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  1. Thanks!Sometimes it is a distraction...When I want to relax I go around the course on a golf cart.. If you need bigger version of any of the images,LMK Ill email it to you,yes I get to play too..
  2. Yep,I'm the Exec.Sous Chef there Thank you!
  3. also,check the color of the dots on the ping irons.Hopefully they're all the same..
  4. you might be better off spending $50-60 more and get something from ebay,craigslist,target or even walmart...
  5. I was just given a box of these from work...
  6. Same here and also when I'm in between clubs with the wedges..
  7. I live in Pomona and work in San Dimas,I was outside our clubhouse on my smoke break when it started shaking..It sounded like a freight train...
  8. I carry 3h,4h and 5h..I also have my 4i and 5i in the bag...Ill probably drop the 4i when I purchase a new wedge...I wish that I could hit 3Wood of the deck,for some reason I just can't so theres a gap between the driver and the 3h...
  9. I have 4 pairs..2 Adidas,1 Nike and 1 Footjoy..
  10. Just got me a new TM Monaco 2008 model cart bag!I havent used it yet,I hope its worth it!
  11. I entered my scores using the oobgolf and after entering all 4 games,its showing that Im a 4.5 hdcp!!!Thats insane!also,it says that my avg. score is 83.5?...Now im confused...
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