning as much as I can to better my game. I'm looking forward to getting familiar with everyone and learning a lot more!