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  1. Last week I was playing with a guy who had some anger issues. It was a 200 yard par 3 and he shanked 2 straight balls into the woods. He then punched out where it hit a tree and rolled right back to him. When he threw his club, screaming fbombs the entire time, it almost got stuck in a tree. He ended up with a 9 on that hole. Not a good day.
  2. In your opinion, what makes a golf course special? Is it the fact that you used to play there as a kid or is it because that is where you made your first hole in one? For me, a golf course is special because its where me and my friends laughed and cried. Where we joked about that 12 we made on a par 4 several years ago and where we choked on the 18th green. What about you?
  3. To break 80 consistently and hopefully one day get that oh so special hole in one