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  1. White Belts

    I can't believe some of these clowns addressing this white belt issue. First of all I've only been playing for 14 months now. My average after 42 rounds is 110.4. I have broken 100 6 times which is pretty dayuum good for 14 months of playing considering that 85% of all amateur golfers never even break 100. My lowest score was 92. I could care less about handicaps, weight, waist size, etc. I wear a white belt and I wear a black belt because first of all I've been told that the way that I dress on the course, it looks like I shoot in the 70's...Lmao....It's just my street and my golf haberdasheries have no bounds. I take great pride in what I wear on and off the course, and look good in any cloth, skin, fabric that touches my body. And I'm a 38 waist. The name of the game is matching when it comes to clothes. I'd bet a weeks pay that all the e-d-iots who responded negatively on this whole white belt issue wouldn't know fashion sense if they fell in it. *Drops the mike.