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  1. Last week I was playing with a guy who had some anger issues. It was a 200 yard par 3 and he shanked 2 straight balls into the woods. He then punched out where it hit a tree and rolled right back to him. When he threw his club, screaming fbombs the entire time, it almost got stuck in a tree. He ended up with a 9 on that hole. Not a good day.
  2. What makes a course special?

    In your opinion, what makes a golf course special? Is it the fact that you used to play there as a kid or is it because that is where you made your first hole in one? For me, a golf course is special because its where me and my friends laughed and cried. Where we joked about that 12 we made on a par 4 several years ago and where we choked on the 18th green. What about you?