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  1. any have any suggestions to look at other than G5s that are in the 250-300 price range and are a forgiving set for a beginner/been out of the game for way too long?
  2. I havent played golf for the better part of 10 years. used to play a decent bit growing up just kinda got out of it and would like to start back. the clubs i have from back in the day are going to be replaced. I have been looking alot about reviews and all that and from what i gather the Ping G5 iron sets seem to be a great value as i would like to stay below 250-300 for the time being. Alot of the stuff i read on them was from 2010-2011 and they seemed to be a go to set for high handicappers and beginners. Would yall recommend these or what are some other options? Would yall try to go with a
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