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  1. NHL 2016-17

    I can't believe how insanely good the metro is this year compared to any other division. It shows that the current wild card playoff format really sucks... as of right now, it would definitely be more beneficial for a metro team to finish 4th in their division than 2nd or 3rd. 4th place means they're in the first wild card spot and play a weaker Ottawa or Montreal team first round. Whereas 2nd or 3rd probably means you play one of Pens/Caps/BJs...
  2. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    Phil seems like he is going to peak at the right time.
  3. Brandel Chamblee

    I like him because he's not a boring kiss-ass like the rest of the GC crew.
  4. Donald Trump for president?

    I feel like if Trump and Sanders win the primaries, Bloomberg has a good shot as an independent if he decides to run. He would get my vote if I was American.
  5. Yeah it's kg. http://www.rogueeurope.eu/rogue-color-kg-training-2-0-plates-eu That would be about 265 lbs which is pretty impressive for a guy his size.
  6. Broke par, Lowest Score Wins.
  7. MMA/UFC Star says "Talent doesn't exist"

    So if I worked really hard I would be able to get the same hip rotation speed as Rory McIlroy? Or be able to work the ball the way Bubba Watson does? Yeah, I doubt that. Hard work gets you to your peak. The height of your peak is determined by your talent.
  8. Yes. If his strokes gained putting was 0 he would have won by 0-1 stroke. If his strokes gained short game was 0 he would have won by 4 strokes. If his strokes gained driving was 0 he would have won by 5-6 strokes. If his strokes gained approach was 0 he would have won by 4-5 strokes. If his strokes gained long game (driving+approach) was 0 he would have won by 2-3 strokes. If his strokes gained short game (short game+putting) was 0 he would have lost by 3-4 strokes. So yeah, last week was a poor example.
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    Some golf courses are still open here in the Toronto area. Supposed to be 55 and sunny on Christmas Eve. Might be able to get one last round in before 2016.
  10. Donald Trump for president?

    Trump is an idiot. In fact, all of the Republican candidates are either a) idiots or b) trying to get the vote of idiots in the US. Sorry if I'm being too harsh or offensive, but I just can't stand these Republican politicians. It's ****ing 2016 and these people are still denying the FACT of evolution and don't want it to be taught in schools. Not to mention their denial of global warming. Anyways, back to Trump. Most of his views are all completely backwards. But if a Republican wins the election, I hope it's him. Why? Because it would show how pathetic Republican candidates have become that people would vote in Trump over the rest of these idiots. Rant over.
  11. NHL 2015-16 Season

    Why? They're second in probably the best division in the NHL...