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  1. True that. Without curaçao we wouldn't have been anywhere. The facilities in the Netherlands are kinda crap.
  2. The dutch also have a somewhat good team. We won the world championship in 2011 and are the best in Europe.
  3. You could try following the Champions League. Could be a bit less overwhelming.
  4. Messi the best player. Who would have thought..... If think the group phase was the most fun to watch this cup. Didn't see a lot of finals that stood out appart except for Germany - Brazil off course.
  5. Stop messing with my feelings.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. I like it so far.
  8. Should have been another card. Within 8 minutes I have my opinion about this ref.
  9. And his name is?
  10. That's a tough question. But for defense I nominate Ron Vlaar.
  11. They come from the FIFA website. Now they wouldnt lie now won't they ;)
  12. I thought I had those stats posted but I havent and I deleted my txt file with the tables but look at http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/statistics/players/attacking.html Messi had 7 solo's into the area. Robben had 17.
  13. I came to the same conclusion as you did after seeing the stats. I guess for me my bias comes from being Dutch. And the only thing I hear about Messi is that he is so great, so good, the best, pisses pure gold, shits diamonds etc etc etc. When someone tells me a movie is the best movie he has ever seen and it beats every movie out there I am kinda expecting a lot. But in comparrison based on stats he is indeed better.....but not that much and certainly not worth the extra oooh's and aaah's and appart from running, Robben had a bit more solos and I think that made him more dangerous
  14. I was talking about who I thought was the best off those four players and I thought you continued along side that discussion. I misunderstood you.
  15. Well as said I was biased. I am not drawing conclusions based on the stats below other than Robben is the fastest and out distanced all of them. Goals scored player matches played minutes played total goals scored goals p/m Lionel Messi 6 573 4 0,007 Neymar 5 457 4 0.009 Arjen Robben 6 600 3 0.005 Cristiano Ronaldo 3 270 1 0.004 Shots player total shots on target woodword shot p/m Cristiano Ronaldo 23 14 1 0,052 Arjen Robben 19 18 0 0,032 Neymar 18 13 0 0,039 Lionel Messi 18 10 0 0.031 Defending Player tackles tackles won blocks recovered balls Neymar 6 3 0 16 Lionel Messi 7 0 0 7 Arjen Robben 2 0 0 9 Cristiano Ronaldo 1 0 1 6 passes Player total passes passes completed crosses crosses completed Arjen Robben 244 68% 13 38% Lionel Messi 310 69% 8 28% Neymar 218 63% 13 39% Cristiano Ronaldo 112 73% 0 0 distance Player distance covered in possesion not in possesion top speed meters per minute Arjen Robben 69.1 27.7 22.1 31.6 115 Lionel Messi 51.9 22.3 14.8 29.6 90 Neymar 49.9 18.5 15.9 31.8 109 Cristiano Ronaldo 28.2 11.2 9.1 31.2 104